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-Shakti the eternal mother





-Sadhna-some facts-

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- Universe a Tantrik view


- The Three Gunas


- Sadhna of Humanity




- Anhad Naad


Shakti Temples of North India




As per Tantraa philosophy there are eight bondages/chains which bind soul to the Maya. These bondages are Ghrina (Hate), Lajjaa (Shame), Bhaya (Fear, shankaa(Doubt), Jugupsaa(censure/reproach), Kula (caste), Jaati(creed) and Sheela (Modesty). Any consciousness which is bound by these 8 bondages is called Jiva (Individual soul) and the consciousness who is free from all these chains is called Sadashiva (Universal consciousness - Free soul/God).

In Chapter 8 of Durga Saptshati, when Demons Chanda and Munda died, Shumbha the demon king becomes angry and ordered his army to start attacking. He cries ," O demons, I order all armies of Asuras alongwith 86 Udyudhas, 84 Kambus, 50 Kotiviryas, 100 Dhomras, Kalakas, Dauhrids, Mauryas and Kalkeya demons to march for war.

Here Durga Saptshati reveals a great secret of Tantraa and that of Universe and Maya. Demon shumbha which represents our EGO names 8 types of demons to win over Good. These 8 types of demons in fact, signify the Ashtapasha which bind a person to Maya.

These 8 bondages have been reflected as 8 demon types in Saptshati and when Jiva invokes Mother Shakti, SHE fights these demons in us and breaks the bondages created by these Asuras and makes us free …a Sadashiva !!

The Chief demon Shumbha (depicting our Ego) is dependent on 8 demons to win the war and he would cease to be powerful when his army is killed. similarly Ego will cease to be once these 8 bondages are removed. Now let us look into details what these chains are.


1- Hatered : Hate is depicted by demon Udayudha. when Shumbha says 86 Udayudhas be ready, it tells us about the 86 types of hatered which aid our Ego and keeps us away from divinity. Hatered is a double edged sword. It not only forces us not to love someone it also nourishes our Ego telling it that it is better than the subject being hated. Ego can hate in 86 ways thus there are 86 Udayudha demons. Ten organs and Four Antakarnas, these fourteen generate hate towards four types of living beings (trees, reptiles/insects, animals and humans). Thus ego has total 56 types of hatered in waking state. In dream state, organs are missing hence 4 antahkarnas generate this hate for 4 types of living beings….and in dreamless state ego hates ten organs and 4 anthakarans thus all total making 86 types of hatered. These demons keep the ego satisfied and powerful. Mother shakti when evoked, kills these 86 hates and frees our Ego from one bondage called Hatered.

2- Lajjaa (Shame) : This bondage has been depicted by Kambu demons. Kambu is also a word for Conch signifying the animal who hides behind the hard shell to protect himself from others. Here Shame or hiding oneself from one's weakness and keeping away from others to save one's self-respect. This is also a sort of bondage on the soul. Soul hides itself beind 6 bodies and ten organs and four antahkarnas, hence making its number as 84. Here durga saptashati very bravely declares that these demons too are manifestations of Mother only when it sings (in 5th chapter)

Yaa Devi sarva Bhuteshu Lajjaa rupen sansthhitaa

Namastasaye namastasaye namstasaye namoh namah

(The Mother who manifests in all jiva as Lajja please accept my respects)


But to liberate ourselves into universal consciousness, this bondage has to be removed.


3- Bhaya (Fear ) : This third bondage is depicted by demon Kautivirya. Fear of death, feal of losing respect or nears and dears keeps the ego busy in Maya and hinders its way towards greater awareness. Durga Saptashati says Kautivirya is numbered 50. Ten organs and 5 koshas of body (Pls see my post 5 bodies of the soul in Saadhnaa club) are the place where fear is generated thus making the number 50 of Kautivirya demons.


4 - Shankaa (Doubt) : this fourth bondage is shown as Dhaumra demon. all the doubts arise due to distorted or false knowledge. Our 10 organs and 10 mahabhutas (earth, water, air, fire, ether - 5 in gross and 5 in subtle plane) are their solace hence Shumbha calls for 100 dhaumra demons to win the war.

Doubt keeps the ego busy thus keeping it entangled in Maya.

5- Jugupsa (censure/reproach): When due to false knowledge we see others as different from us, we censure others to prove us right. This too is treated as fifth bondage of the Soul. they are also of 100 types as in above para.

6- kula (caste): Dauhadri demon denotes proud of being related to one's birth. Even after listening to Brahma Gyana many times, this bondage of birth pride does not leave us. Only Mother's kindness can kill this demon and free us from this chain. they are also of 100 types.

7 - Jaati (creed): Demon Kalkeya denotes it. Due to false knowledge, Jiva is proud of his body being special (e.g. human body, white or black) This bondage is very powerful and no theroetical knowledge of God can remove this. Human souls is re-born again and again mainly due to this bondage. They are also of 100 types

8- sheela (Modesty). This bondage is denoted by demon Maurya. The modesty means Nature of Jiva, an idea Jiva makes about himself and the universe during the course of his many births. This bondage is also called Rudra-Granthi. Even after attaining the higher stages of spirituality, one is not free from this bondage and only removal of this bondage one is established into Advaita (union with god). An example of shri Ramakrishna paramhansa will further explain this bondage. When Guru Totapuri met paramhansa to teach him about Advaita, and asked him to sit in samadhi, shri Paramhansa saw Mother Kali only. then guru Totapuri ordered paramhansa to take an imaginary sword and cut the throat of Mother Kali…Paramhansa was so fond of Mother kali that he could not do it many times and finally when he did that, he was lost into Nirvikalpa samadhi a state of highest consciousness. So removal of this bondage is not easy. Only god or a god-sent guru can remove this final Bondage from Jiva.

without removing these 8 bondages, Jiva can not know his real self. People may try to do many types of sadhna, but these sadhnas sometimes further strengthen the bondages. We have to remember one thing there that Moksha and bondages both are in fact imaginary. Getting out of bondages, one would find that there was nothing called Moksha or bondage and one was already free.

then what is the way out to get ourselves free from these pashas? It is not easy to get rid of these Pashas. In B.Geeta Bhagwan Krishna says :-

Vishaya vinivartantey nirahaarasya dehina (The abstemious embodied self, of course, keeps off sensible objects, but not necessarily the relish for them.)

Is it easy to remove these 8 chains (divided into 720 types) so easily? What is the way out then? YES there is one way. complete surrender to the Mother. If we, like Paramhansa present our whole being to the Mother, we will see that these demons come forward and present themselves to the Mother for sacrifice on the altar of our Yajna of Bhakti and liberate our soul towards greater truths.

To begin with, we have first to leave our cunningness, selfishness and our false pride and surrender unconditionally to the Mother and request her to break our chains. Mother will not listen to our request if we first not purify ourselves . Lord Rama says in Ramcharitmanas.

Nirmal guni jan so mohi pawa

Mohi kapat chhal chhidra na bhava

pious and purifed souls reach me

Because I do not like cunningness, selfishness and pride


So let us begin today on the eve of Durga Ashtami with no prejudice…with no pride and with complete surrender…

Aum Krin Kalikaye namah


Hari Aum



Shakti the eternal mother


Salutations to the divine Mother who ixists in all beings in the form of intelligence, mercy and beauty. Salutations, O sweet Mother the consort of Lord shiva! O Mother Parvati! you are Lakshmi. You are Saraswati. You are Kali, Durga and Kundalini. You are the embodiment of all power. You are Para Shakti. You are in the form of all objects. You are the sole refuge for all. You have enchanted the world. The whole universe is the play of your three gunas. How can I praise you O Mother ? Your glory is indescribable. Your splendour is ineffable. Protect me. Guide me, O loving Mother.

O Adorable Mother! You have generated this great illusion by which all people walk deluded in this world. all sciences have come from You. Without your grace no one can get success in spiritual sadhna and salvation in the end. You are the seed for this world. You have two aspects, viz. the unmanifested aspect or Avyaktam and the manifested aspect or the gross universe. The whole world gets dissolved in Avyaktam during Pralaya. Give me the divine eye. Let me behold your real majestic form. Help me to cross over this illusion, O Kind Mother !!

O Compassionate Mother! I bow to you. You are my saviour. You are my goal. You are my goal. You are my sole support. You are my guide and removere of all afflictions, troubles and miseries. You are the embodiment of auspiciousness. You pervade the whole universe. The whole universe is filled with you. You are the storehouse of all qualities. Please protect me I salute you again and again O Mother. O Glorious Mother ! all women are your parts. Mind, ego, intellect, body, prana and senses are your forms only. You are electricity, magnetism, force, energy, power and will. All forms are your forms only. You are Para and Apara Prakriti. Reveal to me the mystery of creation. Bestow on me the divine knowledge.

O Loving Mother ! You are the primal energy. You have two aspects, the terrible and the peaceful. You are modesty, gentleness, shyness, generosity, courage, forbearance and patience. You are faith in the heart of devotees and nobility in noble people, chivalry in warriours and ferocity in tigers. Give me strength to control the mind and the indriyas. Make me worthy to dwell in you. salutations to you O Mother !







Your guess is right Uma ! the way of chanting signifies the matra or pada of AUM (or any mantra that way). Jyotishiji also mentioned this aspect but he used more known words like Upansu, Mansik Vachik sort of Japa.

To elaborate the sound aspects in short , as per Nada-Anusandhana Pure consciousness, Thought, Form and Sound are manfestation of One supreme consciousness. Like Ice, Snow, Clouds, steam are all different aspects of water. Pure consciousness is changed into pure vibrational energy, which is changed into Thought Form and then to Form and finally to the most gross aspect Sound. To explain further:-

Vaikhari : Is the spoken word which comes out of mouth. It is at the lowest level of the sound spectrum of the consciousness. This is very confusing stage and is different for all animals and in humans it is based on culture. A chinese will not understand what Indian is speaking. Even a Punjabi will not understand whether a Tamil is abusing him or praising him. At Vaikhari stage our sound is not subtle and has very poor effect on the psychic system. As Mohanan asked about the power of words of some people, it is basically the power behind the Vaikhari which affects. Words themselves have not greater effect but they are the beginning stage and one has to start from Vaikhari stage, for any Mantra. When we speak of First Matra of a Mantra, it implies that the Mantra is spoken by the tongue in audible sound. AUM when spoken aloud, it is thus spoken in First Matra (A) and it is beneficial for the physical plane. Any Gristha if chants AUM with Vaikhari, it will bring him peace and happiness and harmony in domestic life. BUT continuous chanting of AUM in Vaikhari (normally 300,000 chants) automatically takes one to the next stage(pada) i.e. Madhyama.. Chanting of Aum in first Matra fixes one into Dhyana. Vaikhari has two states loud japa and whispering japa.

Madhyama : Second Pada/Matra/state denotes the Astral world. Before we speak a word, our thought is translated into the language known to us by the mind. If we notice carefully, each time we speak something, we first pronounce that word in our mind. Try speaking a language a little known to you, and you will notice clearly, how we first make a sentence slowly in mind and then we speak it out. The stage where Mind transforms the Thought energy into a form and into a language is called Madhyama. Madhyama is subtler than Vaikhari and is more powerful obviously. If we chant Aum by mental repetition, it will be japa of second Matra/pada (U) and will lead to realisation of God (Here God means the consciousness that is egoist about his presence as the Master of the Universe, its creator operator and destructor). A Japa of minimum 150,000 of any Mantra in Madhyama or second matra will automatically take one to Pashyanti stage. chanting of Aum in second Matra fixes one into Dharnaa. Madhyama has two states….chanting Mantra mentally and then thinking of Mantra without chanting it mentally.

Pashyanti : The third stage is Where we have pure thought without any Form or language. At this stage we think of attributes without any form or name. It is not easy to define this state, as it can be felt only. LOVE is the only known thing to us, which is clearly felt at this stage without any reason, without any logic and without any words. This is a telepathic state and at this stage all minds of the word unite, be it God, gods, humans or animals. The Yogis who send their thoughts to others or who control other's brain work from this state of sound. When a Mantra is chanted at this stage, we do not repeat the Mantra but think over the qualities of the deity. In this stage AUM is not pronounced but thought of only. This is a very powerful stage and is linked with the causul world. If any Mantra is repeated in Pashyanti or in third Matra, it leads to realisation of the causal world or God as Ardhanarishwara (a combination of consciousness and Shakti). It is at this state that Universe is felt as Maya and unreal.. About 100,000 chants in Pashyanti will take one to Para state. Chanting of Mantra in this state fixes one into Savikalapa Samadhi.

Para: this is undefined state of sound. It is here where Thought is transformed into pure consciousness without any form,name, attributes . This fixes one into Nirvikalapa Samadhi or the highest state.

I am too ignorant to write anything about this stage.

(This explanation is imperfect in many aspects and I am sure those who understand Nada-anusandhana will point out gently the shortcomings of the post)





Yes Uma you are very right. Sound Energy has a great effect on us both physically and pschologically. In our Hindu philosophy chanting of Mantra has been designed in such a manner as to take maximum benefit from the sound energy.

In our Secondary school science experiments we have seen the gross affects of sound. If Iron fillings or fine granules of sand, are exposed to rhythmatic sound notes they settle into strange patterns and these patterns are dependent upon the pitch, frrequency and volume of the sound. We had seen the strange effect of sound in our Tuning Fork experiments where a tuning fork ( a U shaped alloy) is vibrated and we see that the other Tuning fork which is away and not connected with this fork, starts vibrating on the same frequency of sound !

While crossing bridges Army is asked not to March in rhythm because it was found that if Military marched in rhythem, the bridge would collapse with the energy of the sound. If two sound waves of same frequency in ultlra sonics , are focussed on a glass pane, it will shatter into pieces. Sound is not only used in entertainment, its power is now freely being used in detecting objects (like in sonar etc).

On a psychic leves too, sound has miraculous qualities. Our chakras vibrate on certain notes but due to our detractions, karma, desires etc, their resonance is disturbed. Chanting of Mantra not only have physical effects on the body, but it also helps in re-establishing the original vibration of the chakra. When many people are chanting togather, like in tuning fork, all persons are affected by the chanting . There is no other forceful method to calm and concentrate the mind than chanting any Mantra in group.

We might have seen many people weeping or crying during Mantra chanting. This is not a hypocrity or mental imbalance. when so many people chant the Mantra, it affects the heart chakra the most and any stale emotional energies stuck up there, come out and are destroyed in form of weeping or crying.

some people feel trembling of the body in Chanting. This is also due to release of Prana energy from Kundalini due to the forceful vibrations of the sound of Mantra.

Hope many of our friends had some feelings/effects of Mantra chanting and would share

Hari Aum





When Tantriks say the whole world is a manifestation of Shakti ( conscious energy) or when Vedanti say whole universe is Maya (illusion), we can not just dismiss their claims. If we go scientifically we will find how big a truth they are revealing.

Let us see first what the science has to say about Universe. Science which was prejudiced earlier due to christian beliefs and Greek philosophies, treated matter as dead building blocks. Finally they found that all matter in the Universe is made of atoms. The Atoms were further pierced and it was found that each atom is made of Electrons, protons and neutrons. Protons(having positive electrical charge) and neutrons(having no electric charge) making the core of the atoms and the electrons (having negative charge) encircle around the core.

So what is the basis of matter----it is atom. and what is an Atom---an arrangement of electrons and protons. An atom is basically a negative charge of electricity encircling a positive charge that's all. There is no solid thing called matter. When energy condenses to form electrons/protons, we are introduced to matter. Hence there is nothing called a matter in absolute terms. Energy behaving in a specific manner is taken as matter by us. Is it not similar to what Tantriks and vedantin say ?

The Energy is found in two forms Static and Kinetic. A water reservoir upside hill is full of static energy because when it is made to fall down the hill, it exerts energy which can be utilised to generate electricity. In kinetic form the energy is always working….when it is in Moving condition, when it is in vibrating condition. And if we see carefully the energy is always in kinetic form, as static is a relative term. There is nothing in the universe which is not in motion.

Our good earth on which we think we are resting without movement, we are experiencing numerous motions some outward and some inward. The outward motions are

1- Earth's tilted axis is moving, completing its one circle in 26,0000 years (thus bringing ice-age)

2- earth is moving around its own axis completing one circle in about 24 hours which we experience as day and night.

3- earth is moving around Sun completing one circle in 365.25 days which we experience as one year.

4- The sun alongwith its planets, is moving around the center of our Galaxy and may take millions of years to complete one rotation.

5- Sun and its planets, alongwith all the matter in our galaxy are moving away from the centre of Universe in an expanding way.

6-. Whole universal system is encircling around the centre of the big bang.

Out of these 6 movements, we experience none, we, at the most, guess about 2 motions, through day and night and change of seasons.

Now let us see our resting body. Even when we are at rest our blood circulates, our respirations continues, thousands of messages are delivered by our nervous system between various parts of the body and brain.

Our whole body is made up of molecules which are in constant motion. Molecules are made of atoms. Electrons are encircling around protons at fierce speed (a little less than speed of light).

Further the electrons are nothing but some photons encircling at a speed more than that of light. When an electron is broken, it emits photons which we see as light.

Such tremendous motions in our so-called resting body, so many movements and so many energies working !!!

What is light ? We do not know Scientists do not know. What we know as light is the reaction of our brain to the vibration of photons falling on our retina. Our mind has given it a name LIGHT.

What is sound ? We do not know. scientists do not know. What we know as sound is the reaction of our mind to the vibrations falling on our ear-drums.

What is heat ? nobody knows….what we conceive as heat is the reaction of our brain of the vibrations of energy felt by our skin.

