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c. 19,000,000,000 BCE --

THE BIG BANG. Primordial plasm is hurled from the explosion, coalescing into galaxies, clusters, stars, planets, & other cosmic phenomena. [Scientific Theory and various fictional references]

c. 18,000,000,000 BCE --

The Ego Source (also referred to simply as 'the Source') expresses itself with the creation of Godworld. [This event is implied by references in THORION AND THE NEW ASGODS #1]

c. 5,000,000,000 BCE --

Oa the Living Planet creates the titanic automaton Galactiac to breach the Ego-Source & collect data from the birth of the Universe. Galactiac battles the Old Gods within the Source. Ragnarok begins, decimating Godworld. This theory, inspired by several sources within Amalgam, DC, and Marvel continuities, is unfounded, but serves to provide a catalyst for several known events to take place.

Star Sol ignites. [Scientific Theory]

c. 4,800,000,000 BCE --

New Asgard, Apokolips, the Plains of Yggrdasill, and the other Nine Worlds emerge from the remnants of Godworld. The New Asgods are led by Highfather Odin, whereas Mephisto (Mephiston?) rules of the denizens of Apokolips, until the coming of Thanoseid. The Promethean Giants, Surtur, Kalibak, Mangog, and Ymir, are bound to the living rock called the Ego-Mass to await their destinies as architects of the end day. Date approximated from similar events within DC & Marvel continuities. [THORION AND THE NEW ASGODS #1, JUN 1997]

Galactiac, having tasted the Source, cannot be powered by Oa any longer and is driven to drain the lifeblood of planets to recharge his energy-cells. His original programming is also corrupted, leading to his obsession with gathering data by preserving isolated samples of each world's culture in his vast collection. This event has been theorized to take place, in order to fill in gaps within Amalgam Continuity. [CHALLENGERS OF THE FANTASTIC #1, JUN 1997]

c. 4,400,000,000 BCE --

The Planet Earth forms. [Scientific Theory]

c. 4,000,000,000 BCE --

Horrified by what Galactiac has become, Oa establishes protectors for different parts of the galaxy, empowered by power battery conduits fueled from the emerald flame that burns within the Living Planet. This event has been theorized to take place, in order to fill in gaps within Amalgam Continuity. [IRON LANTERN #1, JUN 1997]

c. 3,500,000,000 BCE --

Life appears on Earth. [Scientific Theory]

c. 3,000,000,000 BCE --

Uatu is appointed to be a Guardian by Oa, and in turn uses his power battery to establish the Starbrand Corps, dividing his energy amongst 360 cosmic patrolmen. This event has been theorized to have taken place, in order to fill in gaps within Amalgam Continuity. The date corresponds with the creation of the Green Lantern Corps in DC continuity. [SPEED DEMON #1, APR 1996]

c. 200,000,000 BCE --

Age of Dinosaurs begins on Earth. Likely timeframe for the Sea Devil Dinosaurs to come into existence. [EXCITING X-PATROL #1, JUN 1997]

c. 250,000 BCE --

Homo Sapiens evolve.

c. 200,000 BCE --

Fascinated by the prospects humanity offer, Celestius the Man-God creates the Alter-Earth and places it in orbit around Sol directly across from the real Earth. [DOOM PATROL (vol. II) #53 (DC), MAR 1992]

c. 120,000 BCE --

Ice Age begins on Earth.

c. 100,000 BCE --

During the Dimensional Convergence, the Elderly Gods punish Celestius for the creation of the Alter-Earth. He is imprisoned at the Wonderwall, surrounded by the vast bodies of dead gods who have vainly hurled themselves against it. [DOOM PATROL (vol. II) #53 (DC), MAR 1992]

c. 50,000 BCE --

A Cro-Magnon becomes immortal (& possibly the Earth's first metamutant). As time goes on he will be known as Savage Shaw. This event is based on DC continuity, and may not reflect the actual origin of Savage Shaw. [JLX UNLEASHED #1, JUN 1996]

