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The Homepage for Scott Hagie, the homepage that is ready to serve all your needs, whatever they may be. Over here we have the unofficial FAQ for the World Famous KROQ FM newsgroup alt.fan.kroq.

Or you can step right this way for my FAQ on decoding all those binaries on that Usenet thing.

Or if you have enough dirty pictures to keep you busy for a while, and you would just like to keep surfing, step right this way for the next packet bound for other interesting links.

If you have been wandering amongst the vast expanse of junk pages out there long enough, and feel like it's time for someone with a dream and and some talent to set up a web page, a good place to start your own is at , which offers free home pages for non-commercial use.

And if you have the dream but not the talent, then take a look at my resume. I do HTML (up to CGI, working on Java), C, Hardware, and lot's of other stuff, and am currently available. Check it out.

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Scott Hagie, hagie@netcom.com
December 1, 1996