Different type of energies come to our body with different wavelengths and frequencies and our mind reacts to them…..and we give a name to that reaction.

when we are travelling in a train and find another train passing by..can we read the signboard on that train ….NO

So our mind is continually vibrating and so are all the things in the Universe…..a vibrating organ receives some signals from other vibrating energies and makes an incomplete and distorted idea about the reaction of both the vibrations..which are known as sound, light, heat, electricity and the whole universe around us.

If our mind does not react to a sound…..the sound has no meaning

If our mind does not react to light ….the light has no absolute status

If our mind does not react to thoughts….the thoughts are dead


There is only one thing in this Universe which is not vibrating….which is not reacting to any of the energies….which is not drawing conclusions….it is the pure consciousness which is only a spectator of the phenomenon….this pure-consciousness is our true-self.




What ever meditation we do, it finally leads to awakening of Kundalini. Awakening of Kundalini is eternal truth and it may happen irrespective of the religion/path/sect. Even a Scientist, singer or leader may have Kundalini Jagran without any proper religious meditation. Whereas the Raj Yogi, Kriya Yogi and Tantrik awaken the Kundalini by direct means in which the Kundalini awakens suddenly and their guru is there to look after the results, Karma Yogi, Bhakta and Mantra yogi awaken the Kundalini very slowly and in the safest way.

There are some pre-conditions for Kundalini to awaken viz.

1- Opening of Sushumna Path

2- Clearing of chakras

3- Vrittis and desires under control

4- Sexual urges under complete control

5- normal mental and physical health.

If any of the above pre-conditions is not fulfilled and Kundalini awakens (due to some forceful measure or by last birth's sadhana) , it leads to disasters. Mental imbalance, uncontrolled and incurable disease, or even sudden death are the results of such pre-mature awakening of Kundalini.

So before we go for any of the meditation to awaken Kundalini, we must first ensure that the 5 conditions above are fulfilled otherwise we may be doomed. While Raja/Hatha yogis and Tantriks first do the cleansing of chakras etc. before going for the Kundalini Kriyas, Bhakta and other smooth paths slowly clean the chakras of the Tamoguna present.

In a common person the lower end of Sushumna is closed. It means whatever energy is released by Kundalini in normal course travels either via Ida or Pingala Nadis and is used for wordly purposes. By constant meditation, Sushumna is opened and the energy flow of Kundalini passes from the centres of the chakras and by this process, the negative energies present in the chakras are purified. Hence for sometime the energy released by Kundalini is used in cleaning the chakras and we do not normaly become aware of the process. But there are some symptoms which indicate that the Kundalini is releasing pure energies into Sushumna and cleaning the chakras. These symptoms are visible in all the paths of meditation. In some paths the process is very quick, hardly noticeable and in some milder paths, the symptoms are so clear that one may clearly point out which chakra is being worked out.

Some times the Kundalini release the energy current suddenly and this can be noticed by the following symptoms :-

During your meditation you may notice

1 - sudden trembling of body

2 - sweating even in cold weather

3 - A flash like feeling in the spine

4 - A feeling in the spine, as if ants are marching up the spine

5- Feeling of suddenly flying into air with disorientation

6 - A big jerk in arm, legs or in whole body

7 - Sensation of tingling all over body

8 - Sudden outburst of weeping or laughing without any reason

9 - Tingling in skull which is dancing in a circle

10 - Sudden blast of blaze before the eyes, of snow-white light or pink/yellow ball of


11- discharge from genitals/excretion - this symptom is seen if one is not pure enough to

awaken the Kundalini.


When these symptoms are felt, one should be thankful to God, Guru and one's sadhna because they indicate Kundalini is activated and is emitting pure energy into the Sushumna. Though these are not symptoms of Kundalini going up the sushuman yet they indicate the activation has started. Some other symptoms which notify that the energy is purfying the chakara are as follows :-

1 - We may feel slow change in eating habits. If one likes sweets, he may switch over to salty things. Similarly if one is very fond of a particular dish, he may develop a distaste for it.

2 - One may feel that the sleeping hours are reducing. This reduction may be from 1 hour to 3/4 hours. Sudden awakenings in the early hours of morning will be noticed. One may start waking up at 2 a.m. or 3 a.m. without any reason. On awakening one may feel energised or extremely happy. This indicates progress.

3 - One will start hating being in crowded places. He may avoid company of those who speak or discuss too much. There will be a general distaste towards films, magazines etc.

4 - Quantity of urine, sweat etc. will be reduced drastically and there will be no bad smell in the body.

5 - Moments before sleep, one may see bright light before the closed eyes. This light may remain from 1 second to many minutes.

6 - You may slowly discover some of your old friends are leaving you without any reason, and some new one are coming into your life. Years old relations and friendships will come to illogical and abruptive ends. There is not need to correct your behaviour. Since your mind is now transmitting different set of vibrations your oldies may not resonate with them and may be leaving you. Do not try to persuade them to come back.

7 - One may feel sudden money loses and short illnesses too. when the negative energy of a chakra is neutralised, it vanishes by giving some losses. We should not lose heart as the small money loss or little health problem, is in fact a great mishap reduced to this little size.

8 - Sexual desires and Anger flare up in the beginning days of Chakra cleaning. If one is not careful enough to control, the Kundalini may sleep (?) again and one may go back to even lower position from the one he started from.

9 - If you do not dream or do not remember dreams, then there will be a great change. One will not only see more dreams, but will remember them well too.

10 - The dreams in the beginning of this process may be horrible. One may see himself being chased by demons, or burning in fire or drowing, or being killed or injured. The traditional meanings of dreams will not work here. All these dreams are in fact a signal from the sub-conscious about the cleaning of negative energies from Chakras.

11- The later dreams after the spell of horrible ones may be soothing. Normally one may dream of floating in the air, meeting great souls, or listening to mysterious sounds or music. This denotes the negative energies have been nullified and now positive energies are at work.

12 - Voice will become soft and deep. One may even be surprise to hear one's own voice. One may also listen some strange voices during meditation. These may be like flute, or thunderstorm, or drums. They also denote progress.


There are many symptoms. In fact they depend from person to person but some of those mentioned above are in very general form and one may notice them with a little variation. Only thing is that we SEE and Analyze carefully. Now we will see how we can recognise that which particular chakra is being cleaned of negative energies and is being activated by Kundalini.



1- Regularity of time, place and practice are the most important, Regularity conditions, the mind to slow down its activities with a minimum of delay. It is difficult to focus the mind, which wants to jumps about as soon as you sit dor concentration. Just as a conditioned reflex is a response to established external stimuli, so the mind will settle down more quickly when time and place are established.

2- The most effective times are dawn and dusk, when the atmosphere is charged with special spiritual force. The preferred time is Brahmamuhurata, the hours between four and six am . In these quiet hours after sleep, the mind is clear and unruffled by activities of the day. Refreshed and free of wordly concernes, it can be molded more easily; concentration will without effort. If it is not feasible to sit for meditation at this time, choose an hour when you are not involved with daily activities and the mind is apt to be calm. Regulalrity is the most important consideration.

3- Try to have a separate room for meditation. If this is impossible, screen off a portion of a room; do not allow others to enter it. The area should be used only for meditation, and should be kept free from other vibrations and associations. Incense should be burned morning and evening. The focal point of the room should be a picture or image of the chosen deity or insipirational figure, with the meditation mat placed before it. As meditation is repeated, the powerful vibrations set up will be lodged in the room. In six months the peace and purity of the atmosphere will be felt; it will have a magnetic aura. In times of stress you can sit in the room, do repetition of mantra for half an hour, and experience comfort and relief.

4- When sitting, face north or east in order to take advantage of favorable magnetic vibrations. Sin a comfortable steady posture, with spine and neck held erect but not tense. This helps to steady the mind and encourages concentrations. The psychic current must be able to tralve unimpeded from the base of the spine to the top of the head. It is not necessary to place the legs in padmasana, the classic lotus posture. Any comfortable cross-legged posture provides a firm base for the body. It makes a triangular path for the flow of energy, which must be contained rather than dispersed in all directions. Metabolism, brain waves and breathing, will slow down as concentraion deepens.

5- Before beginning, command the mind to be quiet for a specific length of time. Forget the past, present and future.

6- consciously, regulate the breath. Begin with five minutes of deep abdominal breathing to bring oxygen to the brain. Then slow it to an impreceptible rate.

7- Keep the breathing rhythmic. Inhale for three seconds, and exhale for three seconds. Regulation of breath also regulates the flow of prana, the vital energy. If a Mantra is being used, it should be coordinated with the breathing.

8- Allow the mind to wander at first. It will jump around, but will eventually become concentrated, along with the concentration of prana.

9- Do not force the mind to be still. This would set into motion additional brain waves, hindering meditation. If the mind persists in wandering, simply disassociate from it, and watch it, objectively as though you were watching a movie. It will gradually slow down.

10- Select a focal point on which the mind may rest. For those who are predominantly intellectual, the object at focus should be visualized in the space between the eyebrows. For those who are more emotional, it should be visualized in the heart plexus. Never change this focal point.

11- Focus on a neutral or uplifting object or symbol, holding the image to the place of concentration. If using a Mantra, repeat it mentally, and coordinate the repetition with the breathing. If you do not have a personal Mantra AUM may be used. Although mental repetion is stronger, the Mantra may be repeated aloud if one becomes drowsy. Never change the Mantra.

12- Repetition will lead to pure thought, in which sound vibration merges with thought vibration, and there is no awareness of meaning. Vocal repetition progresses through mental repetition to telepathic language and from there to pure thought. This is a subtle state of transcendental bliss with duality, where there remains awareness of subject and object.

13- With practice, duality disappears and samadhi, the superconscious state is reached. Do not become impatienty, as this takes a long time.

14- In samadhi one rests in a state of bliss in which the knower, knowledge and known become One. This is the superconscious state reached by mystics of all faiths and persuations.

15- Begin the practice of meditation with twenty minute periods and increase to one hour. If the body is overcome by jerking or tremors control them and keep the energy internilized.




Excerpts from the keynote address of Dr.Fritjof Capra famous physicist and author of "Tao of Physics" ,delivered at the Los Angeles Symposium on Physics and Metaphysics on Oct 29 1977.

What is the nature and origin of the Universe ? What is the nature of human existence? What is matter made of ? What is the relation between spirit and matter ? What is space ? What is time ? Throughout the ages men and women have been fascinated by these questions. Different approaches have been developed in different cultural contexts and at different times.

Artists scientists, shamans, mystics - all have their own way of describing, both verbally and non-verbally, the world. We shall focus mainly on two approaches. We shall look at modern Western science, on the one hand and Eastern mysticism -particularly the traditon of yoga - on the other. We shall see that they lead to very similar views of the world.

My field is physics, a science which in the 20th century, has led to a radical revision of many of our basic concepts of reality. For example, the concept of matter is very different in sub-atomic physics from the traditional idea of a material substance that was held in classical physics. The same is true of other concepts of reality such as space time, objects or cause and effect. Out of these changes in our concepts of reality, a new wold-view is emerging. This view turns out to be closely related to the views of mystics of all ages and traditions, particularly the religious philosophies of the Far East - Hinduism, Buddhism, Taoism.

In the Yoga tradition it is said that there are many paths, all leading to spiritual knowledge and self-realization. I believe that modern physics, to some extent, can be such a path. Its view of the universe is in harmony with those of the great yogis and sages. In that sense, I am going to talk of the Yoga of Physics.

Classical Western physics has its roots in the philosophy of the fifth century Greek Atomists, a philosophical school which saw matter as made up of basic building blocks called atoms. There were believed to be hard, solid, basically passive chunks of matter. This inert matter was said to be moved by external forces of a totally different nature and category, which was identified with the spiritual realm. In this way, a dichotomy was created which became characteristic of Western thinking in subsequent centuries. It gave rise to the dualism between spirit and matter, between the mind and the body.

In contrast to the mechanistic view of classical western science, the eastern view could be called an organic, holistic or ecological view. Things and phenomena are perceived as being different manifestations of the same reality. The division of the world into separate objects, though useful and practical on the everyday level, is seen as an illusion - May, as the Indians say.

To eastern mystics, objects have a fluid and ever-changing character. Change and transformation, flow and movement, play an essential role in their world-view. The cosmos is seen as one inseparable reality, forever in motion. It is alive, organic, spiritual and material at the same time. A very similar view is now emerging from modern physics.

In the 20th Century western scientists began probing the atom. They discovered that atoms were not hard and solid but consisted mainly of empty space. Each atom had a tiny nucleus made up of particles around which whirled other particles. At first, scientists decided that these sub-atomic particles must be the essential building blocks of matter. But they found that this was again wrong. This was shown in the 1920s when Quantum theory, the theoretical framework of atomic physics, was worked out.

Quantum Theory showed that the sub-atomic particles have no meaning as isolated entities, but can only be understood as interconnections between various agencies of observations and measurement. Particles are not things but interconnections between things; and these things are interconnections between other things, and so on.

Quantum Theory thus reveals a basic oneness of the universe. It shows that we cannot decompose the world into independently existing smallest units. As we penetate into mattter, nature does not show us any isolated basic building blocks, but rather appears as a complicatede web of relations between the various parts of a unified whole.

This network of relations, furthermore, is instrinsically dynamic. According to Quantum Theory, matter is never quiescent, but always in a state of motion. Macroscopically, the materials around us may seem dead and inert. But if you magnify a piece of metal or stone, you realize that it is full of activity.

Modern physics pictures matter, not as passive and inert, but as continuously dancing and vibrating. This is very much like the Eastern mystics; description of the world. Both emphasize that the universe has to be grasped dynamically. Its structiores are not static, rigid ones, but should be seen interms of dynamic equilibrium.

Physicists speak of the continuous dance of sub-atomic matter which goes on all the time. They have acutally used the words dance of creation and destruction or energy dance. This naturally comes to mind when you see some of the pictures of partiucls takn by physicisits in their bubble chambers.

Of course, physicists are not the only one talking about this cosmic dance. Perhaps the most beautiful example of this metaphor exists in Hinduism - the idea of the dancing Lord Shiva. Shiva is the personification of the cosmic dance. According to Indian tradition, all life is a rhythmic interplay of death and birth, of creation and destruction.

Indian artists have created beautiful pictures and statues of dancing Lord Shiva. These statues are visual images of the cosmic dance and so are the bubble chamber tracks photographed by modern physicists. They are a modern version of the dance of Shiva, obtained by using the most modern and advanced of our Western technological instruments. To me, the effect is as beautiful and as profound as the maginificent Hindu statues. In both cases, we are picturing an eternal dance of creation and destruction, which is the basis of all natural phenomena, the basis of all existence. Therefore, I have put the two together - here you have the Dance of shiva merging the 12th and 20th century versions. You can see that this image of the cosmic dance unifies, in a very beautiful way, ancient mythology, religious art, mystical insight and moder science.



Sadhna-some facts

The surest sign of a perfect and correct Sadhna (Meditation) is that after sadhna, one must feel energised, blissful and peacful. If this is not attained, it indicates some serious fault in one's sadhna. Also some people do sadhna with enthusiam and soon they leave it in between or switch over to another one. Why this happens, and what precautions should be taken before starting our sadhna. Let us discuss this.

The basic difference between a man and an animal is that an animal is driven by instincts and body needs whereas man is driven mainly by his Manas (Mind) and partly by body needs. Mind is sythesised of Rajoguna, the quality of action of Mother Nature, hence it has "Activity" as its main quality. Our mind needs action and when exposed to any new idea, it concentrates on it with full devotion but as is its nature of Rajoguna, it can not remain on anything for long and gets bored ealsily.

When a new sadhaka starts his sadhna, he is in full spirits. His mind is ready to start action immediately without waiting to analyse the path and its obstacles. A new sadhaka starts the path of meditation with zeal and having in mind the stories of Vivekananada, Yogananda, Ramana Maharishis and likes. His mind is ready to jump to sadhna keepin siddhis or enlightement as his goal. But a new sadhaka forgets that mind can not be tamed so easily.

A sadhaka then exerts pressure on Mind, which concentrates on the path happily but gets bored soon and starts brooding over other thoughts. At this stage some sadhaka leave the sadhna while others force the mind to concentrate. This forcing of mind is very dangerious exercise. Mind reacts to this force and starts bringing a flood of othere thoughts and completely destroys the sadhana. Sadhaka feels himself fallen from the path and becomes dejected and sad.

So those who wish to start on the sadhna path, must first understand the Mind. Mind loves new ideas and the moment it gets next new idea, be it good or bad it gets bored from the earlier one. Mind loves nothing. It only loves new thoughts, and new actions. It may leave the older good and may go for a new bad idea. What mind does daily, it loses interest in it. An idol of Krishna may bring tears to our eyes, but it has no effect on the priest who worships it daily in a mechanical way. The sweets which bring water to our mouth have no effect on the sweet-vendor.

Mind has to be tamed slowly. Give minimum acceptable time for sadhna. Keep a fix routine. The place and time for sadhna should be fixed and slowly Mind will know that it has to calm down at that moment. Increase the time of sadhna very slowly. Maths says if 10 man can complete the work in 2 days 20 men will finish it in one day. But this Maths is not known to Mind. We can not say that if we meditate for more hours a day, Mukti will be faster. It is possible that if we meditate for 5 hours, mind might have calmed only for 5 minutes, and these five minutes would be real Sadhna.

Mind should not be allured by new and great ideas in the beginning. No thoughts on Siddhis and Enlightenment or Moksha be used to tempt the mind. Change of environment may help in the beginning but it is not an advisable idea. My personal experience is that we should do sadhna in the present environment to which mind is well accostomed .

