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to the past Reenactors of the 6th Tennessee Company G

"Never was there a better group in the hobby."
Andy "Pissy" Swanson
Dave "Pa" Pasbrig
Greg "Peaches" Piklapp
Jerry "Hoss" Williams
Pat Kelly
Chris "Parts" Pasbrig
Paul Hansen
Luke Hansen
Larry "Boohead" Nigh
Mike Ryan
Evan Tepoel
And who could forget these memorable characters....
Hezikiah the Cigar Smoking Louse (Unit Mascot)
The Great Commanding Pumpkin
And now wives that allowed their husbands to participate in this madness...
(And they even participated themselves!!!!)
Jenny Kelly
Kathy Williams
And now some Sappy Words from Dave about the 6th...
The reenacting 6th is gone.  With the passing of each day the memories fade and some disappear. 
I have to sit and think, sometimes I have to ask, do you remember?

Do you remember?

The rainy Keokuk where we gave up on trying to be dry and ended up soaked and mud covered?

Do you remember?

The night at Boscobel when we tied Larry's and Greg's shoelaces together while they slept?

Do you remember?

Stripping down and batheing in the flood waters at Pinicon Ridge?

Do you remember?

Trying to dry our socks at the Shiloh national event, only to have it rain again?
Do you remember?

Challenging the weather at Boscobel, only to have to clouds open up and give us a downpour?

Yes I remember all this.  And so much more.  Each of those memories mean so much to me and still there is so much I am forgeting.

There is one thing I will never forget and carry with me to the grave.  That is how so many strangers separated by distance, age and other factors became such good friends.  No, not friends, Family.

We were drawn together, through a common interest in the American Civil War, each of us dedicated to accurately portraying the life of the common soldier/civilian of that conflict so long ago.

As the days turned into months and the months into years, the bonds became much more than mutual interest in history.  They became friendship.  As friends we shared not only in the hobby but in each others lives.  In and out of the hobby.  We were there for each others triumphs and when someone fell we helped pick them up.

It wasn't friendship anymore, it was family.

Now the unit is gone, but the bond remains, still as strong as they had ever been.  Many of us have moved on, some to distances far removed, others with lives to busy to allow them to reenact, but we all remain near and dear to each other.

And that is what I am truly grateful for.  My years in the 6th with all my family.  The 6th and those members of the 6th will always be the best. 

Do you remember?

Yes, I remember.

-dave  March 2004
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This picture is for Pissy.  If you wanna know why I posted it you will have to ask him.  HAHAHAHAHA
Pissy's Pet Saltpork on a leash.