c. 45,000 BCE --

The continent of Atalantica is destroyed, leaving only a few island remains of its once great cultures. The resultant flood nearly wipes out the human race. This event is not supported by published material, but is implied by the existence of Atlantis and various references from Marvel Comics, DC Comics, legend, and mythology. [JLX #1, APR 1996]

c. 35,000 BCE --

The Olympian Gods appear on Earth. Known to exist in the Amalgam Universe continuity are Zeus, Poseidon, Hera, Athena (Minerva), Hermes, Gaea, and Zephyrus (who, as in Fawcett and DC continuity, is referred to as female). Date based on many different historical and fictional references. [AMAZON #1, APR 1996] [BULLETS AND BRACELETS #1, APR 1996] [X-PATROL #1, APR 1996]

c. 30,000 BCE --

Denizens of the Nine Worlds attain Godhood, referred to as the New Asgods. Date conjectured from DCU. [THORION OF THE NEW ASGODS #1, JUN 1997]

c. 23,000 BCE --

An alien race performs genetic experimentation on Earth in hopes of creating a superior life form. The result is the birth of the Un-People. Although paralleling Marvel continuity would suggest that the Kree were responsible for the Un-People, it is proposed here that the scientists of New Asgard brought about this sub-species of humanity, in order to justify the similarities between the Un-People and the Forever People of the New Gods in the DCU. [CHALLENGERS OF THE FANTASTIC #1, JUN 1997] [THORION AND THE NEW ASGODS #1, JUN 1997]

c. 16,000 BCE --

The Serpent Crown is created by one of the cultures that grew out of the destruction of Atalantica (or possibly a similar society in the Pacific Ocean). Date and point of origin adapted from information regarding the Marvel Universe counterpart of the Serpent Crown, which is established as having duplicates across the multiverse. [JLX #1, APR 1996]

c. 15,000 BCE --

Conjecture: War breaks out between New Asgods and Olympians due to the machinations of Thanoseid (at this time, Mephisto is ruler of Apokolips), which includes the Earth among its battlegrounds. Zeus and Odin Highfather forge a pact uniting their worlds.  This pact originates the designation of the term 'Amalgam Universe'. This event is unsupported, but reflects similar cosmic events of Marvel and DC continuity, and provides an explanation for this Earth being designated the 'Amalgam Universe'. [AMAZON #1, APR 1996] [THORION OF THE NEW ASGODS #1, JUN 1997]

c. 12,000 BCE --

After the slaughter of his tribe, the Cimmtaukans, Conak, reputed to be the son of the aloof thunder-god Crom-No, travels the world, meeting such fellow adventurers as Red Valda, Iron Maiden with a Sword! This information was presented by Dabranson1967 at the Yahoo! Club, Amalgam Lives On. It is reportedly the creation of Roy Thomas, which could make it in-continuity, although this has not been confirmed. The date was chosen to correspond with the end of the Hyborian Age of Conan and Red Sonja.

c. 6700 BCE --

In the area of West Africa that will one day be known as Senegal, the dragon Fin Fang Flame is imprisoned within the bowels of the Earth, possibly into a region of Hell. He vows to return and commands his worshippers to awaken him. [JLX UNLEASHED #1, JUN 1997]

c. 2900 BCE --

Towards the end of the First Dynasty in Egypt, the Royal Physician to the Pharaoh discovers the Lazarus Pit, which triggers his latent metamutant abilities and amplifies them. After a failed attempt to take over the Middle East, the man who would one day be known as Warlord Ghul (and, later, as Ra's A-Pocalypse) sealed himself inside the Lazarus Pit to await the day when his kind would be the dominant species, and he could eliminate the refuse of humanity. This is pure speculation, as their is no evidence that either Warlord Ghul or Ra's A-Pocalypse existed during this time, or that they are the same being. However, with no real information about either man's history provided in any official source, this conjecture seems to reasonably justify the existence of two separate Ra's Al Ghul amalgams in Dark Claw's Rogues' Gallery. [LEGENDS OF THE DARK CLAW #1, APR 1996] [DARK CLAW ADVENTURES #1, JUN 1997]