Next important thing is that a sadhaka should keep in mind that whatever is to be done, has to be done by him. Having high hopes that our Guru will give us Mukti or God will take us to the enlightenment may prove fatal to sadhna. Some sadhka take example of Vivekananda and think they will be given everything by guru as Paramhansa Ramakrishana gave to Vivekananada. These type of sadhaka keep changing gurus in the hope of getting a miraculous guru. We should remember that a real guru or Mahapurusha does not shower his blessings on a particular person. Even personal service by a disciple may not attract his guru to do Shakti Paat on him. The real Gurus do not do Kripa on a particular person. They are neither happy with one nor are angry with the other. They treat all as their own selves.

We have to attain a certain level of purity of mind and concentration before a Guru gives us further guidance. Gurus do not help lazy, duffers and impure persons.

A real guru sees through his disciples and gets a glimpse of their sadhna, their intensity of desire for God and the purity of their mind. The one who is worth will get Shakti Paat from guru. If there is an obstacle of old karma hindering such disciple's progress guru will remove it by his powers and he shines with wisdom like Vivekananada or Yogananda.

A Guru does not make reflectors. They remove the dirt from the surface of the reflector and it starts shining and spreading light all around.

So instead of waiting for a guru to come and rescue us, we should start with our sadhna , make ourselves pure and pious and increase our love for God. It is a well known fact that if we are pure, hardworking and the desire for truth has taken deep roots into our heart, a Guru is bound to be attracted to us and remove our remaining obstacles. Shri Tota Puri had travelled from Himalayas to Bengal to remove last obstacle of paramhansa and made him established in Nirvikalapa Samadhi. It was the greatness of Paramahansa which attracted Tota puri, his last guru.

The other important point is to avoid laziness. A dacoit may become a saint but a lazy will never be (example of Saint Valmiki who was a dacoit earlier). Laziness is Tamoguna and action is Rajoguna. Tamoguna can not be transformed into Sat directly. It has to pass through Raj first. So let the Tam not over power us in forms of laziness.

We should always make an equilibrium in every thing. shri Krishna has said in Gita -Yoga is not for those who eat too much or those who remain hungry neither for those who sleep too much or those who do not sleep well 6/16).

we should make an equilibrium in every thing. We should not speak too much, we should not work too hard, we should not love too dearly but also we should not hate , or be lazy. There should be a balance in our day to day jobs.

And the most important point is to remember that Sadhna is our whole life, our whole day, our whole being We can not be pure for the moments of Sadhna, and become an impure one for the rest of the time. Moral life is very essential for Sadhna. We have to be good human being first, before becoming good Sadhaka, or bhakta. Every work should be treated as a Yajana done for the supreme. Needy should be helped as Narayana, not as wretched poors. Feeling of kindness, or donation is sometimes a nourishment for ego. All good works should be done as act of duty not as a favour to an individual.

If our daily life is not pious, disciplined and sattvic, we can not progress on the path of Sadhna. Because whatever we do the whole day, whatever we think during the day, has a direct effect on our sadhna.

Hari Om



Questions and answers given by Swami Shivananda:


Q:Where can I find eternal happiness?

A: In your own Atman(soul) within.

Q: which is the most troublemsome organ?

A: tongue

Q: who is your best friend.

A: Satsanga or association with the wise.

Q: Who is your real father?

A: Your guru.

Q: which is the worst intoxicant?

A: Lust.

Q: which is the worst emotion?


Q: which is the best thing in this world?

A: Pain, because it is the eye-opener. it goads you to seek liberation.

Q: Who is the best man?

A: A kind-hearted and loving man.

Q:who is the worst man?

A: a selfish man.

Q: where is hell?

A: in the mind filled with jealousy, cookedness and hatred.

Q: where is the heatven?

A: in the heart filled with love, mercy and generosity.

Q: Who is the strongest?

A: He who practises Ahimsa, he who can bear insults and persecutions with a smiling face.

Q: who is the weakest man ?

A:An irritable man.

Q: Who is a beggar?

A: A man who has desires is a beggar.

Q: Why did the all-merciful God create pain this world ?

A: Pain is the only belssing in this world. It is an eye-opener. Man would never attempt to attain salvation if ther had not been any pain in the world .

Q: How can I know whether I have purity of mind or not ?

A: If you have vairagya(dispassion or indifference to sensual enjoyments) that is a sign of chitta suddhi or purity of mind. No sensual desires or vasnas will arise in the mind.

Q: What is the purpose of God creating the world ?

A: This is a transcendental question or Ati-Prashna. You will know the purpose when you attain self-realisation. The finite mind that is conditioned in time, space and causation cannot get an answer for a question that relates to transcendental matters.

Q: When I concentrate, so many thoughts arise in my mind. How can I avoid them? Can I suppress them?

Ans: Do not try to suppress them with force. The thoughts will manifest with redoubled force. They will rise up frequently also. You will tax your will and waste your energy. Be a slilent witness of these thoughts. Say upto yourself - I have no conern with these thoughts. Be indifferent. All useless wordly thooughts will die by themselves.

Q: How to prevent bad dreams ?

Ans: Study any religious book. Meditate for half an hour just before retiring to bed. You will have no bad dreams.

Q: What are the signs of a person who has no Ahamkara or ego?

Ans: He will not identify himself with his body. He will be free from pride, likes, dislikes, jealousy, anger and hypocrisy.

Q: Why does evil exist in the world ?

Ans: Change the angle of vision. All evils will dissappear. Evil is negative good. Evil exists to glorify good. It has a raison d’etre. What is good at one time is evil at another time. What is good at one time is evil at another time. What is good at one time is evil at another time. What is good for is evil for another. Understand this and become wise. Behold the one Atma in all forms and beings. Evil and good are mental creations. Transmute evil into good by Atma-drishit. There is some good in evil too.



Divine life is life in God or the Immortal soul. He who leads the divine life is free from cares, worries, anxieties, miseries, sufferings and tribulations. He attains immortality, perfection, freedom, independence, eternal peace, supreme bliss and perennial joy. He radiates joy, peace and light everywhere.

To lead the divine life, you need not retire into forests. You can lead the divine life while remaining in the world. What is wanted is renunciations of egoism, mineness, attachment, vasanas and trishnas. Give the mind to God the the hands to the service of humanity.

Serve humanity with Atma bhava. Serve the poor. Serve the sick with Narayana Bhava. Serve the society. serve the coutry. Selfless service is the highest yoga. Samadhi will come by itself without any effort for one, who is solely absorbed in service, when his heart is purified. Service is worship of the lord. He who sees Brahman or the immortal soul in the spoon, Brahman in the medicine, brahman in service, he who thinks or meditates thus, while doing service, veriliy reaches HIM.

The practice of Brahmacharya is very important for spiritual progress. Brahmcharya is the basis for acquiring immortality. It is itself divine life. Brahmacharya brings material progress and psychic advancement. It is a substratum for a life of peace in Atma. It gives tremendous energy and gigantic will-power and good thoughts.

Japa is an important anga of yoga or divine life. A Mantra is divinity. Japa is the repetition of the Mantra or the names of the lord. In kali Yuga, practice of Japa alone can give eternal peace, bliss and immortality. Japa ultimately results in Samadhi or communion with the lord.

It is not the number of japa or the length of time of kirtan that counts for spiritual growth but it is the intensity of bhava with which the Lord’s names are sung.



The scene becomes vivid before my eyes. shankryacharya, after defeating Budhhist Monks and fanatic Hindu priests goes to Kashmir to defeat Shkatas, the devotees of Mother Durga. A day before Shankaracharya gets stomach disorder and is down on the bed weak, and unable to move.

His disciples wait outside, worried how Acharaya will go for spiritual discussion. Shankracharya lying on the bed, thinks over the it too. He sees a girl of 10/12 years entering his room and asking," Why are you not going to defeat shaktas Acharya, surprised on her sudden entry, replies," I got stomach disorder and have no shakti to move even"

The girl smiles," Shakti ? do you have a shakti Acharya ?

"Yes" Acharya replies," Everyone has a shakti to work, to speak to live".

The girl was hypnotic," So this shakti of yours looks different from you, is it so ?"

Acharya," No this my shakti, my working force of manifestation, it is not different from me. It is my sankalpa which produces this shakti in me"

Girl," Beautiful ! Now if a common man has a shakti, why can't Brahm (God) have a shakti which looks different but remains his integrated part ?"

Shankrayacharya was surprised to listen this," But my theory of Advait Vedanta will not be contradicted by accepting Shakti ?"

The girl replied ," NO, your theory is supreme and is not contradicted. Shakti (durga) is not different from Brahm. When brahm is inactive he is Purusha when he becomes active he is called Shakti.

There were tears in Shankryacharya's eyes. He asked," Who are you little Mother ?"

The girl gave a hypnotic smile," I am that Shakti. I know my devotees here will not be able to contradict your powerful logics, hence I came myself to tell you the Truth"

Shankryacharya offered his Pranamas to Shakti and sang the Bhavani Srota (which I will present in next episode), and went back without discussing with shaktas

Brahm is inactive, unconcerned and away from kindness, love and bliss. It is Shakti which makes the Universe.

Those worshipping the Purusha, or Brahma as ZERO, as Void or as unattached entity will go nowhere. Until and unless we do not understand Shakti and worship it properly, Mukti is not possible.

Our soul is already free (Mukta), it is our shakti our lower and higher nature, which is presenting ourselves as a separate person. Shakti needs liberations. Shakti loves, shakti, manifests, shakti is Maya and shakti is the ego hooked in this Maya.

Higher manifestation of Shakti is trying to free the lower manifestation of herself, Nothing else is true

Jai Chamunda Devi

By Sanyasi




Prajana state: The condition of sleep is that during which neither does one desire anything nor does he see anything. Therefore, he who becomes manifest during sleep, and who, therefore, on account of the undistrubed state of knowledge and bliss, is said to be active, constitutes the third state of the Soul. Soul can not know its true nature in this state


Turiya (samadhi) state: when I am not consious in the wakeful state, when I am not conscious in dream state, when I am not conscious in dreamless sleep. When I am out of clutches of my organs,when i am away from logics of Mind, when I am away from the Thoughts, when I am away from Avidya, I am in turiya state, my natural state of being. Full of bliss, full of knowledge, full of light. I am in my enemies, I am in my friends I am in the relatives, i am in the strangers. I am the colors of the Rainbow, I am the light and heat of the sun and stars, I fly around like birds, I am the tormentor, the grief and the grieved. I am the emotion, I am the eye, and i am the tears. I am Avidya (ignorance), I am shiva and I am shakti. I am Krishna and I am Meera, My will power is making me ignorant and my will power will wake me up to the truth. Then what it is that is stopping me to become one with the Universe.


To worship various deities and to engage oneself in giving away wealth in charity, in doing penance and in the performance of sacrifices, are useful activities for the purification of mind, but are no substitute for the realization of SELF. Due to ignorance, there arises the false notion that there are three entities namely, the Jivatma(my individual soul), the Isvara (god) and Paramatama (Supreme Consciousness). The real wakefulness comes after forgetting names and forms and by realizing the underlying reality, namely the SELF which may be called Brahma, Parmatama,Krishna, God, ParamShiva, or any such name (these names are given only for the purpose of referring-they have no meaning otherwise) I am


Am I weak ? No I have the great cosmic energy (My own will power) waiting for my nod to change course of galaxies, but since I recognise myself with my feable limbs of this body, it make me feel weak. Am I Sad ? NO My very nature is bliss and ecstacy, but since I recognise myself with my smaller manifestation the present mind and its emotions that I look to be sad Am I in bondage ? No I am spread all over the Universe and beyond it but I see through the little window of this tiny ego and feel myself in bondage of this body. Electricity lights up a night bulb which gives dim light not even sufficient for reading. The same voltage when attached to an arc,produces great beam like daylight. Is it electricity which is weak in night bulb and strong in flood light ? The weak is the filament of the bulb not the power.My body which i falsely think as I is weak and feable, Not ME. Let me wake up to the Truth


It was well known that Bhaduri Mahasya had forsaken great family wealth in his early childhood, when single-mindedly he had entered the yogic path. One of his disciple one day said, Master you are wonderful! You have renounced riches and comforts to seek God and to teach us Wisdom." The saint's face held a mild rebuke," You are reversing the case! I have left a few paltry rupees, a few petty pleasures, for a cosmic empire of endless bliss. How then have I denied myself anything ? I know the joy of sharing the treasure. Is that a sacrifice. The shortsigthed wordly folk are verily the real renunciants!. They relinquish an unparalleled divine possession for a poor handful of earthly toys!" (from Autobiography of a Yogi) Are we not happy with a drop too, when the whole ocean of bliss is waiting for us ?


From infinity onwards, I had been playing this game. I allow my will power to divide into Vidya(knowledge) and Avidya(Ignorance). I allow avidya to use her tools of Ego, hatered, anger, greed, lust, desires to bind me into this small body, and then I allow Vidya to remind me of my pure self. This is my eternal play as knowing myself is my ecstasy, finding myself is my bliss!


Ancient sages of the east found my secrets and revealed my identity in Upanishadas. Some examples:-

"Ya Prithiviyam tishathhana, Prithiviya antaro yam....Ta Atmantarya bhaymrita" (Brahmsutra) The one who dwells in earth (matter) but is different from earth(matter). The one who is not known to the earth, but it is his body. The one who controls the earth, HE is your inner true self.

"Tada vyaktamaha hi"(Vedanta) Brahma is beyond all names and forms. HE is unmanifested pure consciousness.

"Shuddha Papaviddhama "-(Isha) HE is pure and untouched by sin.

"Satyam Gyanamananatam brumaha " (Taittriyo )Bramha is Pure Truth, Knowledge and Infinite "Tachchhubhram jyotisham jyoti " (Mandukyo) HE is the light of all lights

"Mahantam vibhumatmanam matwa dhhiro na shochati"(Katho) One who knows this great Soul transcends grief.

"Na Tatra ChakshurGachhati, na vaggachchhati....aviditadadhi"!( Keno)-- Eyes can not see HIM, voice can not rech him nor can mind grasp him. He transcends knowledge too.

"Nanyam gunebhaya kartaram....soadhigachchhati" (Gita) When man sees the three gunas as the doers of karma and when he knows the pure soul beyond Nature and its gunas, he gets me and My Paramtattawa (supreme consciousness) Let us get back our glory- let us wake up to the Truth



There is no "My soul" and "Your Soul". There is only one SOUL which is manifesting in different forms. The Science of Soul (also called Brahma Vidya, Advait Vedanta), is not for those who still think in terms of my body, my desires. It is very difficult to think the whole Universe as me, but who wishes to be a part of the crowd ? The blessed ones, the higher ones, the truthful ones decide to go on this path. To begin with, I may start from Dwait (duality). I may worship myself as all beings, all universe, keeping my identity as a sparkle of the great light. This is a safe way and does not lead to awakening of Asuras (demons) in us. When I will start seeing my friends, my enemies, my country-men, aliens, animals, earth, sun, stars all as the manifestation of Brahma,the manifestation of shiva, the manifestation of my trueself, then the question of hurting or harming others will not arise. If such a feeling arises, let me go back and start again and then start again, once the thread of truth is in my hands, it will take me to the great ocean of mortality, the great ocean of bliss, the great ocean of light and love Let us wake up to the Truth


Infatuation and grief, and by implication, pleasure and pain arise as motives and effects of good and bad deeds; and then as reactions of these, there arise again new desires and new motives for actions and for their fruits. These again will lead to grief or pleasure, and so on. To arrest this chain of motives, actions and effects, the remedy is to realize the unity of the True Self (Soul) even while one is bound by that chain. No doubt, one will necessarily engage himself in actions of one kind or the other, so long as he is alive. But if the actions will be disinterested even at the stage of motives, whatever fruit they will yield, will then neither make him too much dejected nor joyful.


I am not this body. I am not mind. I am not heart. I am not sub-conscious. These are my tools to manifest. My eyes do not show me the world. My presence forces eyes to see. My ears do not hear. My powers enable ears to listen I am not alive due to the breathing, Due to my consciousness in this body, the Prana (vital air) is bound to come to it as breathing. It is not heart-beating which is keeping me alive, My attachement forces heart to beat and keep body alive. I am the one who is witness to three states of consciousness (wakeful state, dream state, deep sleep state), the three bodies (physical body, astral body, causal body), and three Gunas (attributes). I am not in three states, I am not in three bodies, I am not in three gunas I transcend all of them. I am Soul, I am Brahma, I am Shiva, I am Purusha and the whole Universe is me. tat Twam Asi


I am living in a hypnotized self. I have hypnotized myself and made an idea about my personality that I am so and so related to so and so national of such and such country. The Forces of Jealousy, hatered, anger and greed have made a permanent abode in my mind and I react to every situation with the help of these lower emotions. I accept and act only on the information which is compatible with the present programming of my brain. I react fiercely to any idea, which is not in harmony with my brain and my intelligence. I treat myself, supreme (or unwanted), treat others with hate anger (or fears). I think my body and my brain is the best thing nature have ever made. I think I am the centre of the Universe. But I forget that the present set up of mind and body is nothing but a tiny power house before the great cosmic-energy of the Universe. Instead of recognising myself with that great cosmic energy, I am fighting with universe with the help of my feeble voltage of tiny mind, my tainted beliefs, my weak emotions and my small ego. I know I will not wake up till I think in the terms of my religion or your religion. I will not wake up till I have hatered towards human beings in the name of aparthied, in the name of Nationality or in disguise of Caste-system. Waking to the Truth is almost impossible when I am continually fighting life and the people around me. The moment I achieve the harmony with the environment, awakening will occur spontaneously. My Consciousness will start expanding and the happiness, the bliss, the ecstasy lying latent in the mind, will surface up. I will not be happy to satisfy my ego, but will be happy of my existence, my being. My fight, my anger and my hatered and greed and my lust are the chains which are forcing me to act through this tiny body, and get defeated by the great universal powers. I ,the master of this Universe, am acting like a begger and slave ! Let me break up these chains, let me be free, let me wake up to the Truth.



