The Connection Between Good and Evil

by NightCon

Dedicated to Niji; who requested a Lariene/Malice Mizer fiction! This was going to originally have Gackt as the vampire; but he was a vampire in the last fic! So… Enjoy!

Thanks to Tomo who inspired the plot to this story!

Kamijo sighed in happiness and threw open the blinds of his hotel window. The smell of cream filled pastries from the street café below drifted up and tempted his senses. He licked his lips smiled as he turned back to his brother who sat on the plush bed in the center of the room reading a Gundam Wing comic book.

"Don’t you love it here, Kozi?"

The only answer was a shrug as he licked his finger and turned the page. "Kamijo, we have been here four times already." Kozi said lazily. "We saw everything interesting on the first visit, there is nothing more for us to see now." He glanced up before resuming his reading. "We might have well have stayed home."

Kamijo let out his breath angrily. "But I love Paris!" He crossed to the ornate, rosewood dresser and picked up a small vile of French perfume. It was the first thing he had bought when they got to the hotel. He loved the smell. It smelled like fresh, green tea with a Jasmine blossom floating in it. It carefully dabbed it behind his ears and drew a invisible line down the center of his long, delicate throat. "Come shopping with me, Kozi!" Kamijo pleaded as he turned back to look at Kozi.

"I can’t." Kozi said as he dropped the comic off the side of the bed and swaggered towards the bathroom. "I have a spa appointment in thirty minutes and it’ll probably last the whole day. Mud bath, facial, have all my nails done, a deep-tissue massage. The works. Kohta will drop his jaw when we get home and he sees me." He smiled and winked. "Then I’ll go down and maybe do some shopping tonight. I really should bring him back something. So if you can wait…" The bathroom door clicked shut behind him.

Kamijo sighed, he didn’t want to go alone. Maybe he would go see if mother or father wanted to go with him…

He knocked on the double doors and waited. His mother and father had locked themselves in there for most of the day. It was his father’s only day off on this trip. Kamijo, wanting to feel and sound mature called them by their first names. "Mana, Yuki? Are you in there?"

He heard some mumbling and shuffling then the door slowly creaked open a crack and Mana peered out. Behind him Kamijo could see the flickering of candle light and smell a strange, musky smell that always seem to come from his parents room.

Mana’s hair was messed up, strands stuck out of place and it was slightly wet with sweat. Her makeup was smeared way beyond repair. "What is it, honey?" Mana asked softly. Suddenly she giggled and pushed Yuki away from herself. Kamijo looked around as Yuki came up behind him and wrapped his arms around his wife.

"I was wondering if you wanted to come shopping with me." Of course he knew the answer would be "no." They looked pretty occupied. He understood it of course since they hardly got to see each other when they were home in Japan since Yuki worked so hard.

"Sorry, dear." Mana smiled with and said with her sweet voice, "We are…busy now. We will all see each other tomorrow though."

Yuki had disappeared from Kamijo’s sight but Mana was starting to squirm.

"Are you okay, mother?" Kamijo looked at her strangely. What was Yuki doing to her? What did they always do when they locked themselves in their room at every chance?

"I’m fine!" Mana said quickly. She grabbed her credit card off the table beside the door and threw it at Kamijo. "Here, you can use my card. Just give it back later. Have fun!" She quickly closed the door and Kamijo could hear her moan deeply.

Kamijo creased his eyebrows and picked up the credit card. What did they do in their room all the time that made his mother moan so often!? He shook the thought away as he looked at the card. It was the platinum!


Four hours later Kamijo drudged back up to the hotel suite and dropped down onto his bed. He shifted down into the velvety blankets and felt all his strained muscles relaxing in the most enjoyable way. He was a poster child for a mall as he was surrounded with all the shopping bags, and he had hardly bought any clothes! But it wasn’t all he bought, the furniture would be shipped to their home in Tokyo. He hoped it would be there when they got home.

He sighed and pulled open a bag, he loved to look at all the possessions he bought as soon as he got "home."

He lay everything out in front of him. Everything was beautiful.

Beautiful!? He forgot!

He ran to his balcony and threw up the double doors, slipping between the silk, mosquito hangings and stepped out. He was in awe as he stared at Paris beneath him at sunset. Was there anything more beautiful? He doubted it. He had been here many times, but each time his breath was taken away each time that a light breeze teased his face and blew his skirts against his long legs.

He sank down against the stone wall and stared through the wrought iron of the balcony. He couldn’t see the stars in the city. It was a pity, it would have enhanced the view so much to be able to look up and see them.

Kamijo felt something down the side of his cheek. Gasping, he reached up to smack it away to only have his hand come back wet. "What the…" He realized his eyes were wet. He was crying! He hadn’t even realized it. But…why was he crying? He knew why.

He was alone. His brother didn’t enjoy spending time with him around Paris…but it wasn’t only on vacation that he was alone. At home people thought he was strange because he wore makeup and dresses. Girls didn’t like them…and to admit it he didn’t like them either. It wasn’t easy to be the only gay student in his school, at least the only one who came out with it. He wished…he wished he wasn’t so alone all the time. The sun had gone down, and now he sat in darkness.


Kamijo wasn’t alone, but he didn’t know it. Across the street, on the roof of a higher, residential building a man leaned over the edge with his face resting on his slim arms and watched with sad eyes as the tears flowed freely down Kamijo’s face. The poor youth…what could be making him so sad?

He watched his face closely. The soft eyes dripped tears languidly and delicately down the ghostly skin. The pouty lips looked even more so as he sulked against the side of the building. His long, curly, golden hair hid the rest of his face from the night-creature that watched him.

He had to find out what could make such a beautiful creature cry out there by themselves.

Kamijo stood up. He wouldn’t let himself be sad right then! It was vacation, and he only got to be in Paris for a week. He must enjoy himself.

But after a full day of shopping he had to rest!

He walked back into the room, smiling at the green tea incense he lit in the room. He bet that his parents would be fined for it…but they usually didn’t care about money since they were rich anyway.

After washing up he crawled into the bed and flicked off the light beside the bed. He left the balcony door open and watched the outside buildings and sky as his eyes drifted shut slowly and oblivion took over him.

Ahh, he had left the balcony open. It made it so much easier for him when he didn’t have to pick the lock to the room. He slipped in easily, there was the most delightful smell in this room, perhaps the resident.

He walked through the dark easily, not having to feel his way around as he could see perfectly. He took his time looking at the tacky ornaments the hotel had put around, cheaply made and awkwardly placed in the room. He could tell easily tell which belonged to the youth and which belonged to the hotel. The boy had remarkable taste. He picked up the vile of perfume and smelled it before setting it back down.