1905 BCE --

Isles of the Fair West become dimensionally unstable; Lyonesse sinks, Avalon & Hy Breasil enter pocket dimensions, etc. Avalon merges with its other-dimensional counterparts to become known as Otherworld. This event is not supported in Amalgam Comics, but the existence of several Amalgam variations of Captain Britain (from Earth 616, a.k.a. the Marvel Universe) suggests that all realities within the Marvel Multiverse share some form of cross-time link. [EXCALIBUR #50 (MARVEL), 1992]

GREEK HEROIC AGE (1550 - 1100 BC)

c. 1500 BCE --

The Amazon race is created by the Olympians. Encounters between the Amazons and other Greek figures including the Olympian demigod Hercules follow, although the nature of such encounters may be altered from the traditional mythology and DCU sources. Date based on DCU counterpart. [AMAZON #1, APR 1996]

The first incarnation of Nabu the Ancient One, Lord Supreme of Order, appears on Earth. Date based on DC references. [DOCTOR STRANGFATE #1, APR 1996]

c. 1385 BCE --

Island nation of Atlantis sinks beneath the waves. Science and/or magic provides a means of transformation that grants the Atlanteans a chance for survival. The resultant new species of humanity may have been the first recognized breed of mutant or metamutant. This event is not supported by published material, but is implied from the existence of Atlantis and various references from Amalgam Comics, Marvel Comics, DC Comics, legend, and mythology. Still, it is conceivable that the City of Atlantis that the Mariner calls home was originally built on the floor of the Atlantic Ocean. [JLX #1, APR 1996]

c. 1275 BCE --

Superman (of Earth 1) travels, via a mysterious whirlpool found in the Middle East, to the ancient past of an amalgamated timeline in which the Giant Hercules is struck down by a rock slung at him by Jason. Superman later helps this Goliath-Hercules, who is apparently weakened by a piece of Red Kryptonite (which has no effect on the visiting Superman), complete 3 of the 6 Labors he must perform. They travel to the Nemean Valley and defeat the Invulnerable Lion, then visit Lake Stymphalis where Superman creates a fake Stymphalian Bird for Hercules to defeat, and finally tackle the Cavern Caterpillar. By this time Hercules fully recovers from the Red Kryptonite, and Superman returns to Earth 1 by means of lightning and the dimension-warping whirlpool. While there is no evidence to suggest that this event takes place in the Amalgam Universe, it clearly involves a world that consists of combination characters, in this case figures taken from myth and legend, and there is seemingly nothing contradictory about its inclusion in this timeline. [ACTION COMICS #308 (DC), JAN 1964]

c. 1270 BCE --

The Amazon race is sent to the island of Themyscira in the area known as the Bermuda triangle, to protect them from the influences of patriarchal society. Date approximated from DC references. [AMAZONS #1, APR 1996]

DARK AGES (360 - 767)

c. 400 --

The tale of Sigurd (The Völsunga Saga) is told by the Norse.  [THE RING OF THE NIBELUNG #1 (DC), 1989] [THE MIGHTY THOR #300 (MARVEL)]  See Appendix 8 for more details

c. 500 --

The Age of Camelot in England: Time of King Arthur, Merlin, and the Atomic Black Knight. Note that although it cannot be determined that either the Atomic Black Knight or Merlin (who have appeared in Amalgam Comics) actually came from this era, their names imply that they were at least inspired by the figures of legend, so it is still appropriate to claim that such figures existed. [SPEED DEMON #1, JUN 1996] [EXCITING X-PATROL #1, JUN 1997]

c. 700 --

Thanoseid becomes ruler of Apokolips. It is unknown whether Mephisto opposed or supported his ascension to power. Date based on similar event in DC Continuity.  [X-PATROL #1, APR 1996]

Beowulf slays the Grendel and his mother.  [BEOWULF #1 (DC), 1975] [CAPTAIN MARVEL (vol III) #?? (MARVEL), 2001]  See Appendix 8 for more details