Other religions fix a dogma and theory and force their followers to fit into that, whether they have understood the dogma clearly or not, Sanathan Dharma or Hinduism designed its dogmas as per the needs of the followers. Our sages were very wise and they not only knew the evolution of bodies (like Darwin) but they also knew the evolution of Budhdhi (intelligence). They knew that teaching an illiterate farmer about Advait is useless as he needs water first and then god. Keeping this in view, They gave a theory of Hell and heaven to lure average brained persons to follow the right path and help in evolution of Budhi. Those who crossed it were given theories of different Gods, so that they should choose the right form as per their needs, and worship him. To more evolved people they gave the theory of Karma. For further evolved people, they fixed that There is only one God. Above intelligent people were told to understand advaita that whole Universe is the manifestation of God and nothing else and all titles, names and forms are Maya. Those who understood this also were given Vedanta, that God is the only consciousness, Shakti its energy which makes the unverse and the same consciousness develops different (apparent) bodies thus proving presence of God not only in animals, human, devas but also in non-living things. This gave the highest and real idea of Hinduism. Respected Radhakutir ji has wisely said that Vedanta is goal of humanity. Vedanta is not for Hindus only. Vedanta is for Humanity because God is not Hindu, not Muslim, christian, buddhist or jain. God is the supreme consciousness and we are little sparks of that divine light trying to RETURN HOME Come On friends let us go Home









Three main faculties of self viz. Body, Intelligence and Heart (emotional part of mind), play a vital role in attaining Moksha. Those who are more centred on body take the path of karma Yoga and attain salvation, those with sharp intellect go for Gyan (Jnana) yoga and those with heart opt for Bhakti.

Most of our intellectual friends, see Bhakti as a lower form of religious path and normally are away from Bhakti and bhakta both. They can not be fully blamed for this, as the bhakta in the beginning do not show higher signs of progress and are normally fanatics about their deity. But Bhakti when develops into divine love, a Bhakta ceases to be fanatic and sees his deity in all forms of god. It is easy for any average brained person to become Gyani by reading some books and listening to discourses, but it is not possible to be a bhakta by reading or practicing. Bhakti develops itself from within. Divine love itself takes form of immense love for God and changes a common girl into Mirabai. this divine love transforms a common weaver into Kabir, a normal cow-herd boy into Guru Nanak and a helpless blind in great Bhakta Surdas, a school-dropout into a nobel prize winner Rabindra Nath Tagore and a shepherd into Great Christ.

So those who have received this inner divine love developed are far more better than a dry intellectual who has read thousands of books on God. We can with our Samkalpa become gyani or karam yogi or Hathha yogi, but we can not become a Bhakta by mere samkalpa, because a Bhakta is the one who is chosen by God himself for his love. In Gyaneshawari Geeta Krishna tells," Though all path equally reach me, but It is a Bhakta who is really loving to me. I do his Karma, I feed him, I take him on my shoulders and dance with joy, I show him my Universe by taking him in my lap. He is away from all sins and all wraths of nature. a Bhakta lives in me and I live in Him."

Kabir has written "Pothhi Pad Pad jag Muaa, Pandit Bhaya na koye----Dhai Aakhar Prem ke, pade so pandit hoye" those reading thick books, never become Pandit (learned), only 2 and half words of Love are sufficient to become a Gyani.

Mirabai, Soordas, Tulsidas, Hanuman, Kabir, guru Nanak, christ Paramhamnsa are some of the bhaktas of our times.we may take their examples and see how divine love changed their lives.

Memebrs are urged to post on Bhakti in more details so that we understand what a real Bhakti is and give a confirmation that Bhakti is not a path of less intellectuals but a Great path of God's lovers

Hari Om





This is true that the enlighteneed souls do wander among us with the sole aim of helping us see the truth. They may look to be angry, sad or happy but they use these emotions as tools not for revenge. They do not hate anyone and do not harm anyone. when we sit with them or talk with them, our body vibrates and responds to their voice. There is no sign which can be fixed for enlightened souls…only we know we are with an enlightened soul.

Advanced sadhka do exhibhit certain outward signs. during my many visits to Himalayas and my meeting with many saints, I have noted certain qualities possessed by them. We can not pin-point on the basis of these qualities, that a person is advanced sadhaka and has reached higher realms, but we can certainly recognise many of these qualities in a person under test and find out if he is truly a sadhaka or yet on the lower grounds of sadhana and is still struggling with lower nature.


Advanced Sadhakas show most of the following qualities/signs:-

1 - They normally remain calm and peaceful. They do become angry, but their anger is not on personal grounds, and they cool down easily.

2 - As against popular belief that an advanced sadhaka is serious by nature, I have found that most of the

higher souls are normally very happy and witty personalities. They do not wear a mask of Intellectual seriousness. Their eyes are smiling and they take everything easily. They crack light jokes very often.

3- Advanced sadhaka do not sleep long. Most of them sleep for about 3/4 hours and none of them sleep during the day. I never saw a real sadhu/saint taking an afternoon nap.

4- Their voice is very sweet and resonating. Most of the advanced sadhaka have a feminine or very soft voice. Their voice is never hoarse but it brings soothing effect to ears. Their sentences are not commanding or demanding. They use "I" very rarely and normally use "We" while contradicting.

5- The most Unique and sure sign of a higher soul is that if u talk to them or just sit near them, your mind will become peaceful…any turmoil of thoughts in you will settle down soon.

6- Most of advanced sadhaka do not eat much. they will never discuss the quality of any food item or will never desire to eat certain item.

7- Advanced Sadhaka do not discuss much. I have rarely seen a sadhu/saint discussing Politics or talking ill of a person on the back. If they are confronted directly, they normally try to laugh out the situation or remove themselves from the scene. They do try to make the other man understand by their powerful logics but do not waste their energies if the other fellow is a lower soul and is purposely trying to prove the sadhaka wrong.

8- Advanced sadhaka never ever discuss sex with anyone, not even with their wife, if they are married. They are not interested in films, magazines or even newspapers.

9- They listen attentively to any thing new uttered by someone.

10- They do not have bad odour in the sweat or urine. They do not normally have bad cold, motions or fever. They are away from common ailments, though they may be having incurable disease like cancer, kidney problem etc. (rather I have seen most of higher souls do have these incurable diseases-Paramhamsa, Shankrayacharya etc)

11- They are not normally sad or never feel dejected/rejected. They remain cheerful in every situation.

12- They are not interested in accumulating wealth….if they are rich, they are not attached to their money and use it lavishly on helping others.

13 - Mention of God normally brings tears to their eyes or they go into deep thought quite often while talking about god.

14 - They do not like crowded places….they like the company of like minded people only and remain away from the place filled with useless discussion.

15 - Their eyes are watery, clear and penetrating. They normally do not fix gaze on anyone and keep their eyes fixed on nothing…but if their eyes meet your eyes, you will feel energised and attracted to them.

16- They never discourage people rather they encourage their latent qualities (be it spiritual or worldly) , by reminding them of their qualities again and again. Once I met a holy soul in Garhwal region and started narrating my distubed vrittis and my sins which according to me were not allowing me to become sadhaka. The sadhu just smiled and did not contradict or mention my weaknesses. He simply said ,"You have great concentration powers….concentrate on god forget everything else….no one is a sinner". In the following years I found my concentration was killing the lower vrittis and the so called thought of sin vanished. This is how higher souls treat and guide a person.


there are many other signs but those mentioned above are the most common among all advanced sadhaka. These outward signs come automatically with progress in sadhana….But if we try to develop these signs, that does not mean we will become advanced sadhaka, though we may become a better human being with them.







What is Love ? Is it love which a teenager expressese forced by its adulthood harmones ? Is it the feeling of the mother for her tiny child, forced by the genes? Is it a demand of our ego forcing us to like an individual for some gains ? The force of Love is so powerful that it has changed history…. It was love which made Ranjha, prince of Hazara (now in Pakistan) work as a cowherd boy in his beloveds kingdom.. It was love which forced Farhaad to dig a river in mountains to get his love….. It was love which took head of Mirza, the lover of Sahiba…..it was love that made Gopis of Vrindavana weep for Krishna…. It was love which brought blessings on the lips of Christ while being crucified. It was love that made Ravana fight with Rama……It was Love that made Tagore write Gitanjali….It was love that Vivekananada used his youth and energy on spreading the message of god…….and it is love that we are discussing Love here !!!

What is this strange feeling, which overtakes us….makes us a slave of its design ? Why do we love in the first place ? Be it for lust, or genetical or biological reasons or selfishness, these lower feelings are always backed by a strong force callled Love which translates itself into lower needs due to some reasons…but what is the powerful force behind it. so when we talk of love, we shud really not think of its lower manifestations like sex, lust, or selfishness, but try to see the powerful energy behind them…..the force of Divine Love……what is it ??

In the beginning the Bramha (Paramatama, Paramshiva,Purusha), and his shakti (the energy, prakrity, durga) remain one….At the time of manifestation of Universes….Shakti feels itself separated from Purusha

and with the reflection of consciousness, the three gunas start manifestating themselves… This separation is not real but duality in unity. But while in a plane where shakti feels itself separated……develops a force of attraction towards the consciousness.. This force of meeting and merging back into the supereme consciousness is the Divine Love. This divine love is present in every form of Shakti on all planes. shakti is continuously feeling the "Viraha" (or the feeling of separation), and manifests in different forms, and enjoys the bliss of merging/meeting of two forms as that of HER merging with Shiva.

So Love is the eternal force of Nature, by which it is manifeting into different forms.. When we love someone/something, it is the eternal power of the Shakti which forces us to do so, but the force is translated by our ego into lust, sex, affection, infatuation, friendship, greed or anything….but the basic energy of Divine Loves remains the same in all types of love.

So here we see that when we love someone, it is in fact first felt by "Viraha". We miss something and then find that feeling of missing being fulfilled in a person/thing. That feeling of Viraha, is the key to divine love. The more powerful is the Viraha or the feeling of separation, the more powerful will be the energy of Love released by the Kundalini….the more the power of kundalini, the purer and powerful it will be.

And Mother Nature does not work on our translations of this Divine love into sex or lust or affection. It tries to awake the feeling of separation in us….to make us more wanting….until the feeling of separation becomes….uniquly for the Truth/consciousness…. That is why when we love someone so dearly…with our heart and soul…He/She is snatched from us….and we go down into the realms of sadness with Viraha…But Congratulate yourself that Nature has selected u for this feeling….Change yr subject of viraha…Make HIM your lover (It is in fact HE who was loved by you in a human form!!)

Many sufi saints understood this game of nature, and their meditation basically started from Viraha. Ghulam farid, baba Bulle shah, R.N.Tagore, Varis shah are some of the saints of India, whose songs were full of Viraha or the separation from the supreme. They knew that the Force of viraha will make them capable of reaching the Divine love. This divine love has no fears, no demands, no selfish ends, it does not nourishe ego, no punishments, no sins…..pure love…for the sake of love nothing else.

Shri Krishna, the God Himself, confirmed to the humanity that Divine love can only be found by Viraha. Gopis of vrindavana who loved shri Krishna so much were given this Jolt of viraha by shri Krishna when he left Vrindavana for good. Gopis who could not live without seeing Krishna for a day had to bear the feeling of separation for ever…..they wept and when Udhhava the Great Gyani was sent to them to console,he told them all about Yoga path etc. and asked them to forget Krishna and worship God. The Gopis at this sang some songs to tell Udhhava how much they loved krishna. We have some beautiful songs in Local language depicting their love. In one such songs the gopis sing," O Uddhava….Please bring the deadliest poisnous snake, and let us be bitten by these….. Or let thousands scorpions be made our bed and make us sleep with them…..Or throw us down from the highest mountain ….Or wrap us in the most inflammable clothe and burn us….we would stand all of these tyrannies….But Do not ask us not

to love Nand Lala (Krishna)……..

In another song they sing ," Kaun Baramh ki jaat, Gyaan kaa se kaho Udhho….. Hamre sunder Shyam, Prem ko marag sudho"--- O Uddhava, who is this Brahma of yours and whom are you teaching this gyan ? We have a straight path of love…and we have our loving Krishna waiting for us on the other end….what else we need ?"


Do we have such Viraha for God ? do we have such love for God ? If not let us learn it by Sadhna. When we will make HIM the subject of our LOVE, all forms of our Prakriti, higher or lower will rush and grab that love and resonate with our love….and this is what God wishes us to do !!!!!!!

Hari Om










KUNDALINI, the mysterious power has been a subject of research for many centuries. There are various definitions of Kundalini. It is also said that It was Guru Matsyendra Nath (of Nath-Sect) who first got

the tantra of Kundalini from Shiva and introduced human beings to kundalini. Now let us see what different explanations we can have abt kundalini :

Dr. Rele has in his book"The mysterious Kundalini" written --…Kundalni is in fact Right Vagus Nerve because the description of Vagus and its connections with the important plexeses of the sympathetic runs parrallel with the description of Kundalini and her connection with Chakras"

Mr. A.Arthur in his book "The serpent power" has written Kundalini is the Static Shakti. It is the individual bodily representation of the great cosmic power(shakti) which creates and sustains the universe"

Sir John W. stated "Shortly stated Energy polarises itself into two forms namely static or Potential and dynamic and it is called Kundalini"

Swami Vivekananada writes " The centre where all residual sensations are, as it was stored up is called Muladhara chakra and the coiled up energy of action is kundalini, meaning the coiled up"

Sant Gyaneshwar explained " Kundalini is like a serpent of Red-orange color and it is having 3 and half coils and sleeps in Muladhara by keeping its tail into mouth"

Hathhyoga Pradeepika explains "…Kandodharva kundalinishakti supta miokkshaya yoginaam…bandhaya cha mudhanaam….etc" means those who awaken kundalini and take it up, get Moksha and those who do not , are dragged into circles of life and death again and again"

Roscicruicion society also believes that Kundalini is a secret power in us and is situated near heart.

Siva Samhita explains " treya loke yaani bhootani taani sarvana dehata…etc means the body of man is a small reflection of the univeerse and all the powers which are operative in the universe are working the human body too.

Jyotish Sastra also accept that all the sun-sign in the universe are situated in human body too (thus equating our body with universe).

some also think that Kundalini is not a real sleeping power but when by Pranayama we mate the Apana prana with Samana prana a great light and force is achieved, which is called kundalini.

Based on different explanations we can come to a general acceptable idea about kundalini. So far we find that Kundalini is a sleeping power in us, which when awakens removes the ignorance and gives us siddhis and finally Moksha. This Kundalini if not awakened takes us from one life to the other. Kundalini is the main cause of our Ignorance (Avidya) and it can be made cause of our Gyan and Moksha.

As Far as I know, Geeta and Vedas do not mention Kundalini directly. Only one Upanishad (Kundal Upanishada) has clearly mentioned it saying Kundalini is the ultimate light staying in muladhara chakra…this is the life force.

Mme Blaivatski (spellings may be wrong)…. had written that Kundalini's speed is more than the speed of light…. ( earlier science thought the highest speed is that of light…but latest discoveries have confirmed that even speed of light is not absolute.)

Mr. Arun has beautifully explained about the seven chakras below Muladhaara which belong to sub-human loka. I feel that Kundalini changes its seat with evolution….and it started its journey from feet chakra the lowest one and in human beings it is at Muladhara…and Srigant's idea will come true that with further evolution it seats itself in Heart Chakra.


In the beginning the sound AUM strated the creation of the universe and further mating of energy in different proportions of 3 gunas produced the 50 basic sounds, the sounds which have since lost to us in time. The Kundalini vibrates on these 50 sounds (this sound is like the sound of thousands waters, described by christian saints).

Though Kundalni sleeps in common persons…but it does releases some energy into our system whenever a sankalpa (vow to do a work) is made. With this energy we are able to draw prana and do the work. The pureset and most powerful energy currents are released by Kundalini for Sexual Act.

As we are aware, there are 3 nadis (nerves) in our spine called Ida, Pingala and Sushumna, normally the energy released by kundalini travels via Ida or Pingala because Sushumna is closed in most of the people.

When the energy of Kundalini travels via Ida or Pingala, it is used for wordly matters…and creates further ignorance…..but when sushumana is opened by Sadhna the energy flowing through it, is used in clearing the chakras and thus removing the ignorance.

The flow of this energy from kundalini can be increased by concentrating on any thing. When ever our thoughts are powerful and uni-directional, kundalini starts releasing current…… thus scientists make new inventions, singer sings beautiful songs, politician attracts public, sadhaka gets Moksha all by the power of the Kundalini. It is a famous saying in India that the first dew drop if falls into the mouth of oyster it becomes a pearl and if it falls into mouth of a snake it become deadly poison. Such is the power of Kundalini….its energy can be used for good ;things or bad things…both

HOW TO AWAKEN KUNDALINI: There are practically two different categories to awaken Kundalini viz. Direct path and indirect Path.

Direct Paths: some sadhnas like Siddha Yoga, Hathh Yoga, Raaj yoga, Kriya Yoga, Tantra work directly on Kundalini and force it open. These paths have been kept secret by its follower for obvious reasons….because Kundalini is like Atomic power and it can be put to Good use or bad use.