He had never been in this hotel before, he had been in many of them but not this one. Perhaps someday he should stay in this one. He wondered what the penthouse room must look like.

He stepped over to the bed and looked down at him. Kamijo was sleeping flat on his back. He had kicked all the blankets off the foot of the bed. The intruder smiled at the adorable habit.

Kamijo’s left arm was resting over his belly with his fingers splayed wide. His other hand was up near his face with the end knuckle of his middle finger very gently touching his bottom lip as his head was turned towards the man watching him. His breath was deep and even but despite how comfortable he looked he was shivering lightly since he was only wearing a pair of silk boxer shorts and his blankets were on the floor.

The pale-skinned man smiled at the innocence of the boy and lifted the blanket off the floor to recover him. Kamijo gratefully turned over and curled himself into the blankets in his sleep. His sighed in contentment.

He sat very gently on the side of the bed so he wouldn’t wake and placed his cold fingers to the youth’s temples. "Tell me your name." He whispered. He closed his eyes and smiled dreamily as the knowledge flowed into his mind.

"Kamijo…what a beautiful name." He lifted his eyelids and leaned closer. "What are you sad?" He whispered. A sweet voice traveled through his head. It was Kamijo’s and it was very sad and almost afraid, choked out.

I’m lonely…

The being’s smile disappeared and he slowly stroked the white-blonde hair out of Kamijo’s face. He spoke even gentler than before. "Dream of me." He leaned down to kiss the soft cheek and then disappeared out the window again into the Paris night.

Kamijo stepped slowly through the dirty streets. There was a thick smell of filth in the air as his feet walked over the garbage-filled cobblestone streets. The homeless were everywhere, dying in the street from the plague that threatened to destroy all of Europe.

He covered his mouth as he coughed uncontrollably. The smell had deepened to a disgusting stench and seemed to surround him in every direction.

He was looking for someone, but who? Perhaps he would knew when he found them…

It couldn’t have been one of the homeless that he was looking for because they all seemed to look the same to him. Their teeth were blackened and their skin red and harsh as the plague ate away the skin. Their hair was starting to fall out from the horrible disease. People were forced to relieve themselves in the streets and sleep in the open air as they watched their families die.

Then there was someone different. He was tall, with long, curly, black hair tied back at the nape of his neck and flowed down his back. His clothing was elegant and clean and a cape flowed behind him as a wave of disgusting air but he didn’t seem to notice it, and he wasn’t in the least fazed by the stench.

The elegant man was watching Kamijo, a blank but happy expression on his face. He looked behind him as if to say he was going to go in that direction. He turned and as the cape was swept away in Kamijo was given a wonderful view of thin but muscular thighs and a thin, elegant ass. Kamijo bit his lip as the man turned his head and gave him a look, knowing he was staring at his body. He raised a hand to say goodbye and slowly started to walk.

"Wait!" Kamijo screeched. Who was he? He had to know who he was! "Wait don’t go!"

He started to run after the man, splashing through puddles and dodging the homeless and carriages that blocked the narrow streets. He ran perfectly, and each time he thought he would reach him the man seemed to be farther away! He couldn’t catch up to him! But the man was only strolling, why couldn’t he get to him!?

The man turned once and smiled with perfect, white teeth. He mouthed to Kamijo, "Find me." Then he turned to walk away and disappeared.

Kamijo stopped running and fell to the ground suddenly exhausted. He raised his hands up and covered his hands agonizingly and moaned in pain. His head throbbed, feeling like it was expanding and growing with each throb.

He jerked around as he felt a hand gently on his shoulder. He gasped as he looked up into the face of the angelic man standing right above him!

"Find me," The voice was deep and beautiful. "You need me."

The marvelous face started to change form. Elongated fangs became his teeth, he licked his soft lips. A drip of blood overflowed the side of his mouth and dripped down onto his shirt. "Drink from me…"


A scream broke the peacefulness of the suite as Kamijo jerked up in bed. He clutched the blanket tightly as he sucked in air greedily. Why couldn’t he breath? He pushed down the blankets a little, realizing he must have let them slip over his mouth in his sleep.

Lifting his hand he wiped a film of sweat from his face with his palm. "Jesus…" The dream seemed so real…the beautiful man…he fell back on the bed and stared at the ornate ceiling in the dark, not really able to see it.

The clock beside the bed read 4:00 am. He sighed and curled onto his side…he needed more sleep…it was going to be a long day. Grunting he kicked off all the blankets to the floor.


Mana only knocked once before unlocking the door and pushing his way into the suite. "Wake up, Kamijo! Wah! Did you leave that balcony open all night? Do you want to catch your death?"

Kamijo moaned and rolled over, mumbling in his sleep.

Mana sat on the side of the bed and touched Kamijo’s arm with a long, gloved hand. He was still kicking his blankets off the way he did when he was little as he looked at the blankets on the floor. Mana smoothed his hair from forehead lovingly though his face was still a blank mask. Suddenly she slammed her hand down on his forehead making Kamijo wince.

"Kamijo! You are burning up! You were trying to catch your death, weren’t you?"

Yuki strolled into the room twirling a cane that he didn’t really need. He absently rubbed the go-tee at his chin. "Everyone’s waiting, are you ready to go?" He asked Kamijo.


Kamijo sulked at the balcony as he watched his parents and Kozi drive off in their rented car. They made him stay in since he was sick. Mana had been concerned then practically smacked him after saying he let himself get sick.

With a sound of disgust Kamijo slammed shut the doors and flopped down on the bare mattress. How could he stand to spend the entire day by himself locked up in a hotel room!?

He watched television, tried to study his French, read poetry, he even took a steaming bath to clear his head but nothing made him feel any less lonely. Now even his family was ditching him!

With a pout in his depressed face he flicked on the television and fell back against the pillows.


Kamijo moaned deeply as long fingers traced down his chest, flicking over a nipple making Kamijo twitch and giggle as a tickling sensation danced over his body. The eyes above him laughed though the face remained pale and lusty. The nails continued their journey until they reached his smooth stomach. They circled once then Kamijo gasped in excitement and carnality as a tongue explored the shallow cave.

Biting his lip Kamijo pressed his hand to the back of the white-blonde head and arched under the wet caress. The mouth moved away and the fingernails continued down. Kamijo cried out in passion and shut his eyes, his head flew back, blocked by a pillow beneath him. The end of a nail flicked over the tip making a quiver ripple all the way through his body.