Thanoseid's mother orders him to assassinate his wife, the Enchanted Tigra, in order to pursue the favors of Mistress Death. Thanoseid transforms her into a stone statue and abandons her out on the plains of Yggdrasill. Date based on similar event in DC Continuity. [THORION OF THE NEW ASGODS #1, JUN 1997] [BULLETS AND BRACELETS #1, APR 1996]

c. 800 --

Thanoseid becomes obsessed with order and seeks to impose ultimate order upon the universe. His compulsion will soon lead him on a quest for the Ultimate Anti-Life Nullifier. Date based on similar event in DC Continuity. [BULLETS AND BRACELETS #1, APR 1996][AMALGAM TRADING CARD #87]

MIDDLE AGES (1066 - 1291)

c. 1190 --

In England, Robert Fitzooth, Earl of Huntingdon, becomes the outlaw Robin Hood.  He and his men hide in Sherwood Forest, stealing from the corrupt rich and giving their spoils to the downtrodden poor.  [YOUNG ALLIES #7 (TIMELY), 1943] [ROBIN HOOD TALES #1 (QUALITY), FEB 1956]  See Appendix 8 for more details

1542 --

The City of Metropolis is founded. Date based on DC Continuity. [SUPER SOLDIER #1, APR 1996]

1624 --

The City of New York is founded.

1635 --

The City of New Gotham is founded. Date based on DC Continuity. Note that it is assumed here that the Gotham City often mentioned in Amalgam Comics is the same city as New Gotham. [LEGENDS OF THE DARK CLAW #1, APR 1996] [ASSASSINS #1, APR 1996]

c. 1690 --

Orion, son of Thanoseid, is born on Apokolips. Date based on similar event in DC Continuity. [THORION AND THE NEW ASGODS #1, JUN 1997]

c. 1700 --

Scott Free, son of Odin, is born on New Genesis. Date based on similar event in DC Continuity. [THORION AND THE NEW ASGODS #1, JUN 1997]

The First Pact between New Asgard and Apokolips is forged by Highfather Odin and Thanoseid. It is sealed with the exchange of the two leader's offspring; with Orion to be raised on New Asgard, and Scott Free to be raised on Apokolips. Although this trade did take place, it is unknown whether it was part of a pact, as the only recorded pact between Odin and Thanoseid involved the exchange of L'Ok D'Sadd for Mjolnir. Date based on similar event in DC Continuity. [THORION AND THE NEW ASGODS #1, JUN 1997]


1818 --

Victor Frankenstein brings his monster to life.  [BLONDE PHANTOM #14 (TIMELY), SUMMER 1947] [PHANTOM STRANGER #23 (DC), 1969]  See Appendix 8 for more details

1826 --

Daily Planet newspaper founded in Metropolis. Date based on DCU. [SUPER SOLDIER #1, APR 1996]

1837 - 1901 – VICTORIAN AGE


c. 1850 --

Young Jono Hex moves to the town of Humanity with his parents. When his mother has complications in labor, the townsfolk refuse to help, and both she and her unborn daughter die. Shortly afterwards, The Hex family's house is torched, killing Jono's father. Jono Hex flees. Dates based on DC Universe counterpart. [GENERATION HEX #1, JUN 1997]

c. 1860 --

Madame Banshee gives birth to Thunderhawk's daughter, Thunderchick. [GENERATION HEX #1, JUN 1997]

1861 - 1865 -- AMERICAN CIVIL WAR

Aurora and her brother Jean-Paul, known as the Trigger Twins, join the Canadian outlaw gang called the Alpha Outsiders. [GENERATION HEX #1, JUN 1997]

1867 --

Captain Nemo and the crew of the Nautilus travel twenty thousand leagues under the sea.  [MARVEL CLASSIC COMICS #4 (MARVEL), 1973] [YOUNG ALL-STARS #16 (DC), 1988]  See Appendix 8 for more details

c. 1870 --

John Carter is transported to the planet Mars.  [TARZAN OF THE APES #207 (DC), APR 1972] [JOHN CARTER, WARLORD OF MARS #1 (MARVEL), 1977]  See Appendix 8 for more details