Moreover the direct paths have its dangers and should never be practiced by reading from books or listening from somebody. ONLY a well qualified Guru can tell us how to go for them….If done wrongly …the direct paths can lead to serious illness, mental imbalance or even death……so all those who are trying to do direct path without proper guidance should stop it immediately.

Indirect path : These are more acceptable paths and can be done without proper guidance or guru. Most of the Vedic Paths, Karma yoga, Gyana Yoga, Bhakti Yoga, Vipasana, yoga Nidra and simple Mantra chanting (Saguna mantra) are the indirect paths and lead to awakening of Kundalini, though in a very slow manner. A seeker of direct path may awaken Kundalini in 3 years….and a bhakta may get it in 3 births but the seeker by direct path is always in danger and a seeker of indirect path is always safe….beacuase in his case the Kundalini itlself first purifies him and then advances ruling out any chance of misuse.

In either case, the Kundalini leaves its seat in Muladhara and rises above….but its rise is not permanent till it reachs Heart Chakra…. If it has reached Heart chakra it rests there and makes her journey above from there….below heart chakra it may fall back to muladhara again….



love and peace








Universe a Tantrik view


In the beginning was the word, the word was god and the word was with god" the word of the Bible is the Sabdabrahman of the Hindu Tantra. Word, sound and Mantra are integral parts of Indian cosmology, and cannnot be separated from it. Taking cosmological principles out of the realm of theory, japa or mantra repetition puts them to work in a pragmatic way. It is the path from microcosm to macrocosm; it is the vehicle that carries the individual back to the source.

In the beginning, shakti, the unmanifested cosmos, floats like an egg in the silent, motionless void. A mass of latent, undifferentiated energy, it contains the seed power of all the universe. It rests in the void, alternately flowering as the manifest, evolved cosmos and then withdrawing itself in dissolution,(Pralaya). Throughout eternity, like day and night, the universe alternately expands into matter and recedes into primal energy.

during the period of dissolution, shakti also known as the Divine power or the Cosmic energy lies quiescent. Jst as the tulip is latent within the bulb, so this universe of names and forms, as we know it, lies enfolded in shakti. Within its heart rests the three qualities, Sattwa(purity), Rajas(activity)and tamas(inertia), whose kaleidoscopic shifting permeates all aspects of the universe.

Cosmic evolution proceeds from the unconscious, unmoving, unknowable and unmanifest to the conscious, moving knowable and manifest microcosm.. On the other hand, human evolution is a return journey from the gross physical plane of the microcosm back to the absolute. In one case the force is centrifugal, in the centripetal.

In the tantrik view, sound as a vibration of undifferentiated intelligence is the catalyst that sets into motion the unfolding of the manifest cosmos. A primal shudder disturbs the slumbering equilibrium of shakti and arouses rajas, the active principle, to carry out the creation of the manifold universes. The causal vibration, Sabdabrahman, is undifferentiated, soundless Sound. It is the wavelength experience as God.

This Great Cosmic Vibration splits Shakti into two fields of magnetic force, and projects it as two aspect Nada and Bindu. As centrifugal, positive male force, Bindu is the ground from which Nada operates. As centripetal negative female force, Nada unfolds the manifest universe. They are regarded as Father and Mother aspects of the supreme Power. The bifurcation of Shakti is a duality in unity, not a separation. this duality of poles in the substratum of manifested Shakti actually provides the magnetic force holding together in a state of vibration of molecules of the physical world.

Through the medium of time-lapse photography, it is possible to watch a rosebud explode into full flower. Like a rosebud, the universe unfolds and expands. After the first diferentiation containing the seed energies of the universe, the vibrating mass of energy continues differentiating and expanding as wavelengths. By the fifth diffenrentiation, the energy is evolved on the gross plane, with the creation of fifty articulate sounds of Varnas. Varnas means color, and all sounds have corresponding color vibrations in the invisible world.

From the combinations and permutations of these root sounds, the universe of forms is created. Sounds, as physical vibrations, are able to produce predictable forms. Combinations of sounds produce complicated shapes. Experiments have demonstrated that notes, produced by certain instruments can trace out a on a bed of sand deninite geometrical figures. In order to produce a particular form, a specific note at a particular pitch must be generated. Repetition of the exact note and pitch creates a duplication of the form.

Underlying all the forms of the physical world are the oscillating wavelengths on the fifty primeval sounds in varying combinations. Sounds is thus potential form, and form is sound made manifest. Because of oscillatory natue of matter and of mind as perceiver, the world of manifest forms can only be experienced in distortion as illusion or Maya.

Fragmented and fractured, the fifty basic sounds themselves have faded down the corridor of time, and lost to human memory. the Sanskrit language, however, is directly derived from them and of all languages it is the closest approximation. Mantras are sound powers evolved from the varnas and revealed in sanskrit syllables to the ancient sages.


( collected from speechs of swami Vishnudevananda)







How much time one can find for Meditation in these busy times. The whole day in the office, evening busy with household jobs, then dinner and a slumber after the tiring day !! Lucky are those who find one or two hours a day for Meditation, half of which is used in cooling down the tensions acquired during the day. But we are forgetting Eigth hours during which we are free and have no work to do…yes our sleep time. This sleep time is a beautiful resting time, provided to us by Mother Nature to refresh our physical and psychic energies. Yoga Nidra is a beautiful way to utilise this time for Meditation without disturbing the normal sleep !!

Sleep is the best gift, nature has given to us. Sleep not only helps us re-construct our damaged cells , calm the brain, renew the physical energies, but also takes us to our real self during deep stage. There are many similarities between Samadhi and deep sleep. We lose our body consciousness. We do not remember if we are King or begger. The only feeling left in us is "I am". Same happens in Samadhi. The Only but very imporant difference between samadhi and sleep is that slumber is brought by Tamoguna whereas Samadhi is brought by Satoguna. A fool goes into sleep and wakes up like a fool whereas an ignorant goes into Samadhi and comes back as Gyani and enlightened.

Yoga Nidra Sadhna helps change the sleep into a samadhi. The process is very slow but very effective. What we do in Yoga Nidra ? We slowly change our sleep first into Concentration then Dhyana and then into Samadhi, without disturbing the Natural process of sleep. Yoga Nidra can be done by anybody even by those who are having their own sadhna during the waking period. Yoga Nidra will not disturb your regular sadhna, but will give amazing progress to it.

Yoga Nidra can be performed in any condition. Even if u are ill or are tired you can do Yoga Nidra. I would rather say that when one is very tired or in emotional turmoil…yoga nidra brings such soothing effects that one is surprised to see the results. One does not need to leave sex or anything to do Yoga Nidra. The Only condition to do Yoga Nidra is that it should not be done while having alcohol or any drug in the stomach. If one tries Yoga Nidra with wine or drug…it will certainly bring mental imbalance impossible to cure. A snoring parterner may be like an Asura disturbing yr Yagna in the beginning…but soon u will be in control (smiles)

After having done all what is needed before sleep, you should ease yrself and go to sleep with lose clothers. Lie down without a pillow with both hands resting on the sides of the body, feet straight a little stretched. Now take some deep breaths and pray ," O God! Let there be peace everywhere…let there be Love everywhere…Let your energies touch me with kindness and bliss". Now with closed eyes fix your attention on the nose tip and mentally see the breath coming and going. while inhaling mentally chant "So-o-o-o-o-o-o-o" till the lungs are filled and while exhaling chan " Hummmmmmm" till all the breath is out. This Mantra So-Hum ( O as in go and U as in Drum) is best suited for Yoga Nidra, but it can be replaced by Om, shiva, Rama, Krishna , Shakti, durga, Kali , Jesus, Budhaa or any small name of god of your choice. But once selected , the Mantra should not be changed in any case. Now continue keeping a vigilance on the respiration with chanting of Mantra. Do not prolong or shorten the breath for the sake of Mantra…but change the length of Mantra befitting the respiration. The breath rate should not be disturbed in any case. Some thoughts may come in between...do not fight with them...just see the thought and start again with the process. Do not strain your brain…do not count…do not think about time…just continue breathing with the mantra…This process should be carried on till you go into sleep. Though you will sleep physically but the sub-conscious mind…which is being re-programmed for this procedure will continue your sadhna the whole night….whole night the mantra will be repeated by your brain with the respiration. This takes a little longer to achieve…but it is a time tested technique.

After doing this for somethime…you will see that now no more thoughts are disturbing you and u can easily concentrate…..slowly you will find that you go into sleep for a moment and then suddenly become awakened and start the mantra again…..and a day will come when u will be conscious during whole night…..away from the physical body…awkened in the Astral Body chanting the Mantra. The Tam which was earlier responsible for your sleep is being replaced by Sat….a condition required for Samadhi !!!


Any questions/Comments ???




The Three Gunas


Suppose there is a cricket match going on between Australia and Pakistan and there are two friends one from Nepal and one from Japan, watching the match. Suppose the Nepali has sympathy with the Pakistanis and the Japanese has sympathy with Australian Team. Now on every turning point of the match one of them start crying with joy and the other becomes sad…..so much so if one team wins the match, both of them start fighting and abusing each other. What adjective you will give them….cricket maniac ..or Fools or immature…I think fool is better word here. If we go deep into the theory of the 3 gunas (attributes) of the nature….all of us will prove to be bigger fools than these two friends.

The highest truth of Hinduism is Adwait Vedanta, which conforms that there is only one Pure consciousness (Brahm/Krishna/Param Shiva), and the entire universe is his manifestation. The Nature or the Prakriti or Durga though is the Shakti of the Brahm himself, feels itself separated from Brahm and Dwait starts. The Mother Nature with Pure consciousness in its womb and around it as silent spectator starts manifesting into other forms. How this manifestation begins, and what are the gunas or attributes, which control this manifestation? The Great Indian sages worked hard on this and brought out this unique theory of 3 gunas of Nature. Going by the very nature of Prakriti, Shakti can do three jobs. It can create some thing, it can sustain the creation or it can finally destroy its creation. These three attributes were given the name Sat, Raj and Tamas by our great sages. Sat is the balancing guna it denotes equilibrium, light, and joy. It is denoted by Milky white colour. Raj is a sort of kinetic energy and in form of guna it denotes struggle, efforts, inciting and karma. Raj is denoted by shining blood red colour.

TAM represents inertia, non-consciousness, inefficiency and no-work. It is denoted by dull soot black colour. These three gunas when awaken in Prakriti, mate with each other in different proportions and the Universe is manifested.

All the highest and the lowest manifestation of Mother Nature are combinations of these 3 gunas. And since We as a person are nothing but a grouping of different faculties like Mind, intelligence, Ego, sub-consciousness(Chitta) and body, which are nothing but different manifestations of Nature, we also are a chaos, a mixture of these three gunas. At any given time, we can recognise these gunas working in us. Like Tamoguna represents inertia and it manifests itself in blindness, non-consciousness, foolishness, laziness, fanaticism, non-action, mechanical repeating, sleep of the soul and Ignorance. Rajoguna manifests itself in Action, Struggle, Change, New creation from old, victory, defeat, violence, happiness and sadness. We are a little conscious while Rajoguna manifests but the Gyan (Jnana) gained with Raj is false. It misguides and nourishes the ego. Raj under effect of Tam can create havoc. It brings staunch fanaticism, Asur vrittis, cruelty, blind anger, selfishness, Sexual desires, Rapes, greediness, meanness and jealousy. This impure Rajoguna changes histories and disturbs the balance of Nature.

Satoguna, is that power of Nature, which is full of light, and Ananda. It manifests itself in Creation, kindness, unconditional love, Sympathy, and Gyan (Jnana). If Satoguna is not properly backed by Rajoguna it degenerates into stoic inaction, mental imbalance, and uncontrolled emotions.

No entity in the Universe is a full manifestation of either of these gunas and each one of us have a mixture of these gunas working continuously on us. They create desires in our mind. they control our actions and they make further vrittis. At a given moment we may be affected by the Sat, another moment by Raj and some other moment by Tam.

We are the pure consciousness, who should have been a silent spectator of these gunas, but have attached ourselves to the ego of this body, ego which is a manifestation of Nature and is affected by other faculties and finally by the 3 gunas.

Now how to overcome these three gunas and keep ourselves detached from their actions and effects ??

This is now evident that if we have to transform our lower nature into a divine instrument, then we have to first control the two lower Gunas (viz. Tam and Raj). Tamoguna darkens the divine knowledge and does not let it work on the dark and mean corners of our lower nature. It draws our strength and makes us inactive. Rajoguna though a little better than Tam, yet deforms the divine knowledge. It takes over our Buddhi (intelligence) and forces our ego to see through its veiled knowledge. It incites our Prana (Life force) and uses it into deforming the balance of our mind and body. So much so, if we get a ray of truth through Rajoguna, it uses this truth to further nourish our false ego and our misdeeds.

So to begin with we have to first get rid of these two lower gunas with the help of the third, a little better guna than Raj and Tam. Sat will help us in recognising the Tam and Raj and once we start recoginising these gunas and their workings in our psyche, it will be easier to control them. But there is still a problem. By its very nature, Mother Nature does not allow either of the Gunas to work alone. Each guna has to take help of other two in performing any task. The default Guna of our lower nature is Tam. Tam has to be transformed into Raj first and then Raj can be transformed into Sat. Also any of the Guna if suppressed, it changes into Tam and sits in the dark dungeons of our lower nature. so what is the way out ?? We have to first attack the Tam with the help of Raj and Sat. Any of the qualities of Tam should be suppressed with the action and spirit of Raj and intelligence and knowledge of Sat. So Tam present will slowly transform itself into Raj. Now we can safely transform Raj into sat.

But finally we have to leave Sat also. Because if we are using a needle to bring out a thorn, we do not leave the needle inside the body. After we see that we have adequate control over Tam and Raj we can safely start suppressing Sat also and start living in Pure consciousness.

How to do this Practically, is the Hindus way of Meditation. In our philosophy, we not only underestand who we are, we also know what is Meditation and what effect it will have on our body and mind. We can, to begin with, first find out which guna is mainly reflecting from our

personality is it Tam, Raj or Sat and then try changing ourselves from lower to higher. But we have to be very careful while finding out this as our Manas (Mind) is very clever and always shows us a reasons for our bad deeds. Even a murderer has beautiful explanation on why he is correct in murdering. We have to analyse ourselves with clarity, and cruelty….we have to analyse ourselves like our own enemies and find out our misdeeds hidden behind the veil of ignorance.

In forthcoming chapters we would be discussing some practical Meditations. But first we will look into the functioning of the body and mind so that we first understand the System of the two only then would we be able rectify the problems.







Saint Vivekananada in his famous book "RajaYoga" has beautifully explained the working mechanism of our physical and psychic bodies. I am taking help of Vivekananada in explaining this system.

When we see an object, say a mango, the first observance is made by the eye. The light rays from the mango pass through the lense of the eyes and make its inverted image on the retina of both the eyes. This image is then transformed into electric pulses by the retina and passed on to brain for further action. The brain first inverts the images and mingles them to make a 3D shape of mango. Now comes the action of Psychic centres, We have a subtle eye in the brain ( we also have all organs of the body in subtle forms in the brain. These subtles organs make a circle around Manas (the lower mind which is responsible for synchronisation of the organs). So the subtle eye presents the information about a mango to the Manas who sends the information to Chitta (sub-conscious mind, which is a store house of all our past memories and is partly connected to the Universal Chitta too). The Chitta on getting the information from Manas, sends back the Vrittis (subtle currents of energry) concerning mango telling Manas its name, qualities, action to be taken. These vrittis are filtered through our Buddhi (intelligence) which decides about the action to be taken, keeping in view the present circumstances. Suppose it acccepts that the mango be eaten, Manas orders the subtle arm to pick up the mango, the subtle arm transforms that subtle signal into gross nervous orders and sends it to physical hand which picks up the mango peels it and puts it into the mouth. The tongue sends signals to the Manas about the taste of the mango, and manas passes this information to Chitta where this experience is stored again as Vrittis.

All these Actions are reflected on the screen of Ego, beyond which our soul merely sees as a spectator the whole episode, and gives its silent acceptance.


Hence we see now that soul is encircled by Ego which is encircled by Chitta. Similarly we have Buddhi, Manas, subtle organs and subtle Prana and after which we come to Physical prana and physical organs. All these faculties are so beautifully attached to the system of ourselves that every action, though has a lot of sub-procedures, yet looks like one action. This oneness of action is the main reason of our pressence, ourselves as human beings. It is possible to see all the sub-actions in working through Meditation. In fact that is the sole aim of our meditation. To distinguish between different faculties of ourselves and deduce the pure consciousness out of this.

Now we can understand the five bodies of the soul. As per Swami Yogananda , the Universe has Four planes of consciousness viz. Pure counsciousness (soul/god), Causal Plane, Astral plane and Physical plane. Except soul, all other Planes have their sub-planes. We will now see what the five bodies are made of :-

1- Annamaya Body - consists of our physical body, and gross organs

2- Pranic Body - is made of 5 type of Prana (Life-force)

3 - Manomaya body - consists of Manas + five subtle work organs

4- Vigyanmaya Body - consists of Buddhi (Intelligence) + 5 subtle sensory organs.

5- Anandamaya Body - consists of Chitta and Ego.


These bodies fall into different planes as under:-

1- Physical Plane - Physical Body

2- Astral Plane - Pranic Body + Manomaya Body

3- Causal Plane - Vigyanmaya Body + Anandmaya Body

4- Soul - None of these bodies.

The Tantra of this arrangement is that Physical body is a manifestation of Manomaya body which controls it through Pranic Body. similarly Manomaya body is a manifestation of Vigyanmana Body is controlled by it and so on. It is like an onion…each peal is different body..having other bodies in its womb.