He was oblivious as to what to do so he lay writhing in pleasure as the hand removed itself and the mouth took over. He touched every inch of his skin. It started at his shoulder tracing lazy licks over his biceps and down further. When he reached the fingers he pulled one into his mouth to suck delicately on it, moving his mouth up and down over it suggestively. Kamijo blushed and looked away though his loins pulsed.

The capture laughed at the result of his attack and moved away from the hand to hold Kamijo’s arms down at his sides and his mouth attacked the delicate skin of his neck. A grunt escaped Kamijo’s lips as something sharp seemed to pierce his flesh but then he only groaned in pleasure. Instinctively he wrapped his legs around the other man’s non-existent waste and ground their erections together.

The other man’s breath came in shallow and uneven and suddenly he jerked away. Finally Kamijo saw his face. That man! The man from his last dream!

Only now he was close up and Kamijo could see every detail of his face.

He had black eyes that stretched out like the night sky and were just as endless. His black lashes framed his oval eyes and teasingly shadowed the skin just beside them. He had a perfect, full nose over full, soft lips. Kamijo raised a hand and ran the tip of his index finger down a very white cheek (Night Note: I know he’s a little tanned but he has to be pale to be a vampire) as the man’s perfect eyes watched him.

The man spread Kamijo’s legs wide, placing his ankles up on his shoulders and gently pushed a finger inside him.

Gasping in surprise Kamijo struggled and panicked. A small shock of pain hit him. Quickly the finger left him and a kiss hit along his ribs. "I’m sorry…" He whispered. He leaned down and flicked his tongue over Kamijo’s lips. "Please let me."

Biting his lip, Kamijo spread his legs wide nervously and guided the man to him.

He screamed shortly at the initial pain but stayed still, hoping it would help some of the pain diminish as he felt his flesh tear. The man left him once to lick his palm and smear the saliva over himself before he entered him again.

After a few minutes Kamijo felt a wave of pleasure shake him and he bucked up, gasping.

Kamijo looked up with craving in his eyes, wanting to see if the other man shared his enthusiasm.

As he looked up he stared at flickering red eyes! Fangs pointed towards his throat! The man lunged!



Kamijo tore from his bed as tears streamed down his face like buckets of water. He looked around panicky. It was nearly night now. How long had he been asleep? His family wasn’t back yet?

The dream, it seemed so damn real! Kamijo looked down at himself, he was throbbing with wanting, he needed attention…for a very particular problem. So that was what sex was like? That definitely was a sex dream. Kamijo whined, hoping the throbbing would go away as he clutched onto the end bedpost. Never had real attention been given to that part of his seventeen year old body, but he craved it! He needed it so badly!

The fangs, the red eyes, the blood. Every dream, telling him to go to the man. In the first dream the man told him that Kamijo needed him, damn right he needed him! Hell, he needed anyone with a free hand!

What did his dreams mean? Maybe they were just dreams. The man, that beautiful man. God, how he wished he were real!

Kamijo swiped the tears from his face and sniffed. He wasn’t feeling any better than he had that morning. He was still sick. He felt dizzy and clutched tighter onto the bedpost. Maybe he needed to see a doctor.

"As I walked through the valley of the shadow of death." A whisper in his ear.

Another scream tore from Kamijo’s lips as he spun, to protect himself from whoever was there he jerked up his fist as he turned and slammed someone in the jaw!

Damn that hurt his fist! He stumbled back and didn’t even look up to see if he had disabled the intruder, he made a mad dash for the door.

His fingers closed over the cool brass and turned and jerked, why wouldn’t it open!?

"Fuck!" Kamijo screamed. Why wouldn’t the God-damn door open!?

"Maybe if you try the dead bolt."

He gasped, stumbling away again. The man was standing right beside him! He threw himself into the corner and grabbed a vase from a nook in the wall to defend himself. Hadn’t that hit hurt him at all?

"Look at me, Kamijo. Look at my face."

Kamijo tried to see him in the dark but he couldn’t. He squinted.

"It’s me." The voice said gently and came forward. "You were so sick that I knew you wouldn’t come to find me, so I came to you."

Kamijo stiffened, the vase slipped from his fingers and shattered on the granite tiling beside his foot, a jacked piece flew up and stabbed into his ankle.

The man from his dreams…

Kamijo wanted to run but the man was too close, blocking his path to the door or the bathroom, where he could lock himself in. Kamijo looked down at his ankle and wanted to scream. It hurt so badly! But he didn’t want to duck down, to make himself vulnerable to this man.

The intruder almost moaned in wanting as he looked down at the blood-dripping ankle. Dark, red with the perfect, coppery smell drifting over to him; so low only he could smell it, but it was distinctly there. If only he could dip low and lick that blood away…

"Don’t be afraid of me." The gothic man held out his hand.

Kamijo watched those long fingers, then looked back up to his face. It was exactly the same as his dream. "Who are you?" Kamijo whispered.

The man stepped so close to him he could faintly smell the vanilla scent on his, practically taste the rich, chocolate breath. The perfect hand came up to rest on Kamijo’s cheek, where he quivered and looked away. The man turned the scared face towards him and nuzzled his neck. Kamijo gasped as a shaft of fire shot through him and the encounters in the dreams came back to him.

"My name is Yuki." The stranger whispered. As he passed his hand gently over Kamijo’s eyes he felt himself becoming increasingly sleepy. Just before his eyes drifted shut Yuki whispered. "I’m the man of your dreams, and I’ve come to make sure you’ll never be lonely again."


There was a pleasant, warm feeling all around Kamijo as he finally woke up. Beneath him was soft and so comfortable, it felt as if he were floating. Moaning as he usually did when he first woke up he opened his eyes. As he looked at the ceiling he at first noticed no difference, but as he sat up he was in shock.

This room was not his suite! It didn’t even have a French design to it! This room was lit only by candles, leaving a warm glow. The bed he had been sleeping on was covered in crème-colored sheets, comforters, and many pillows. The bed frame was low but very ornate and made from pure brass. Above the bed a large, brass crucifix, and heavy tapestries swooped away from the bed, hanging open as if over windows. Beside the bed was a simple table, with a large candle on the center of it, flicking golden light over Kamijo’s pale skin.

It only took Kamijo a moment to realize that he was not alone in the room, or that he Kamijo himself was completely naked. He clutched the blankets to his chest and scooted back against the headboard.

Yuki chuckled. "You are so dramatic."