Aurora of the Trigger Twins abandons her brother and team, believing she is a bounty hunter called Cinnamon. [GENERATION HEX #1, JUN 1997]

Pow Wow Boom Boom Smith and Loose Cannonball help start the New Western Malform Force. [GENERATION HEX #1, JUN 1997]

The Hexions, a group of malforms who 'entertain the gentlemen' under the guise of a finishing school led by Madame Banshee, are attacked. Nearly all the Hexions perish. [GENERATION HEX #1, JUN 1997]

The Alpha Outsiders disband. The Trigger Twins leave Canada. [GENERATION HEX #1, JUN 1997]

Apollo and Firebird, members of JLX, travel back in time from the Modern Age of heroes to the Malformed West and encounter Ra's A-Pocalypse. This event will one day lead to the AGE OF RA'S A-POCALYPSE. It is hypothesized that Ra's A-Pocalypse emerged from his Lazarus Pit as Warlord Ghul, and adopted his new name, which roughly translates at 'The Hand of Disaster', to fit his intended role as an evolutionary catalyst. [GENERATION HEX #1, JUN 1997]

Jono Hex organizes fellow malforms Madame Banshee, Skinhunter, Johnny Random, and the Trigger Twins into Generation Hex. [GENERATION HEX #1, JUN 1997]

Skinhunter tears through Thunderhawk. [GENERATION HEX #1, JUN 1997]

Generation Hex defeats the energy-absorbing M-Parasiteplate. [GENERATION HEX #1, JUN 1997]

Nightgate teleports Retribution into the Generation Hex camp. Jono accepts the malform Blackfoot Indian into his gang. [GENERATION HEX #1, JUN 1997]

Generation Hex, consisting of the malform outlaws Jono Hex, Madame Banshee, Johnny Random, Skinhunter, White Whip, Retribution, and the Trigger Twins, hold up the mail train from Tombstone that is supposed to be carrying the 7th Cavalry's wages, and are ambushed by Marshal Bat Trask's robotic Razormen. [GENERATION HEX #1, JUN 1997]

Jono Hex tricks the Razormen into destroying the town of Humanity. [GENERATION HEX #1, JUN 1997]

Kultron, murderous android from the future, arrives from 1997 intent on exterminating all malforms in order to prevent their metamutant descendants from ever being born. [GENERATION HEX #1, JUN 1997]

El Papamondo joins Generation Hex. [GENERATION HEX #1, JUN 1997]

The surviving Hexions, now calling themselves Hellions, attack Generation Hex, blaming Madame Banshee for not trying hard enough to save them. One of the Generation Hex gang does not survive the reunion. [GENERATION HEX #1, JUN 1997]

Generation Hex battles the unstoppable Shaggynaut and Black Tom Savage, Madame Banshee's great-great-grandfather. [GENERATION HEX #1, JUN 1997]

Apollo and Firebird return to the Old West and encounter Generation Hex. Firebird discovers that one of the outlaw malforms is her ancestor. [GENERATION HEX #1, JUN 1997]

1887 --

Consulting Detective Sherlock Holmes has his first recorded case in London, England.  [SUPER DETECTIVE LIBRARY #65 (AMALGAMATED PRESS), 1955] [SHERLOCK HOLMES #1 (DC), 1975] [MARVEL PREVIEW #5 (MARVEL), 1976]  See Appendix 8 for more details

1897 --

Vladimir Dracula comes to England from Transylvania.  [TOMB OF DRACULA #1 (MARVEL), 1972] [SUPERMAN #344 (DC)]  See Appendix 8 for more details

1897 --

Martians invade Earth.  [AMAZING ADVENTURES #18 (MARVEL), 1973] [SUPERMAN: WAR OF THE WORLDS (DC), 1998]  See Appendix 8 for more details






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