It is possible by Meditation to bring our Chetna (Focus of consciousness) to any of the bodies…..When we are conscious in our Manomaya body, the physical body numbs and we awake into Astral world. When we take our chetna further upto Vigyan or Ananada Bodies we awake into Causal world….and leaving consciousness of all these bodies….takes us to our glorious Truth.

It is not possible to jump to any body. The only way out is to go to these bodies one by one know it understand its working and then go over to next body…….this is what Meditation is.

One can not just reach the Ultimate Truth in a jump. We have to be patient. Understand the 3 gunas, the 5 bodies and their workings and when we well understand these things, we can easily throw away these bodies and become Pure Consciousness which is God Himseslf.

Understanding the 5 bodies will explain, our position in dreams….and what happens to us after death..

and what happens in Samadhi.






Before anything is said on visions and miracles we must carefully note that ;

1- No two persons in the world have same visions, even if they are doing same sadhna

2- Total absence of visions does not prove our sadhna to be futile

3- We are ourselves the best judge to interpret our visions…others may just give an idea.

4- There is no harm in discussing vision for analytical purpose with like minded sadhakas. If revealed to boast yr sadhna, the visions stop immediately.

Like dream stage is a proof of our sleep, visions are proof of our sadhna. Two type of persons do not approve visions. One - those who have attained Nirvikalpa samadhi and are away from the clutches of Maya. Two - those who have satisfied themselves after their intellect assured them that they know the truth, but have not done any practical sadhna . All other sadhkas be it Bhakti, be it Gyan be it Hathh or Raj yoga, Kriya Yoga or Tantra or anything will certainly get some visions when their sadhna is well established. Before we go deeper into the reasons as to why we have visions I would like to illustrate a few examples taken from authenticated persons (some of them are in our club). It wil give us an insight into what we are discussing :-

1- Sadhak "Yogananand "(Autobiography of a yogi) …When my guru touched my chest, I felt as if breath has been drawn out of my body and suddenly I started seeing the things in Vibration. I could even see what is going on behind the wall. then everything changed into light and there was light all around"

2- sadhaka "A" Male age 40 yrs doing Shiva Japa for 2 years - ' …then after getting into nothingness for a while, I awoke during my mediation…and saw myself standing before a cobweb made of strange material which was self-illuminating….I saw a snake like thing moving in the centre of the cob-web…then I got frightened and woke up from my sadhna . ( had Seen Muladhara chakra, with kundilini in it)

3-Sadhka "B" aged 60 yrs male…doing "Khwaja Khijra" mantra (urdu word for Neptune) for 40 days -Then I heard noise and suddenly saw dozen of serpents falling down from ceiling near me, they were crawly and hissing in a fierce way. I left my Japa and ran away (The sadhka later got high fever and was revived by his Muslim Ustaad(guru)

4 - sadhaka "c" aged 39 years male doing OM sadhna - I suddenly saw my self made of vibrations and started growing in height. My feet were firmly on the ground but my head was going up like a light ray, I could see my city, then my country, then earth, solar system, and galaxies, running behind my gaze as seen from a running train. Then I reached the end of the universe….and broke opened the shell..and I found my head coming out of one atom's centre .

5- Sadhaka "d" female aged 42 years - doing Bhakti sadhna ---- At times I see clear blue sky by my closed eyes….with stars twinkling as if smiling at me. then I am lost in the great ocean of love of Krishna "

6- sadhaka "e" male aged 20 years doing TM - I lost into nothingness and suddenly regained my consciousness and saw myself wearing rags and in shabby condition . I was shocked to see myself in such a poor state I cried and woke up…I was panting. (This sadhaka later suffered great difficulties, owing to financial failures of his father).

7- Sadhaka "f" female aged 36 years….karma yogi - I was having an afternoon nap when I saw a dream…it was vivid…I saw myself in a car driven by brother-in-law and as the car advanced, it lost its wheels then the body, then the machine…and finally brother was holding the steering but we were still advancing as if in a car ( The week after…her brother in law's car was stolen…and when retrieved by police later…was found to be without wheels, accessories and many parts missing)

These are a few examples to show how correct the visions proved irrespective of the age and path the sadhaka was following. The visions can be divided into four major categories :-

1- Visions coming from purification of Chitta…These visions are mostly seen in the beginning days of sadhna. A Sadhaka normally sees himself with giants, serpents, evil spiritis…or sees himself in very shabby and poor condition . Often one is afraid and the concentration breaks…..but these should be seen bravely as when these type of visions are seen, it indicates some very bad karma or our own evil desires are dying … These type of visions denote progress in Sadhna.

2- visions showing future - These visions are like his Kripa to tell us forehand that we should be ready for some bad times. Though some people, without any sadhna also see visions about future, but these are more common with sadhkas. One should not feel distressed to see the future, as God wishes to warn us and to be ready for this.

3- Visions guiding in sadhna - Once we have made little advancement on the path of sadhna, our burden of Yoga is taken over by HIM (As shri Krishna has beautifully explained in Gita). These type of visions are seen by those sadhaka who do not have a guru, or their guru is not available to help him. These visions give clear guidance on sadhna. I myself had this great vision when I was experimenting with Om sadhna and was chanting OM in a wrong way. I saw Swami Parmananda taking OM classes and rebuking a child for not chanting OM in a proper way. I got the msg and changed my way of chanting…and the speed of progress was doubled.

4- Visions showing the mysteries of the Universe - These type of visions are seen by advanced sadhka (or by a novice if God so wishes). In this one may see sky, stars, kundilini or his body functions, or may see different energies working in the universe. The vision had by Great Yogananda falls under this category. So by careful analysis of the vision, we may categorise it and find out whether it indicates Chittashudhhi, warning, guiding or showing great mystery and use its results in our sadhna.

STRANGE LIGHTS : Seeing strange lights by closed eyes is a very common phenomenon. these are seen even by new sadhkas. There are different explanations for seeing the lights, but we will not go intodry intellecualism. These lights may be seen as a dot against the black back ground as seen by closed eyes.or we may see a fog/mist of colors, or the light may be seen as a thunderbolt. How we see the lights is not important. The importance of light lies in its color. We should carefully note the color of the light seen which may give us an insight into its significance. I am giving below some examples gathered from new and advanced sadhkas :-

(The colors may be common colors, but they tend to change in such wavelengths as are never seen in practical. Seeing a color in strange wavelengths denotes higher stage of concentration)

1- A less black dot seen in the darker background :- It denotes the sadhna is on right path. The dot represents wavering but settleing Manas as seen by the Agya Chakra.

2- A bright dot (color milky white) : denotes progress in sadhna. If possible we should concentrate on this

dot, though in the beginning it sparks and fades in seconds, but becomes stable with progress in concentration.

3- self-illuminating cob-webs or strange shapes : These may denote visualising one of our chakra, or a complex system of our Nadis. Instead of wasting our time as to what it is, we should continue with our sadhna and He will reveal slowly what He wishes to show.

4- Color Pink : denotes higher stage of purified chitta

5- Color Green : denotes peace attained by Manas

6- color Yellow or golden : denotes Ishwar Kripa coming to us

7- Color Orange : denotes lust and Kama under control

8- Color Violet : denotes higher stage of sadhna. It signifies activation of Agya Chakra.

9- Color Blue : denotes feeling of Vairagya becoming stronger.

These were some common colors seen by sadhakas. If You see some other color, try to find its nearer color and deduce your result.

The following symptom, if felt during meditation , prove the advancement of sadhna :-

1- Sudden jerk in limbs - this happens due to Prana suddenly rushing away from the limb to the sushumna. this sign denotes higher stage of concentration and advancement in sadhna

2- Cool air felt on eyelids / forehead :- another very good sign of progress. This normally happens in deep concentration. One feels as if super cooled air is being blown gently over one's eyelids, forhead, throat, nose or any other part. This happens due to inflow of prana from the supreme power (Mother Nature/Durga). After some more practice, one may feel this cool air any time even while not meditating.

3- Throbbing - sometimes sadhka feels throbbing in the end of spinal region, or on genitals, or on the forehead. This sensation denotes activation of concerned chakra.

4- Tingling in the spinal column :- One may feel tingling in the spinal column, or upper tips of genitals , or on lips. This happens due to Prana opening the fine nadis and is a good sign, but one should be careful during this sensation as Sexual desires may flare up suddenly. One has to control his sex-needs during this sensation, then it becomes very helpful in sadhna.

5- Sudden jerks in the body :- some sadhka may feel sudden jerks during mediation. This is most commonin sadhkas doing TM, RajYoga, or Vipasana. These jerks are sometimes so violent that they break the concentration. These jerks happen due to Prana suddenly flowing into Sushumna Nadi. It is a very good sign and should be taken as a progress on the path. If they disturb the concentration, one should not lose heart because by the passage of time, and advancement of sadhna this break in concentration will stop.

6- Feeling of lightness/floating : Many sadhkas feel that their body has become light like feather or some may feel they are in the air in an unbalanced position, or some just feel blown in the air. This sensation is felt when the astral body detaches itself from the physical body, and starts floating in the air. This is a very good sign, provided one does not get disturbed out of fear or any such thing. If one continues he may start having the astral visions after this sensation.

7- Listening strange sounds :- Though listening astral sounds is a part of Anahat Naad Sadhna, but any sadhka can listen the astral sounds. Some sadhka listen the sound of a flute, or sound of conch, or sound of rain, or sound of thunderbolt, or sound of river flowing. All these sounds are normally heard in the upper region of brain. This sensation is felt due to activation of astral ears. These sounds are in fact the sounds of the astral world. One may continue with his sadhna without giving much importance to these sound. If we concentrate on these sounds, our path will change and we will start Naad Anusandhan which is another powerful path for salvation. The last sound heard in this case will be of OM.

Unlike dreams, Visions are gifts of the Universal system, to help us in our sadhna.

Hari om






Sadhna of Humanity


In old times, absence of books and Internet forced a Sadhka to go to a guru and learn about God from him. The Guru saw through the pupil’s character, understood his status of intelligence, his past Karma and various other things, and then would guide him the appropriate way to attain enlightenment. With the information on all Upanishadas and other sacred books, easily available, this knowledge is within reach of a common person. Real gurus are difficult to find and there are chances that one may be cheated by some impostor in the name of Yoga or Tantra.

However, this readily available information has created its problems too. Many start their sadhna just by reading somewhere, without understanding first the very basis of sadhna. Samadhi can not be attained by reading from books/internet. One may think himself to be very intelligent or clear minded or Brahma Gyani but the Universal system can not be fooled by our ego. It is said that Moksha is possible only in human body. Even gods are not entitled to get Moksha and they have to get a human body to work for their final journey. But there are some divisions of human too. Not every human being is fit for attaining entitlement. Human have further division of Deva-Human, Human-Human, Animal-Human and sub-animal (Asura)-Human. Only Deva-Human is fit to attain Samadhi and get enlightenment. Other three categories have to first rise to that level.

Deva-Human : These finest of the fine human being can be described as the real human being what Nature and God want us to be. As per our Shastra and Lord Krishna himself these type of human being have the following qualities :-

Deva-human is full of Satoguna and they have full control over Raj and Tam guna. One who is not jealous of anyone, who is friend of all living beings, who is kind, who is away from proud and infatuation, who is not moved/affected by joy and grief, who is pardoning, satisfied and always joyful, whose mind and intelligence are concentrated in God. The one who has no fear, who knows the working of three gunas and who is not happy with appreciation and not angry on insults. The one who takes pity on ill animals and sick people and the one who has an ocean of love in his heart for all living beings ARE A DEVA-HUMAN. They have a clear synchronised knowledge about God and different paths of Sadhna . Such people, even if they are not doing any Sadhna or not doing any Tapasya, attain Samadhi eventually. If by stroke of luck such people do not get proper instructions for Samadhi, they are re-born in the household of gentle and not-so- poor parents and start their divine journey from there (As confirmed by Shri Krishna in Geeta too).

Human-Human: These type of people of Rajasic vrittis and they have feeble Sat and Tam in them. They lead a normal and comfortable life. They are not free from greed, lust, proud etc. but they are normally religious and are afraid of God. They normally live in their Dharma and lead their life according to the social strictures and law. They love their families and do charity as long as it does not disturb their own plans. They are kind but may have fights on ego grounds. They lead social life and do religious rituals too. They have faith in their religion/path/sect, but are tolerant towards other faiths and do not indulge in violent clashes with them. They are law-abiding people and remain in some social or religious discipline. In some very rare cases, due to some of their great good Karma, some great soul may come to their life and help them cross the stages early and take them to samadhi in this very life, otherwise they continue their journey upward slowly and they undergo many cycles of life and death thus attaining Deva-Human qualities one by one and finally become a Deva-human.

Animal-Human: They are those Tamasic souls, who have recently evolved to human from animal soul, or have been degraded from human-human status due to some sin. Their chief Guna is Tamoguna and Sat is subtle and Rajoguna increasing. Normally they are poor and uneducated. They are the people who are under full control of Nature and their Hunger, sex, fears etc. are controlled by mother Nature. They have to do manual labour to earn their livelihood and they suffer from poverty and diseases. These types of people either do not know about God or have faint or deformed ideas about God. If they are religious, they are very fanatic about their faith/path/sect and do not tolerate other paths/religions. They behave in clan-mentality and anybody outside their clan is their enemy. Their brain is not evolved enough to understand scriptures or secrets of nature. They are just a little above animal. After many cycles of life and deaths they slowly reach the status of human-human.

sub-Animal(Asura)-Humans: Well this the most dangerous species of human! People with distorted Rajoguna and Tamoguna with Satoguna shadowed with Raj and Tam. People in this category are those who have been degraded from Deva-human, Human-human or demi-gods’ status due to some mistake done. The problem is that they are intelligent, and evolved human beings. They may be very rich or may be senior officers or great leaders. They may be amongst our bosses, our relatives, our gurus or our friends. They enjoy social status, intelligence and riches. Then why they are under sub-animal category ? Because they do what even animals do not do! Animals do not mate with a she-animal if she is not mature and if she is not in heat. But these people may rape a 2 years old girl or a 70 years old lady without remorse. The main three qualities of these people are extreme selfishness, cruelty and hatred. They have lot of energies and they use these energies to manipulate unsuspected innocents to gain their goals. They love none but themselves. They are the ones who arrange tools for mass massacres of innocent people in the name of religion, caste or creed. They belong to none.

If they do charity, it will not be out of kindness, but a conspiracy to gain something bigger. Religion and God have no meaning for them and If they join a meditation group or a guru, their eyes are fixed on the lucrative positions and they push others to reach there. They are down to earth practical and affection, love, kindness charity, etc. are not in their dictionary though they beat their drum on these words to allure others. Because of their position in the society, or their intelligence or their richness, they do get some followers but they use their followers too for their gains, and do not hesitate to manipulate their followers if needed. They may become Spiritual Gurus, leaders, industrialists or officers, but they use their powers to manipulate not to help.

They are below animal levels because animal is driven by instincts or Mother Nature’s plan. If an animal is angry he will show it clearly he will not imitate to wag his tail to befool you. If an animal is in need of sex or food or shelter, it will by its nature try to get them but will not try to imitate that he does not need them. But these types of people, are hypocrites. Their whole life is hypocrisy. What they say they do not mean it…what they do they do not mean it. They speak sweet words keeping poison in heart. They help others keeping in view the benefit to be gained from this. They appreciate for gains, they insult for gains, they live for gains and they kill for gains. They hate everyone. They treat every one in this world as their tool. They have over-confidence in their capabilities and their energies, and since they easily reach higher status, their ego is further nourished.

These people, have no hope for them in this birth. Because neither god, nor a kind guru can help them. Their Ahankara is so big that do not really listen to others’ advises as they think everyone else is less evolved than themselves. They generate so much negative energies that any higher soul can not remain near them. These type of people, after utilising their good karma of past, and after utilising their energies, die and are re-born as either an animal or an animal-human to compensate for the sins they have done.

NOW we can see clearly that a person of a particular category in strict explanation above, is rare. Most of us are a mixture of these. Hence before we do any sadhna, we should first start the Sadhna of humanity. For this we should first analyse ourselves very cruelly like an enemy. Our mind is the biggest cheater we have as friend. It will re-assure us repeatedly that we are right and others are wrong. But we have to take help of our real intelligence to analyse ourselves. We may sit in a comfortable posture for some time and start thinking over our qualities and recognise our deeds as per the categories above. Those who are against us and speak ill of us, may be of some use. Think carefully and see if any of their uttering were right. And you will be surprised to note, if you analyse honestly, that most of their ill talks about us had some basis.

So we should first recognise the sub-animal (asura) attributes in us and remove them immediately because with them NO sadhna will work ! Keeping sub-animal qualities and doing sadhna is like burning a fire and putting water on it simultaneously. We may not be an entirely Asura personality, but we may have some Asura (dis)qualities in milder forms in us. Our aim should be to reach Deva-human stage. But I assure you, that the moment we remove the sub-animal qualities from our character, Nature, God and Guru all will come forward to help us in our journey. If we are not getting any progress in Sadhna, analyse yourself carefully, honestly and cruelly. We may find some sub-animal quality hidden in our mind stopping our progress !

Hari Om Tat Sat







obstacles can be roughly divided into three categories :-

1- Lack of concentration and not getting results

2- malfuntions of emotions/bodily functions

3- Obstacles from nature or fate

Now we will look into these obstacles one by one.