Kamijo glanced down at his naked body. He carried a scared look on his face as he shot his eyes back to Yuki.

"Don’t worry, I didn’t try anything…though I would love to. You have an amazing body. You don’t wear much when you sleep. I probably didn’t even have to take off those boxers to find out how truly marvelous you really are."

Kamijo blushed deeply and looked away. When Yuki approached the bed he sat frozen, staring up at the gorgeous man. Yuki lifted his chin and peered into his eyes. His own eyes drifted shut for a moment. When he opened them again he said, "You are still lonely. Don’t worry, you won’t feel so soon."

He pulled Kamijo to stand on his feet who still clutched the blankets to make sure he wasn’t left completely exposed. Yuki pushed him towards the bathroom. "Go get cleaned up, I left some clothes for you in there. Then I have somewhere to take you."

Kamijo stood shocked in the center of the room. Where was he? What the hell was going on?

As if reading his thoughts, which he probably was, Yuki came towards him and touched his cheek. "Everything will be explained to you. Now do as I say." He ordered, pushing Kamijo into the bathroom.


When Kamijo emerged his was wearing what was provided for him; a long, black dress-jacket with red inlay and a white dress shirt and as the sleeves came out the ends flared out and bunched together beautifully. There was a blue rose pinned to the left lapel with a dark green stem pointing downward. His pants were black, the same material as the jacket.

Yuki smiled as he saw the youth emerge from the bathroom. He looked great, there was only one problem.

"Come, sit down."

Kamijo walked nervously and sat at the edge of the bed, since there was nowhere else he could sit. There were no regular chairs anywhere in the room.

Yuki crawled up behind the trembling form on the bed and took a pair of scissors from the table drawer.

Kamijo screeched and jerked away when he felt Yuki take a chunk of his long hair in the back and cut it away! He clutched the short spot of his hair erratically and gaped at Yuki. "What did you do!?" He ran to a mirror beside the door and looked at the mess that Yuki had created.

"Your hair is too long, you look too much like a woman. I can get away with it because I’m too masculine." (Night Note: Wah! I love Kamijo with long hair!) Yuki walked up behind Kamijo at the mirror and placed his hands on his shoulders. Kamijo gasped and turned, he hadn’t seen him approaching in the mirror!

"Well, I have to finish the rest now."

Kamijo cried as the rest of his hair was cut away and was now thin and limp all around his hair. He sniffed and futilely wiped away a tear, only to have them replaced in the next moment. Yuki knelt down in front of him and wiped the tears away, kissing the wet line down his face. "Don’t cry. You will be in such awe tonight that you will completely forget that you even have hair." He smoothed it down. "It looks good anyway."

Kamijo looked at the pile of his curls on the floor and cried more.


Was Kamijo really awake or we he just dreaming? He thought of his family as Yuki led him down a long, empty corridor in the basement of the hotel they were currently in. They must be back by then, whatever time it was. What would they think when they found that he wasn’t there? His mother would be hysterical, but his father would tell her calmly not to worry and that he probably just went shopping. Kozi probably wouldn’t care.

"Do not worry about your family. They are fine. They won’t miss you."

Kamijo looked up at him, he had been reading his thoughts again, how did he do that?

He wasn’t scared exactly, as he said he was the man of his dreams. "Why won’t my family miss me?" Kamijo though it rather rude of him to say and felt a pang of hurt.

Yuki stopped walking for a second and looked at Kamijo. "I made sure they won’t remember you, so they won’t feel sad about your being gone."

Kamijo looked at him expressionless for a moment. "I don’t believe you."

Yuki only shrugged and took his hand as he continued to walk.


At the end of the corridor they walked through an enormous, granite door that surprisingly Yuki opened with no problem. Kamijo wondered how many hundreds of pounds it weighed. Yuki took Kamijo’s arm as they entered. Through the material of the coat Kamijo could feel how cold his fingers were.

The room was small but elegant. Against the far wall was a small fireplace blazing red and orange crackled loudly in the room. There were no windows and all the walls were brick but covered in deep-red curtains that hand down on all sides except for the one with the fireplace. Against the left wall a ratty couch, with two elegant beings sitting on it.

Kamijo blushed and looked away as he saw what was happening. Yuki chuckled as Kamijo practically hid behind his cape.

The strawberry-blonde on the couch pulled his mouth away from the yellow-blonde and flopped down on the left side of the couch. He looked annoyed as he glanced over to Yuki and Kamijo.

"I told you not to come till 11:00."

Yuki walked away from Kamijo and sat down on the couch as well. He patted the yellow-blondes head. "Yes, but you don’t tell me when to come, Machi. Sugizo told me and you know Sugizo is our ruler, as is his the-" He cut himself off when he remembered Kamijo was in the room. He patted the seat next to him. "Come sit by me." Yuki smiled.

"Is this him?" The other man asked as he lit a cigarette and stuck it in his mouth.

"Hai, Emiru. This is him."

Kamijo was confused. This stranger had told people about him? He was starting to feel increasingly uncomfortable as he took the seat and sat perfectly upright. Yuki took his hand and started kissing the fingers one at a time, Kamijo almost whimpered at the pleasant feeling.

"He wants a private meeting?" Machi asked. He was absently playing with a strand of Emiru’s hair who cooed and nuzzled into the touch.

"Yes, he said he wants to meet him…alone."

"Oh…" Kamijo stopped playing with Emiru and took his hand as they stood up. "Well, good luck." Machi said to the white hared boy on the couch. "You’re going to need it." He mumbled and left the room, dragging Emiru behind him.

Yuki turned to Kamijo. He played with a strand of the freshly cut hair. "In a moment someone is going to come meet you. Don’t be afraid…there is no way I could have gotten out of it." He leaned forward and placed a gentle kiss on the pale lips. His lips were very warm and felt like silk but as Kamijo leaned into the kiss Yuki pushed him back and looked sad. "Just do whatever he says, you have no real reason to be afraid."

Kamijo pushed his eyebrows together. "Why would I be afraid? And of who?"

Yuki opened his mouth to speak but stopped when there was a thundering knock at the door. Yuki almost ran to answer it. Funny, he had always seemed so calm and relaxed most of the time, now he looked tense.

Yuki pulled open the door. "Master." He dropped to his knees and bowed to someone that Kamijo couldn’t see. His forehead touched the floor before he stood again but he still kept his eyes down.

The jaw almost dropped off Kamijo’s face when the man walked into the room. He was tall and lanky with dark-auburn hair. He was wearing a tight, black shirt with short, knit sleeves. He had red, leather, tight pants that were looser near his tall, black boots. He had a thick, silver watch on his left arm and nearer to his wrist was a silver bracelet with fake flowers dangling off of it. He had two rings on his right hand; on his middle and ring fingers. They were both thick and silver, and the one on his middle finger matched the bracelet. His skin was bright and golden. His lips were both full and pouty and he had a very slight overbite. He had wide eyes and a perfect nose.

Did it get warmer as he walked into the room?

He stepped straight into the room with Yuki cowering behind him and only his head turned towards Kamijo. The black eyes drifted from Kamijo’s feet up to his face, they stopped in some certain places; his groin, the flat chest, and lingered especially on his neck as he gave him a look that made him want to run to the comfort of his mother’s arms. Though Mana was always cold she could comfort him better than anyone he knew.

The thought of Mana left his head as the man walked towards him. "Aren’t you going to introduce us, Yuki-chan."

"Oh! Hai!" Yuki ran forward and took Kamijo’s hand. "This is Kamijo. Kamijo, this is Lucifer sama."

Lucifer laughed as Kamijo’s eyes widened nearly as much as his mouth had been when he first walked into the room. Yuki nudged his side and Kamijo dropped to his knees to bow in the presence of Lucifer himself.

"Yuki-chan, please leave us."

Yuki hesitated, was he scared? Kamijo watched him fear flickered in his eyes momentarily then kissed Kamijo’s fingers once and quickly left the room, looking back once over his shoulder.

Lucifer chuckled again. "He’s very bright, but doesn’t seem to have much confidence in my kindness. Perhaps its the reputation that I seemed to have built up."

Kamijo trembled as a very warm finger ran up the side of his neck and touched his bottom lip. "L…Lucifer?" He asked.

He gave him a brilliant smile and leaned inward. "The one and only."

"You…you are really him?" Kamijo couldn’t hold the amazement out of his voice, making Lucifer’s smile deepen.

"Ahh, I have so many names; Lucifer, Satan, The Devil, Fallen Angel, The Prince of Darkness, Mephistopheles, Moloch. (Night note: I love my thesaurus ::smile::) Everyone seems to call me something different, but you can call me Sugizo…it’s my Earth name." He laughed again, he seemed to amuse himself quite often.

Kamijo was still on his knees on the floor. Sugizo put his hand on his trembling shoulder as he circled him. "Stand up."

Kamijo did as he was told and tried to keep quiet. He wanted to go home, to his real home; not the hotel. His wanted to curl up in his bed. Actually, he wished he would wake up in bed right now and have had this all just be a bad dream. He must be crazy to think he was standing right like to Lucifer himself!

"You’re not crazy." Sugizo whispered after reading his thoughts. "I am exactly who I say. I know it’s hard to accept it since you have lived so long in a world where people like Yuki and I don’t exist. But everything he and I have been telling you is true." Sugizo was behind him now. His breath fanned against the skin at the back of his neck, making the tiny hairs dance and tickled him, making him twitch and try to get away.

"Don’t move." Kamijo obediently kept still as the bigger man’s arms snaked around Kamijo’s body. His palms ran flat against his chest as he leaned into his back. "Do you know what Yuki is?"

Kamijo shook his head, what did he mean ‘what he is’?

"You don’t know?" Sugizo sounded surprised as he turned Kamijo and studied his face. "He’s a vampire."

Kamijo shook his head and tired to take a step away from the crazy man in front of him, but Sugizo had a firm yet delicate grip on the back of his neck. "Vampires aren’t real."

"Oh, but they are. They are everywhere. You can go outside in any city at night, and you’re guaranteed to see at least a few of them. But enough about that. There’s a reason I always meet the new…recruits. How long have you known him?"

"It…It depends on if you count…count dreams." He stuttered nervously as Sugizo was running his tongue up the back of his neck.


He choked out when Sugizo ran circles around his chest. "Hai…I had…dreams about him. Then, I woke up at…" He thought for a moment, "sundown; and I met him."

"So soon? Only a few hours…he must really love you." He chuckled suddenly. "Is he still doing that dream trick? It’s rather petty, juvenile." Sugizo turned him around and nipped his throat teasingly with his lips. He leaned back and examined both sides if Kamijo’s throat. There were no bite marks. "He didn’t bite you yet, are you sleeping with him yet?"

Yet? Kamijo sucked in his breath and shook his head.

"Do you know why I wanted to meet you?"

Kamijo shook his head again warily.

"Well, there are several reasons…the main reason is I want to know if you are chosen for the right reasons…I may be the devil but I want to know what you would be leaving behind, I want you to know. If someone can not bear to leave behind their family, see them grow old and die, than they will never truly be happy with themselves. I pride myself on giving you choices, and my followers giving you choices." He was quiet for a moment, staring at Kamijo as he read his mind. "You’re lonely…your family usually ignores you and you have no friends."

Kamijo blushed and looked away. He was right.

Sugizo turned him back to look at him again. "That is a pretty good reason to let him…change you." He leaned in very close to Kamijo’s ear and nipped it with his teeth. "Do you want to know the second reason I wanted to meet you?"

He didn’t give him a chance to answer. Kamijo was on the couch again before he could register how he got there.

"Because I knew you’d be so beautiful, Kamijo."

Sugizo pushed him down flat on his back and straddled his waste. He only made him sit up for a moment so he could remove his jacket and then pushed him back down. His face was very menacing as he loomed over his to unbutton the shirt. When he had successfully done so he leaned down and took a pink nipple into his mouth, sucking strongly.

Kamijo bit his lip to suppress a moan but let his hand drift to rest on Sugizo’s muscular back.

Sugizo’s hands slowly, almost teasingly, started to unbutton Kamijo’s pants as his tongue dipped into Kamijo’s mouth and drew out his tongue and flicked it with his own.

Sugizo growled and jerked away as the door opened. "What is it!?"

A tall man entered, he was dressed similarly to Sugizo but had short, black hair and a rounder face. He was a little shorter.

He looked pained as he saw Sugizo sitting over Kamijo, who was flat on his back with a dazed look on his face. He was staring up at Sugizo then finally gazed over at the man in the door.

The man at the door looked flustered. "You’re needed, Sugi…"

Sugizo licked the excess saliva from his lips and got up off of Kamijo. "Okay. I’m coming, Ryu. You don’t have to wait at the door."

Kamijo saw the flash of pain across Ryu’s face as he left.