1- Lack of concentration /no results : This is very common obstacle. The reason may be lack of proper knowledge of Sadhna….not finding proper Guru…or wrong techniques used. In this mechanical world it is very difficult to achieve concentration in the beginning. If your sadhna is right and is befitting your personality, soon the concentration/results will set in. Also one has to be very careful in selecting proper meditation. An emotional person trying to do TM, Raja Yoga or Hathha yoga OR a logical person doing Bhakti Yoga, will not get proper results… We should first find out carefully what type of person we are and then start our meditation. Just by reading Meditation Packages , one should not start meditation as it may lead to chaos. Also do not get impressed by big Names and select one as guru. A proclaimed guru may be a higher soul, or may be expert in advertisement…not necessarily a perfect guru. Remember the ultimate Guru is God himself….and it is He only who speaks through human beings to guide you. It is always useful for a beginner to start with simple Mantra (NO beeja mantra) chanting and some simple breathing meditations. Adreamgodus's idea of lighting a candle before meditation is also a very helpful hint to the sub-conscious to calm down. Some relaxing exercises before your sadhna may also help solve this problem (these may seen in earlier posts titled-Relax)

If you see a vision/dream during your sadhna but are baffled on its meaning…do not lose patience. The visions/dreams are shown by nature to guide us on our path. Continue your sadhna and next time you will see the same vision/dream with more clarity…or another vision clarifying the previous one.

2- Disturbance of emotions/body functions: If you find that with your Sadhna your sexual desires are flaring or your outbursts of anger have increased or some unknown hate is surfacing…you should first congratulate yourself as this is not an obstacle but a sign of progress. Whatever is the Sadhna, one is bound to face these emotional turmoils !!! It means our sadhna is working and the purification process has started…..and Mother Nature does not purify by suppressing your complexes but brings them to surface to destroy them. With first stages of sadhna….we start getting bigger energy currents from Kundalini (Not the arousal of Kundalini). Our lower nature which is still strong….grabs these energies and uses them to manifest its lower emotions of sex, anger, hatered, lust etc. If we carefully analyse these outbursts and dismiss them as a purification process..by not doing anything under the pressure….they will change to Positive energies and catalyse the purification process. But if we let these lower energies work…they will again settle in our chakras giving us further troubles…..For this reason Patanjali emphasised on Yama & Niyama before starting Yoga. So anaylse carefully your each emotion work on it and do not work under pressure of these lower energies…that is the only key to success. Sage Vishwamitra who had evolved to such higher planes of consiousness….became so weak in his sexual desires that he gave into Maneka and fell down from his plane. And if our Sadhna is right we are bound to get sexual encounters, anger, hate and lust……Our duty then is to catch them young and change them to positive energies. Survival and Sex are the first actions of our existence and they vanish only in the end. Do not hesitate discussing this with co-sadhakas….who knows god may speak through them to guide you !!!! SATSANG is the key.

3- Natural/karma disasters: Nothing happens in the Universe without a plan of Mother Nature. A small thorn piercing through our body may be a part of the secret plan of the Nature . Some sadhaka while reaching the higher planes face these obstacle of Nature. I know one of my co-sadhka who is very sincere and is dedicated but could not make progress as whenever he starts sadhna within a week he gets one diseases or the other. Some may face social turmoils,, death of near and dear….or poverty……These obstacles are designed by mother nature to purify us. Though a common man also gets boots of karma, but a sadhaka gets it more. When we are advancing Mother Nature stops giving us fruits of our good karma and brings bad karmas only on the surface to destroy them….as she plans a purified and truthfull life for us. That is why most of advance sadhaka…..even some good and gentle persons suffer more. In such a condition we should not lose faith in God and continue. Even if we are unable to perform physical sadhna….thinking over the truth…or chanting a mantra while in bed should be performed. These Natural obstacles can not be removed by mere power of our sadhna or will. the best course is to let the storm calm down. We will surely come out victorious. Do not blame anyone for the plight as we are ourselves responsible for whatever is happening to us. There is a beautiful story in Mahabharata. There was a widow Brahmin lady named Goutami, who lived with her only son. She was very religious and a higher soul. One day a snake bite his son and he died. Goutami was furious as he was the only one she had. She used her yogic powers and summoned the snake and asked him why he killed her son. The snake said," Mother do not be angry with me. I have no personal enemity with your son. It was Kaala (God of time) who asked me to kill this boy as his time on earth finished". Goutami summoned Kaala and demanded as to why he asked snake to kill. The Kaala said," Mother pls forgive me. I have no will of my own. My hands are tied by Vidhata(Godess of fate). She asked me to kill the boy as this was his destiny". Vidhata was called and she said,"Mother forgive me! I do not make fate by my fantasies…but I design the destiny on the basis of one's past karma. Your son had done so many bad karma in past life that he was to die now and u did some bad karma in yr past life so u were to face this grief ".

Goutami forgave the snake, kaala and fate for the plight of her son….as then she knew it was her son himself responsible for his death and nobody else.

Hari OM




I am not a tranrik, or a ritualistic worshipper of Durga. I had some questions unanswered concerning Maya, illusion and our inter-relationship with the universe. Shakti sadhna was the only sadhna which has reply to all these question. Shakti sadhna does not tell us to take universe as illusion or dream. It tells us the reality of the universe , it gives us an understanding of the Tantraa (System/technique) of the Universe and tells us the ways to get out of it. If we are not behind lower siddhis. If we are not interested in using Tantra for taking our revenges or enhancing sexual powers. If we consider God as our beloved and kind someone….shakti sadhna is the answer. If we need enlightenment…if we need Moksha Shakti sadhna is perhaps the fastest way possible.

The main hatered for shaktism is publicised by criticising 5 Ms used in Shakti sadhna viz. Maans (meat), Madira (wine),


Maithun (sex), Meen (fish) and Mudra (spl sign). I do not know what the tantrik do for these 5 Ms, but the real shakti sadhna has altogather different meanings for these 5 Ms. One Great Kali bhakta once told me the real meaning of these 5 Ms.

Madira (wine) - Brahmsthhan sarojpatra lasita brahmandtripti prada….Ya shubhranshu kala sudhavigalita saa paanyogya sura!

(In the sahasradhara lotus (chakra), Chandra kala has gathered a nectar, this sura (wine) is to be drunk (by a Shakti sadhakaa)

Maans (Meat) : Kaam Krodh sulobh moh pa;shu kamshichhatva vivekasina….Maansam nirvishayam pratm sukhadam khadanti tesham budhaa

(You have Kama (sex), krodha (anger), Lobha (greed), Moha ( false affection), these animals in you. O shakta take the sword of regular Viveka (good intelligence) and sacrifice these animals to the Mother and eat their meat (finish the residue).

Meena (Fish) : Ahamkaro dambho mada pishunata matsardwisham…shdetanminaan vai v8ishya harjalen vidhritaan

(Dwesh (jealousy), maan (self-appraisal), Dambha (ego-ahamkaar) these fishes are swimming in the Chitta (mind) of worshipper who should catch them, fry them and eat them (recognise them and destroy them)

Mudraa (sign) : Mudra is like asana in Rajyoga. When shakti is evoked certain organs of the worshipper take a special shape to let the energies flow evenly. Mudra is practiced while worshipping, to avoid stoppage of energy.

Maithun (sexual-act): Kula Kundali Shakti Dehini Dehdharini…tathha shivasya samyogo maithunam parikirtittam

(The body of worshipper has kundalini shakti (feminine power)…its mating with the Shiva (male power) in Sahasrachakra (crown chakra) is a real Maithun (sex) for the Shakta.



There are four types of forces used by the consiousness. these are Pashu bala (animal force), Manav bala (force of man), Deva bala (force of the gods) and Asur bala (force of the demons)…..but there is the greatest Force of Ishwar Bala (Force of the GOD). these four forces can not stand the Power of the God.. Mahishasur had great animal force, but was killed by Mother herself. Kauravas had lot of human force but were defeated by 5 Pandavas. Ravana had lot of Asura Bala but was defeated by Shri Rama. Lord Indra is the chief of gods is full of Deva bala, but Shri Krishna defeated Indra in a moment.

We human beings have in us all these forces always working through us. We have animal instincts, we have human weaknesses, we have egoistic force….but we have in us the Force of God also, a force which is stronger than all other balas togather.….and this Force of God in us is Durga, the mother, the Shakti.

We can evoke this Force of God, by Worshipping this Energy directly by treating her as our Mother, because these force has made our bodies. this force has evolved us from a single celled plant to an intelligent human being. This Force is still taking us slowly towards the eternal Truth. If we directly invoke this power and tune ourselves with her….our evolution may increase manyfolds.

That is why Durga Saptshati sings

Ya devi sarva bhuteshu Budhi roopen sansthhita

namastaye..namastasaye..namastasaye namo nama

Here Durga Saptshati recognise the Energy in us as Buddhi (intelligence), Shakti (force), Matri (Mother), Maya (illusion) etc. and worships her.

In Geeta Shri Krishna says " Pitahamasya jagto Mataa Dhataa Pitamaha…Vedam Pavitromkaar riksmyajureve cha.

Means I alone, is the sustainer of this universe, giver of fruits of karmas, Father, Mother and grand father. I am worth knowing Omkaar, rigveda Samved and Yajurveda too.

This sholka confirms that Shakti is not a separate god or power. It is the will power of the supreme consciousness and is not a separate entity.

Brahm in action is Shakti. Brahm in action is Durga, the mother and while destroying his will power is Kali.



Shakta philosophy indicates that the supreme consiousness divides itself into Shiva and Shakti. Shiva is active force hence called male and shakti is the activity and is called female force. The combinations of these two forces creates the Universe.

Dasha Mahavidya (Ten great knowledges) explains that one consiousness downgrades itsself into 10 roles. Hence one supreme consciousness looks like ten different consciousnesses. These ten Purusha and their ten forces togather make, sustain and destroy the universe. The knowledge about these 10 forces is called Dasha-Mahavidya. These ten Mahavidya (great knowledges) are :-


--------------------------- --------------------------

1 - Mahavidya Mahakali & Mahakaal

2- Shri vidya Tara & Akshobhya

3- Siddha Vidya( I) Shodashi & Panchvaktra Shiva

4- siddha Vidya (ii) Bhuvaneshari & Traymbak Shiva

5- Vidya Chhinmastaka & Kabandha

6-Siddha vidya (iii) Bhairavi & Kaal Bhairav

7-vidya (ii) Dhoomavati (alone)

8- siddha vidya(iv) Baglamukhi & Ekvaktra shiva

9 - vidya (iii) Matangi & Matang

10 -vidya (iv) Kamla & Sadashiv Vishnu

The knowledge of Ten Mahavidyas is very sacred and secret. One gets Moksha if, one gets to know all these knowledges. Even complete knowledge of any of these removes ignorance and makes one a Siddha.

Having no practical and ritual knowledge of these mahavidyas I can only theoretically tell what these vidyas are as gathered from different sources.

To my knowledge, these ten vidyas, deal with the Universe and its manifestations which have been ignored by Vedic ways calling it Maya. This knowledge tells us how the universe is evolved, sustained and destroyed. These vidyas are concerned with the evolution of Sun, which is Hiranyagarbha for us, and with the forces which are responsible for our solar system. Though these vidyas are true for any solar system in the universe.

1- Mahakali & Maha Kaal : when the whole universe is in great darkness of Tama…when there is no light and no life….when Sun is not yet manifested. when All living beings sleep unmanifested in the Excellence, that time the consiousness is called Mahakaal and its force is called Mahakali. Her time is from 12 night to dawn. Mahakali is worshipped and explained as below :-

Shavarudhan mahabhima ghordamshtram hasanmukhim

chaturbhuja khadagmundvarabhayakaram shivam

mundmaladharam devi laljivahm digambraam

aivam sanchitayet kalim shamshanalayvasinim

(This Mahakali is riding a dead body. Her body is fierce. Her teeth are dangerous. She is laughing. she has four hands. One hand has a weapon, one has a severed head, one is in Abhaya Mudra (giving solace) and one is in Vara Mudra (sign of giving boons). She has garland of skulls. Her tongue is hanging out. Cremation ground is her residence.)

Worshipping Mahakali, one becomes free from ignorance, Tama and is alive even after Maha Pralaya. She gives Moksha to those who worship her without any desire, with faith and devotion.

2- Tara & Akshobhaya : The atoms lying in the universe are gathered and swirled around…and by friction and acute gravitational force, Fire is produced….and Sun is born. this new born sun is Akshobhya and his force is called Tara. Tara remains happy till sun is getting his food (hydrogen atoms). The day his food will finish…Tara will become Ugratara (angry force) and will destroy all the life patrons in the solar system.

Tara is a second degeneration of Mahakali. Tara is also worshipped by Buddhists and many great siddhis are achieved by worshipping her.

3- Shodashi & Panchvaktra Shiva : Sun is manifested and it starts getting regular food and the yajna starts…Tara is satisfied and it changes the consciousness into Panchvaktra Shiva and herself turns into Shodhashi (literary meaning beautiful girl of sixteen years). This is the time when Sun is in full manifestation and is working to sustain the universe

Here Panchavaktra Shiva means Lord shiva with Five faces (viz. Tatpurusha, Sadyojaat, Vaamdeva, Aghor & Ishaan)….in otherwords…the supreme consciousness works on the universe as Brahmaa, Vishnu, Indra, Agni and Som.

This Shodashi force manifests the Human and develops her faculties. All the three Lokas (Bhu, Bhuva, Swah) are manifested by this force. shodashi imprisons the planets to keep around the Sun and make all obey the rules of the solar system. Those who do not obey her rules are destroyed by her immediately…but those who follow her rules are kept happy by her. Shodashi is above Bramhaa, vishnu, Rudra, and Yama and they all follow her rules. She is also known as Tripurasundari and is worshipped as :-

Balaa karmandlaabhaasam chaturbaha trilochanama

pasha ankush shramshchapam dharyanti shivam bhaje.

those who worhip Shodashi becomes master of the universe. He can fulfil any of his desires.

4 - Bhuvaneshari & Trayambakam Shiva : Sun has been manifested…all the planet systems are in place. All the three lokas have been manifested….and now SHE is changed into Bhuvaneshawari to look after and sustain the universe. This force is responsible for arranging food for every being in the unvierse. she takes care of 8.4 million types of living beings ..she arranges for their food and looks after their evolution.

She is worshipped as :-

Udyadin dyutimindu kiritam tungkucham nayantrayauktam

smermukhi vardamksh pasha bhitikram prabhaje bhuvneshim.

worshipping Bhuvneshari brings happiness and many siddhis.

5- Chhinamastaka & Kabandh Shiv: In this universe, all beings live by exchanging something. One live on others…For example….sun is sending its heat to the earth. If we keep a bucket of water outside…whole day sun rays will heat up the water…and in the evening even if sun is not there…the water will remain hot. It shows some portion of the Sun was separated from him and was mixed in the water. Plants are giving their part to animals who are giving their proteins to humans and humans are re-planting vegetabels etc. to complete the circle.

The force which arranges all this is called Chhinnamastaka. Her name means a goddess without head. It indicates separation of valuable part of the sun to be used by living beings for sustaining life. At the time of Maha Pralaya (final destruction of universe) chhinnamastaka stops sustaining and destroys the inter-relations between beings and life comes to an end in our solar system.

worshipping chhinmastaka brings fearlessness and many siddhis.

6 - Bhairavi & Kaal Bhairav : chhinnamastaka is responsible for Maha Pralaya but Bhairavi is responsible for Nitya pralaya (regular destruction) of the universe. Her Shiv is called Kaal Bhairav or Yama. They both are responsible for destruction of living beings so that new bodies are born and soul evolves further. She is also called Tripura Bhairavi. This force destroys living beings, planets, stars, etc. in all the three lokas.

Worshipping Bhairavi, one become fearless and rich…he can grant boons to others and remove their fears etc.

7 - Dhumavati : This is the only force in the universe which is without a male couterpart with her (consciousness)…hence she is also called a widow. All Kaleshas, poverty, pains, grief, are incited by her. She is dressed like a beggar with torn clothes and her visit brings death of son, death of husband, hunger, thirst, draughts, amputation of limbs and other such problems.

Her other name is Daridra too which means eternal poor. She is a demonic force which creates problems for living beings.

Worshipping dhumavati one wins over pain, grief and poverty.

8 - Baglamukhi & Ekvaktra Shiva : We have seen that sometimes we get premonitions about our near and dears…some animals can guess the oncoming earthquakes, storms etc. dogs can smell the presence of living persons under the debris. this is possible due to a special prana shakti emanating from living beings …which is called Athharva. The force which manifests this prana is called Baglamukhi. she is very famous among Tantriks and her Siddhi is thought to be a presitigious sidhi. Her worship mantra is

Jivhagramadaye karn devim vamien shatrun paripidyantim

gadabhighaten cha dakshinen pitambra dwibhujam namami.

Baglamukhi’s whoship brings safety from disease and enemies. She is also misused by some tantriks to take revenges on enemies.

9 - Matangi & Matangshiv : This force is responsible for granting desired fruits for the living beings. Nothing more is known about her

10 - Kamla & Sadashiv : Kamla is the opposite force of Dhumavati. Though Dhumavatis is elder sister and Kamla is younger, yet Dhumavati is demonic while Kamal is divine. Dhumavati is poverty, Kamla is Laxmi. Whatever problems are given by dhumavati to the living beings…kamala tries to compensate them with good fruits…by removing their grief, pain, poverty etc. Worshipping Kamla brings happiness riches and disease free life.

So these are the Ten Mahavidyas…..and all Tantriks in the world are in one way or the other worshipping these force.

But this is only for way of information, that these have been mentioned here. Because getting siddhis of these Yoginis is a very ritualistic, dangerous and risky sadhna…..these sadhnas can not be done without a guru…and any self trial may lead to making any of these forces angry and destroying our life.