Sugizo bent down in front of Kamijo and kissed him gently on the lips before he left quickly.


Kamijo was frozen to the spot at lust still coursed through him, especially in his groin. He sat up to conceal the tent that had been created in his pants. He lifted a shaky hand up to rest on the back of the couch.

"Kamijo!" Yuki ran into the room and dropped in front of him, similar to what Sugizo had just done. "Are you okay?"

Kamijo nodded. This was the first time that Kamijo had noticed the elongated teeth at the sides of Yuki’s mouth, the deathly pale skin, the red glint that hid in his eyes. A small twinge of fear flashed over his face. Yuki noticed it.

"What’s wrong?"

"You are a vampire." It wasn’t a question, merely a statement to see what the reaction would be on Yuki’s face. If he could see shock, fear, then he wouldn’t have to believe the insane things that were all around him now. But he didn’t see either of those things. All he saw was a blank stare, Yuki blinked a few times.

"Yes." He took Kamijo’s hand that trembled even more now and studied it. It had the tiniest imperfections that were normal with all humans. He then saw his own hands, flawless as if carved out of ivory. "What are you thinking now?" He asked.

Kamijo shrugged. His mind was juggling so many things that he wasn’t thinking one specific thing. "What don’t you just read my thoughts?"

"Because I don’t like to do it. It’s an invasion of privacy; I only do it when I feel I have to."

"What do you want from me?" Kamijo asked helplessly.

"I want to show you my world."


The woman sat at the bar by herself. She had just arrived at the bar and only had one drink so far. She looked tired and stressed outs.

"Why are we watching her?" Kamijo asked.

"She’s bait."


"Stay here and wait."

Yuki approached the bar slowly, watching the woman as if he were interested in her.


The woman looked up at the man with the beautiful face. She was in a shitty mood and the whole purpose of going to the bar that night was to get drunk and find someone to take her home. He would do nicely.

"Hi." The woman said as she pressed out her pressed slightly, to make him notice but not consciously so. "How are you stranger?"

"Great." He leaned over the bar playfully and reached out to take her olive out of her drink. He ate it off the toothpick with his teeth and sucked on it as he smiled at her. "Want to go for a walk?"

As they started to walk out Yuki waved to Kamijo to follow.

"Who’s that?" The woman asked, she wasn’t sure if she was in the mood for anything kinky.

"He’s my friend. Don’t worry, he doesn’t bite…yet." He smiled charmingly and the fear seemed to sweep right out of her.

Five minutes later they were in the alley behind the bar.

"What are we doing out here?" The woman asked as she looked around at the deserted streets. This was a rather ritzy area of the city, all the bums were arrested if they tried to stay in these back alleys.

He passed his hands over the woman’s eyes. She smiled dreamily as she closed her eyes and fell limp against his chest. Yuki looked over at Kamijo. "It’ll be easier this way." He leaned her back against the brick wall of the bar. He smoothed her hair back away from her throat. "Come here, Kamijo."

Kamijo drudged slowly over to him. He had seen enough vampire movies to know what was coming next.

"You have to do it slowly, and gently, so that you don’t tear out their throats; it can happen if you get too excited about it." Yuki pulled Kamijo to his side so that he could see exactly what he was doing. "Tilt their head so you can get better access to their throat…well, it will come naturally."

The fangs grew even longer as the sweet smell of her blood ran into him. He pressed his fangs very slightly against the flesh. It gave way and small amounts of blood splurted out and started to dribble down the paling flesh. Yuki stuck his tongue out and licked it away before he closed his lips over the wound and sucked strongly.

He stopped when he heard a whimper. He turned away from the woman and looked at Kamijo. He was turned away and looking at the ground. "Kamijo. Look at me."

He wasn’t revolted, actually he had watched so many vampire movies because he was fascinated that a being could live totally off of blood, but he was afraid. He never in his life thought he would be confronted with a real vampire. He was afraid that he would enjoy taking lives.

Yuki held her up with one arm and he took Kamijo’s wrist with the other and pulled him towards himself and the woman. "Taste."

Kamijo gasped, "What!?" He tried to move back but Yuki was holding his arm.

"Taste the blood, it’s like nothing you’ve ever had before."

Kamijo bit his lip and struggled hard against his arm. "I can’t, let go!" He jerked once and Yuki let him go. He fell back. He ran to the end of the alley, Yuki thought he was going to leave but he stopped and waited there for him.

Yuki finished his meal quickly, only taking enough blood the make the woman very tired but not kill her. He lowered her to the ground and left her there, first making sure she wasn’t in a position that would make her cramp up. He joined Kamijo.

"I want to show you my home."

Kamijo was very quiet the entire way home, keeping a short distance from Yuki the whole time.

Yuki leaned over to him and whispered so the taxi driver couldn’t hear, "I didn’t kill her you know. I only take enough blood to make her faint, but her body will remake the blood and she’ll be fine."

Kamijo looked over at him blankly then looked away in a manner that made dread go through him. Yuki tried to take his hand but he pulled it away to sit on the opposite side of his body. Yuki sighed.

They reached the mansion. It was immense. The estate reached for one mile on all sides with the mansion directly in the center. It was three stories high, all the windows were shuttered closed. The paint was fresh and smoke billowed out of three different chimneys.

"I don’t live alone."

They wanted in the door and from a room to the left they could hear classical music playing very loudly. The sound of women’s laughter followed the music out into the main hall where they stood.

Yuki ignored it.

Kamijo yawned deeply, sucking in as much air as he could.


Kawaii! Yuki thought as he watched and smiled. "Tired, darling?"

Kamijo mumbled something incoherient and rubbed a hand down his face tiredly.

"It’s still early. For nighttime, anyway. Let me show you where you’ll be staying."

He took Kamijo’s hand but he quickly pulled away. "But, I’m not staying here. My family, they must be so worried about me! I have to go back."

"Kamijo…" Yuki took his hands. "I told you, I took care of it for you. They won’t remember you, they don’t know who you are now."

"What are you talking about?" Kamijo pulled away…how could he deal with his family not caring about him, not acknowleding who he was? "You’re wrong, or you’re just lying! I’m going back to the hotel!"

"They’re not there?"

He froze and turned back, "Then where are they?" He aske breathlessly.

"They already went back to Japan…your father got called back early."

"They left without me…" Kamijo fell to the floor as a tear dripped down his cheek. Yuki stood behind him and stroked his hair.

"Let me show you more, maybe it will take your mind off of it." He felt bad, he knew this feeling. Before he had been changed he hadn’t been away from his family for more than a day. He hadn’t liked them very much but it was so…strange to be away from them.

Kamijo nodded and let Yuki show him the rest of the house, all except for where the music was coming from. Kamijo was then led to Yuki’s bedroom. It was much larger than he thought it would be. Against the far wall was a large fireplace with a fire blazing in it. The whole room was much warmer than any other they had been in. The bed was against the right wall. It had very tall bedposts that nearly reached the ceiling. The bed was covered in brown and tan blankets and comforters that were so thick one would practically disappear if they laid in them. The left wall had a balcony, the windows on its door boarded up but the door still usable. The fireplace was the only light in the room.

Yuki pushed Kamijo to lay on the bed. All the memories that he still obtained from his dream came back to him. He didn’t know where to look. He was surprised when Yuki only curled up behind him and wrapped his arm posessively around Kamijo’s waste. He rested his head in the crook of his neck.

He bit his lip painfully. He was so close to Kamijo’s jugular yet so far away. He couldn’t bite him now. He couldn’t change him without his consent. A long sleep was exactly what he needed, what they both needed. "Go to sleep," He sighed tiredly as he moved his mouth down to rest on his spine, curving the craving slightly. "You can see more tomorrow night…it’s nearly dawn now."


Sugizo walked into the ballroom at Yuki’s estate. Emiru and Machi were sitting on the wooden floor in the center of the room, licking blood from their hands like someone that had just eaten chicken with their hands. The corpses of two women were on the floor near them with their throat torn open. Their dead eyes stared at the ceiling and they lay in a puddle of their own bloods, mixing together.

Sugizo smiled at the two who hadn’t noticed he entered the room.

Machi smiled at his lover beside him before pouncing and licking the red from around his lips as he knocked him flat on his back. They stopped when they heard a deep laugh. Machi sighed, "Why do we keep getting interupted?"

"So, where are they?" Sugizo asked.

Emiru shrugged and sat up. "How should we know?" He was the braver of the two, being rude to the devil and all.

Sugizo didn’t seem to care much. "Did you see them tonight?"

Machi shook his head. "I think I heard them around, check Yuki’s room; they probably went there."


He was flat on his back. The black hair spread over the pillow in thick waves. His arm was tight around the thin, pale human beside him; who curled up so easily against him. Was he really that lonely that he would latch onto a total stranger so easily for company?

Sugizo bent down and touched Kamijo’s cheek gently. He smiled expectedly as a hand shot out and grabbed his wrist. Sugizo loved the cool feeling that the frigid skin gave his hot flesh as the fingers closed around him. That was the beautiful thing about vampires. They felt just as cold as they usually acted.

Black eyes stared at him menacingly before Yuki realized who it was and let go. He looked over at Kamijo. His eyes were shut loosely and his breath was deep and even. Yuki made sure he was asleep by reading into his mind; it was a strange dream with something about a huge lava lamp and a carousel. Yuki smiled at how cute he was before he whispered to Sugizo, "What is it?"

He sat on the side of the bed and stroked Kamijo’s short hair lovingly.

Yuki could feel his teeth growing as he growled low in his throat.

Sugizo smiled mockingly at him and chuckled. "Just kidding." He stood up and backed up a few feet. "After you change him I want to see you both at my castle. See you then." He smiled then Yuki watched blankly as his skin turned bright red, then darker and darker until he burst into a ball of flames and disappeared.

Kamijo mumbled as it got very warmed in the room and turned onto his side, gently opening his eyes.

"Shh, go back to sleep." Yuki mumbled and curled up to him tighter, burrying Kamijo’s face on his shoulder.

As Kamijo started to drift to sleep he realized how wonderful it was to lie here in Yuki’s arm, to be with someone that seemed to need him just as much as he did. He sighed happily and drifted off, trying not to think for the moment that he was expected to drink blood.


He twitched, trying to turn away but no matter which way he went something cool and soft kept tickling the end of his nose.

"What the hell…?" Kamijo opened his eyes irritated and stared up at the laughing face of Yuki above him. He had been poking him.

Yuki pounced on him playfully and strattled Kamijo’s non-exhistant hips. "Ohayou, Kami-chan." He leaned down and kissed him passionately. His tongue slipped to the back of Kamijo’s mouth, sucked on his lips and then nipped his twice and drew away. "Get up! I’m hungry, for blood!" He laughed jokingly and got up.

Kamijo yawned and stood up beside the bed.

He heard a mumbling coming from Kamijo. Yuki gasped from where he was near the fireplace and spun to face Kamijo. "What did you just say?"

"I said so am I..." Kamijo was looking down as he rose uncertainly from the bed and touched the side of Yuki’s throat. "Does it hurt?" He whispered in a scared voice.

Yuki took his hand and gently rubbed the fingers as he stared into Kamijo’s eyes. "I won’t lie to you. Yes, the first time it hurts a lot." He pulled Kamijo close and rested his head over Kamijo’s shoulder. "After that it is very orgasmic, you can’t seem to get enough of it after the first time." He chuckled a little. "Just remembering it I wish I could be bitten now."

"Change me." Kamijo sounded determined but at the same time he sounded very scared, his voice trembled a little and he wouldn’t let Yuki pull him back to look at him.

At first Yuki seemed to forget he was much stronger than Kamijo, but then simply pushed him back and studied him. "Are you sure? Don’t make me do this until you are completely ready."

Kamijo couldn’t even look at him. His heart pounded and he felt his stomach flutter. Yuki wanted to turn him as he watched the blood rising into his cheeks, the hot liquid that now ran his life, gave him enternal life. He wanted that for Kamijo, wanted him to be with him forever; but how could he take away a human life and give him a immortal life if he wasn’t sure he wanted it?

"I’ve been thinking about it before I fell asleep before. I’m afraid of it, but I want it. I don’t want to be alone my whole life. If I’m with you then I will never be alone, forever."

Yuki studied his face but it was ureadable. "Kamijo..."

"I’m sure…" Kamijo stared up at him, his eyes determined. "Do it." He turned his head and was about to move his hair out of the way when he remembered that Yuki had cut all of it off and simply turned his head ackwardly.

Yuki stared at the white skin ivitingly in front of him. The thick vein that ran up the side was pulsing madly at the small dip in the bottom of his neck. Yuki stuck a finger out and touched the skin, tracing the vein. Kamijo flinched visably and trembled at the cold fingers.

"Are you really sure?" Yuki asked near his ear. Kamijo nodded quickly and pressed closer to him. His arms ran up ot link behind Yuki’s neck and he kept his head turned away.