The best manifestation of the Eternal Energy is that of a Mother…where without a guru, without correct pronunciation of a mantra, without any rituals….one weeps for the mother without any wordly desires…and that eternal force comes down to our being…making us pure taking us like a baby …starts cariang for us…..

that Mother who is all around present…the mother who is leader of all other forces of the universe, the mother who is always ready to help her ignorant children…the mother who is working hard to bring her children to the realms of eternal truth and light….is the one whom we should worship without any desire….just out of love and faith.

Aham raashtri sangamini vasunam chikitushi prathhma


tam maa deva vyaddhu purutra bhuristhhanam bhuryaveshyantim

I (the eternal shakti) is the owner of this universe. I am the giver of all types of satisfication and wealth. I am the giver of the knowledge which gives Moksha. I am inside all living beings in differrent roles….all devas worship me

Maya so annamatti yo vipashyati yah praniti ya yirinotyuktam

amantavo mam ta upakshyiyanti shruddhi shrut shraddhivam te vadami

A living being eats, sees, breathes, and does work..and all this is done by me. those who do not accept me but think they are doing they do not evolve (to moksha)..What ever I say should be listened carefully and with devotion.

Aum Shri Mahakalikaye namah


Anhad Naad

Bible says a great truth "In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was God". And this truth is further expanded in Hinduism under the title Anhad Naad (eternal resonance)

Anhad naad has been a subject of mainly sufis, faqirs and revolutionary saints, who wanted to remove our doubts from the various forms of devas and creating a rift and confusion among their followers.

Anahad Naad is vedanta, it is the integration of all theories into sound aspect of Brahma (Sabad-Brahma).

Guru Nanak, Kabir, Raidaas, Bulle Shah, Radhaswami etc had been associated with Anhad Naad.

Kabir Says " Kahat Kabir Anand bhayo hai, bajat anhad bol re" Kabir says now the I have started listening to Anhad Naad and I am in spiritual ecstasy.

Bulle shah said "Anhaad naad drig theyi theyi baaje"….The eternal sound is sounding like drums and my whole being is dancing with joy".

What is Anhad Naad. Literally it means the sound which is created without vibration of a physical subject. Normally we hear sound when some thing physical (like our vocal chords or skin of drum etc) vibrates and sound waves reach our ears and they start resonating with the vibrations and our mind translates that vibrations according to the information available in its store.

But when the world started Manfesting, it started with an eternal soundless sound (of Aummmm)….which further divided itself into 50 basic sounds. With sadhna we can catch those preliminary sounds which have since lost in time.

Listening to those soundless sounds and finally reaching the sound of Aum is called Nada Anusandhana in Hindu philosophy. Nada-anusandhaan sadhaka say that any one who starts listening to the sound of Aum…gets Moksha. In a way this is truth also…as listening to a particular sound means, our mind resonates on that vibration and is thus away and above the physical plane…and finally when it resonates the sound of AUM it is one with the supreme consciousness,….it is one with the Brahma, paramshiva, Krishna or Durga.

It is also said, that any one who has even grasped the first Anhad naad, is free from painful death and he goes straight to the psychic level of that sound after death.

Naad Sadhna is very simple and only thing required for Naad sadhna is concentration, purity of thoughts and Yama Niyama (of course). One may sit in a comfortable Asnana…and closing his ears with both hands…try listening to the humming sound produced by the mind (natural to all beings). in the beginning 10-15 mnts are sufficient. When one gets concentration…he will feel that there is another feeble sound behind the bzzzzing of the mind. Try listening to that feeble sound while ignoring the normal humming….and after some days we will start listening that back ground sound,…and we will enter the universe of Naad. As per Swami Nayananand Saraswati, there are 10 planes of consciousness which have their peculiar sounds which can be listened by this sadhna.

1 - Samharak Deva loka --- Sound first as chin-chin then anklets

2- Palam deva loka ----------- Sound as that of roaring of the ocean

3- Srijak Deva Loka-----------Sound as that of Mridunga (drum like )

4- Sahasaradal loka ----------Sound as of Conch

5- Ananda Loka ---------------Sound as of Trumpet

6- Chidanada Loka------------Sound as of sweet flute

7- Satchitananada Loka------Sound as of veena

8- Akahanda Ardhmatra-----Sound as roaring of Lion

9- Agam Loka ------------------Sound as of many flute like instruments

10- Alakh Loka----------------- Sound as of Nightangle

After these 10 lokas there are another secret 26 lokas…and finally the sound of AUM, the sound of eternal creative force of the universes.

But even if we are doing any other sadhna, we may still listen to some sounds and most common of them are heard by those who are doing Mantra Japa…When Mantra is done by Mental repetition only,.then slowly some sounds are heard. These sounds may be like

1- Some People singing together…words not understood

2- Some high pitched voice speaking our name

3- Laughing sound

4- sudden flash of thunderbolt

5- Water flowing smoothly.

6- Some people talking in a strange language

7- continuous sound of flute or any such instrument


These sounds denote that a sadhka’s mind has established in a particular plane of consciousness…and it denotes progress in sadhna.

Hari Aum




The Universe is a manifestation of one supreme conscsiousness. Different stages of manifestation develop certain gods and shaktis. Tantraa is the only philosophy in hinduism which has scientifically and logically explained this manifestation (apparent division) of the Supreme Consciousness.

In the Sadhna of 10 Mahavidyas, the worship is started with :-

1- Aum Atam tattvaye Swahaa

2- Aum Vidya tattvaye Swahaa

3- Aum Shiva Tattvaye Swahaa

4- Aum Sakal tattvaye Swahaa

These beginning Mantra explain the mystery of the manifestation, the mystery of the Universe and the mystery of Shiva and shakti. It denotes that there are 4 Tattawas (elements) in the Eternal Truth viz. Turiya Tattwa, Shiva Tattwa, Vidya Tattwa and Atama Tattwa.

Turiya -Tattawa : It is the supreme consciousness. Turiya is beyond the Universe, away from the gunas and is unattached and unconcerned. This Turiya Tattawa has in it the whole universe, Shiva and shakti as a whole tree is sleeping in a tiny seed. In the first division of consciousness, this Turiya Tattawa sees itself divided into Shiva-Tattawa.

Shiva-Tattawa contains:

1-ParamShiva : The consciousness, who has one desire in it of manifesting as Universse is called Shiva (or param shiva)

2- Shakti : The desire of Shiva to manifest as Universe is called Shakti

Vidya -Tattawa :

1- Sadashiva : When Paramshiva is filled with the vritti (thought-wave) that I am the Universe and this Universe is within in, then that division of the consciousness is called Sadashiva.

2- Ishwara (god): When consciousness is filled with the Vritti that there is a Universe and I am its master, then that portion of Sadashiva is called Ishwara or God.

3- Vidya : The Vritti of Ishwara which makes him feel that he is God is called Vidya.



Shakti Temples of North India

India is a land of temples and one will find temple of a god or goddess in almost every village. I am here giving details of some famous and Siddha Shakti temples in North India. I am giving details of only those temples where I have personally gone and felt the holy vibrations. Other bhaktas may supplement the information with details of other temples.

I am going to write some details about the following Shakti Temples :-

1- Yogmaya Temple (Delhi)

2- Kali Temple (Okhla Delhi)

3- Kalka Temple (Haryana)

4- Sri Vaishno Devi (Kashmir)

5- Jwalamukhi Temple (Himachal Pradesh)

6- Chintapurni Temple (Himachal Pradesh)

7- Vidyaeshwari Devi (Kangra)

8 - Kaali Mathha (Himalayas)

9- Nayna Devi (Nainital-Uttar Pradesh)

10-Chamunda Temple (Himachal Pradesh)

1- YOGMAYA Temple (Delhi). This is a very old temple and is also a shakti-Peethha. Yogmaya is form of eternal Mother and it is said that she once took birth at the house of Nand and was replaced by Krishna’s father to save Krishna. The little girl was brought back to the prison and when Kansa wished to kill the girl, she slipped from his hands and stood in the sky and told Kansa that his Killer has already taken birth…From there Yogmaya vanished at the place, where this temple is made. The temple was first got constructed by Yudhhishtara, the eldest brother of Pandavas (Mahabharata). There is no idol in the temple, but like Kamakhya temple, Yogmaya is worshipped in Yoni-form here. Meat alcolhol etc is strictly banned in this temple and the Devi is worshipped purely by Sattvic ways. Yogmaya temple is near Qutub Minaar in New Delhi.

Yogmaye Mahalaxmi Narayani Namostutey.

KALI Temple. On the south eastern side of Delhi, near Okhla village, there is a small hillock, where there is a very old temple of Mahakali. This is also a Siddha Temple and Mother Kali is worshipped here in Pindi Form (a round stone of black color). It is said that this temple was also constructed by Pandavas. The temple is visited by millions of devotees, but the management of the temple is not upto mark and I wish they should keep the temple clean.

KALIKA DEVI Temple : In the fifth chapter of Durga Saptshati, it is written that when demon Shumbha and Nishumbha troubled the devas they went to Himalaya and started worshipping Devi Vishnu-maya, so that they are saved from the demons. Meanwhile Mother Parvati passed from there and asked the devas whom were they worshipping. On this Mother Shiva came out of the body of Parvati and told that the gods were worshipping Her. Since Kaushaki separated from Mother Parvati, she became black colored. It is said that this was the place where this incident happened. Mother Kalika is worshipped in this very old temple.

How to reach there : There is regular train and bus service from Delhi for Kalka city. Kalka city is on the border of Haryana and Himachal pradesh and is about 250 Kms from Delhi. The Temple is about 1 Km from main bus stand.

Sri VAISHNO DEVI temple: This is a very famous temple in the region of Jammu and Kashmir and is the most famous temple in the North. Every year Millions of people visit there. during Navaratras this temple is so crowded that one has to wait for 2/3 days to have darshan of the Mother Vaishno.

Once in Jammu hills, Mother manifested as a teen aged beautiful girl. She was worshipped by many. Mother Vaishno (vaishno also means vegetarian in Punjabi language) used to refute the Pancha makaras and told her bhaktas to worship the mother in Sattvic ways only not through meat, whisky sacrifice etc.

Once she arranged a big yajna and showed the villagers, the non sacrifical way to please the Mother. A famous Tantrik of Vama marga Saint Bhairav heard of this girl and he reached when the Yagya was being performed. When Mother Vaishno was distributing alms to the poor, Bhairav stood there and asked if she is real Devi she should creat Meat and whisky by her powers and give it to him. Mother vaishno refused. Bhairav doubted the genuinity of the girl and tried to molest her telling her that he will teach her the Panch Makaras. Mother Vaishno ran towards the hills and Bhairav followed her. When out of village, she asked Bhairava to return as she was agains violence, but Bhairava was admant to catch her. She flew into the air and hid herself in a small cave, but Bhairava waited outside. When she saw he will not go like this, she came out Manifested as Mother Kali…showed Bhairava her three manifestatations of Maha Laxmi, Maha Saraswaati and Maha Kali and severed his head. Bhairava’s head flew in the air and fell at another hill. Villagers also reached there and before disappearing there, she told them," Bhairava was my great Bhakta but he was not complete. Yet taking pity on him I have given him Moksha by killing his body. His torso will remain on the gate of this cave and head will remain up the hill. Saying this she disappeared into three Pindis (round stones). These three stones are worshipped as Mahalaxmi, Mahasaraswati and Mahakali there. There is a Bhairava temple up the hill and it is a myth that we should visit the Bhairava temple on return only.

It is said that Mother Vaishno Devi fulfils the desires if one goes there with pure heart. We can find thousands of people who will confirm how their life was changed due to the kindness of Mother Vaishno Devi. Famous Music company owner Gulshan Kumar was a live example of this, who had a small fruit juice shop in Darya Ganj Delhi, and became a billionaire with his undaunted faith in Vaishno Devil. Islamic fundamentalists have many times threatened to destroy the holy cave of Vaishno Devi, but so far they have not succeeded.

How to reach there: Vaishno Devi is about 800 Kms from Delhi. There are many trains from Delhi to Jammu Tawi which will take you to Jammu within a night’s comfortable journey. From Jammu one can take a local bus, or Taxi to Katraa village which is about 2 hours journey through beautiful hills. From Katra there is a tracking of about 12 Kms. The tracking is not tiring and there is good arrangement of light and shops in the way. One can reach the cave the same day and stay there overnight and return the next day. There are hundreds of Dharamshalas (free inns) near the cave and in Katra village. There is also a very old Shiva temple 2 kms down the cave of Vaishno Devi but only selected few can reach there as the route is very dangerous.



CHINTAPURNI temple : This is also a Siddhha pithha. There is a black colored Pindi of Mother Chhinmastaka, which is worshipped as Chintapurani (meaning devi who removes worries). It is also said that Sati’s head fell here.(sati -lord shiva’s wife). This temple too is very famous among Tantriks as it is one angle of the Tantrik Triangle of 3 temples (chintapurni,jwalamukhi, kangra). One will feel the holy vibrations if visiting with pure heart and devotion.The temple is well managed and Himachali people are well behaved and honest. Chintapurni is around 480 Kms from Delhi. Those who go by car take the route Delhi-Ambala-Chandigarh-Roopnagar-Nangal-Amb-chintapurni.

There are 3-4 direct buses from Delhi which will take you to Chintapurni in 8 hours. If one wishes to go by train, one has to take Nangal Express from Delhi to Unaa and then take a taxi/bus for further 2 hours journey to the temple.

JAWALAMUKHI Temple : Mother Jwalamukhi (means with the face of fire). In this temple the eternal Mother is worshipped as blue fire. This temple is the second angle of the Shakti Trikon (Tantrik triangle), and is equally loved by Bhaktas and tantriks. Here Sati’s tongue fell after Shri Vishnu cut her dead body into pieces. There is no idol in this temple, but there are seven blue flames coming out of cracks in the rocks and they have been burning like this for thousands of years. These seven flames are seven manifestations of the mother. Sometimes during Navaratras one can see all nine flames but that is very rare and those who see all nine are thought to be blessed by the Mother.

This is my favourite temple and I have got many blessings and seen many miracles here. During the regime of Mogul emperor Akbar, Bhakta Dhyanu was known for his love for Mother Jawalamukhi. He used to take big processions to the temple during Navaratras. Once when Akbar saw his procession, he was curious as he had never heard of such devi. Though Akbar was not Islamic fanatic, yet he wanted to see if Jwalamukhi has some powers. He ordered his men to go to Jwalamukhi and extinguish the flame by putting iron casings around them. The order was carried but the seven flames melted the iron casing and came out. Then under his orders a small river was dug from nearby water source and the rivulet was left open over the flames so that they die but the flames started burning above the level of the water. Akbar was impressed and he visited Jwalamukhi on foot and asked for Mother’s blessings . The river and iron casing is still there in the temple. People bathe with that river water before entering the holy temple.

How to reach : Jawalamukhi is 17 Kms from Chintapurni and is around 500 kms from Delhi. There is a direct bus service from Delhi for Jwalamukhi. If going by train one can go to Pathhankot from Delhi and from Pathhankot one will get a small train, which goes into the hills, through beautiful terrain upto Jwalamukhi road from where the temple is around 8 Kms.

VIDYESHWARI DEVI temple: This is the third angle of the Great Shakti Triangle. This temple is very old too and is a siddha peetha. Mother Vidyeshwari devi is also called Nagarkot devi. The original temple was destroyed during the earthquake of 1905, and now a trust is re-building this temple as per the Tantrik traditions. Here also the mother is worshipped as Pindi and there is a beautifully carved Vag-Yantra before the pindi of Devi.

How to reach: This temple is 17 Kms from Jawalamukhi and one can get regular buses/taxies from Jawalamukhi for this temple.

Kaali Mathha: Once Raktabeej demon started troubling the gods, and all gods worshipped Devi Bhagwati for their rescue. Mother appeared before devas as Mahakali and assured them to help them get their glory back. It is said that this the place where all devas worshipped Devi. There is hardly a Tantrik in India who has not visited this shrine. The temple complex has three temples of Maha Laxmi, Maha Kali and Maha Saraswati. There is a small water pond also where bhaktas take bath before entering the temple. The temple is in a far distant place and is surrounded by dense forests and snow clad mountain peaks. It is on a height of 9000 feet above see level, and the temple is opened only twice during both the Navratras of the year. During Navratras Ashtami (8th day), a Tantrik Yagya is performed in which 125,000 Ahutis are offered. Nearby there is Kaal shila on which 64 Yantras are depicted for Devi and all her yoginis (sub-shaktis). It is said that One Japa of Devi here is equal to thousands of japa at other places. Many Shaktas may be seen here doing Durga-Saptashati japa, and other Tantrik Japas here.

It is also said, that those who are not yet ready for Mother’s blessings, can not reach here. The Kali Mathha is about 150 miles from Haridwar near Kedar Peak of Himalaya.

Nayna Devi Temple : This temple is situated in beautiful hill station of Uttar Pradesh. It is said that one of the eyes of Sati fell here. The original temple was very very old, but it was destroyed in 1880 when the mountain above temple burst and destroyed the whole village. The present temple is about 50 years old. There is a beautiful lake before the temple. This lake is mentioned as Tri-rishi sarovar in Skandpuran. Three rishis (sages) are Sage Atri, Sage Pulatsya and sage Pulaha. This lake is now called Nainital, on the name of the temple and the city is also called Nainital.

How to reach : Nainital is about 240 Kms from Delhi and there is regular bus service from Delhi to Nainital. By train one can go upto Kathgodam city which is directly linked with Delhi by train. From Kathhgodam, one can reach Nainital by bus/taxi in 2 hours