Yuki scooped him up and lay him back down in the center of the bed. He sank down as Yuki lay himself over him, covering them both with the comforter. He wanted Kamijo to feel as comfortable as possible and not smothered by him.

He leaned down as kissed Kamijo softly on the lips. His fingers ran down to the hem of his shirt and softly started to pull it up over his head. "I don’t want to get blood on this." He whispered and tossed it off the side of the bed.

Kamijo wasn’t sure what to do. He had never had any type of sexual encounter before, especially with a man. Once when he was in juior high he had a girlfriend, before he discovered he liked boys, and she was known for being a bit easy. She had come over to Kamijo’s house uninvited and he kissed her once on the lips, but he hadn’t even used his tongue! He wanted to be a gentleman but she had only laughed at him and dumped him the next day. It had been horrible, but with Yuki it was very different.

Yuki licked a trail down his chest until he reached Kamijo’s pants and undid the button and zipper with his teeth. He tugged off the pants slowly threw them too of the side of the bed. Yuki sat up to look down at Kamijo.

Kamijo blushed and squirmed as Yuki looked at him hungerly.

"Take my clothes off." Yuki said as he leaned back and pulled Kamijo up to sit up between his legs. Kamijo bit his lip and started to unbutton the tiny buttons with his tremblig fingers. When it was done he slipped the shirt from Yuki and tried not to stare as he looked at him appreciatively.

Yuki smiled and leaned in close, capturing Kamijo’s lips and sucked on them gently. He laughed at the small noise of lust in the back of Kamijo’s throat.

"Now, my pants." He laid back and watched Kamijo’s face as he blushed at removing the pants. He was about to only take off the pants, not his underwear, but Yuki caught his hands as he started to pull them down and encouraged him to take the underwear too. Kamijo’s face was brighter than the sun as he took them off and then sat back, not sure where to look so he turned his head away.

"Oh God, Kamijo..." Yuki pushed him flat on his back and settled himself between Kamijo’s legs. He pulled the blankets over both of them again.

Kamijo instinctively wound his arms aroud Yuki’s neck and Yuki licked and nipped his neck with his teeth. That is when Kamijo expected it but it didn’t come. Yuki kissed his way down and pulled the blanket over his head so Kamijo couldn’t see what he was about to do. He had done this a million times and still didn’t like anyone to watch.

"Ahh! Ghnnn!" Kamijo grunted in the very back of his throat and gasped as Yuki’s mouth closed around his shaft and sucked hard and quick once, twice, and then on the third time very very long and hard.

Kamijo clutched his fingers tight around the sheets and almost tore them as he jerked hard. His bit his lip so hard that he felt the blood drip down onto his chin as he started to throb in Yuki’s mouth. Yuki pulled away and quickly went back up to Kamijo’s mouth.

Dark red blood on Kamijo’s chin made Yuki gasp and quickly start lapping it away as he moaned in pleasure.

Kamijo groaned and let his head fall back as Yuki kissed his neck passionately, feeling him part his legs.

"I know you’ve never done this before, but don’t be nervous." Yuki hissed out and cupped him before sliding farther down and slipped a finger inside Kamijo.

The breath hissed out of Kamijo’s lips as he clamped his teeth together tightly. "Iitai..." He whined very quietly and bucked against the fingers.

"Don’t worry." Yuki said. "Don’t be scared." He pulled his hand back and spit on it, sliding his saliva all over his fingers before slipping two inside of Kamijo.

Kamijo pulled away, "Please stop." His eyes pleaded with Yuki but Yuki didn’t see it.

"Don’t be scared." Yuki leaned down and kissed him on the chin where moments ago the blood had been. He started to push himself inside Kamijo very slowly and heard him start to scream quietly, trying to buck back away from him and held him down gently with his hands on Kamijo’s hips. Kamijo didn’t realize how much his moving was pleasuring Yuki.

Yuki gasped out, "Kamijo!" He whined in pleasure ground his lips over Kamijo’s resisting mouth as his hips sped up a little.

Kamijo felt the pain as Yuki tore his flesh. The blood became a lubricant and made it easier for Yuki to move and he sped up his movements. A small stream of pleasure rippled up Kamijo’s body and he gasped, throwing his head back and groaned.

"Now! Please Yuki, change me now!"

Yuki slid his mouth quickly to Kamijo’s throat and sucked leaving several kiss marks all over the place. He felt his pleasure double and the speed of his hips increase as the strong fangs bared themself in his mouth.

Kamijo screached in pain as Yuki’s fangs tore into his flesh. Yuki held him down with one hand on his forehead, he didn’t want to tear a whole in him if he moved to quickly. Yuki sucked strongly and at the same time whimpered in pleasure.

Kamijo soon fell limp under Yuki’s hold, his body still pulsed in pleasure as Yuki was still taking his body fast and hard but he couldn’t move. He felt very weak. He could feel the currents of the blood in his body slowing down.

Yuki jerked up to sitting on his shins and pulled Kamijo up onto his legs. He pulled his mouth away and screamed when the balloon being blown up in his body burst.

Kamijo felt Yuki releasing himself and a warm feeling spread inside his lower body.

Yuki was holding Kamijo’s limp body in his arms as he panted and gasped for air. He hadn’t left his body yet. Kamijo thought it felt very strange, but very comforting. Yuki pulled him back and looked at his face, he was about to pass out, but he had to willingly drink Yuki’s blood or he would die!

"Oh no! Don’t pass out, Kamijo!" He tore his own wrist with his bloody teeth and held it against Kamijo’s mouth. "Drink, quickly!"

Kamijo wasn’t sure what was happening as he felt the room swaying around him. He felt something pressing to his mouth and opened his eyes. Yuki pressed his wrist harder and Kamijo seemed to get the idea and weakly held onto the wrist and tired to suck but he didn’t seem to have any power left in him.

Yuki quickly tipped Kamijo down on the bed and supported him with his hand as he rested his wrist over Kamijo’s mouth. The blood started to drip down his throat quickly, almost making Kamijo gag but then the wound closed itself and Kamijo passed out with Yuki above him and the blankets twisted around his waist.

Emiru and Machi were still hidden behind the window curtains as they watched Kamijo get covered with the blankets and Yuki stumble off to the bathroom happily.

Machi looked down at his hand from where it was wrapped around Emiru’s waste. "Ne, Emiru, you made a mess all over me." he whispered. He giggled and kissed his cheek quickly as he pulled him out of the room.


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