***Alex Chilton, Big Star & The Box Tops***

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Interviews & Reviews

Check out this EXCELLENT Alex Chilton interview from the newspaper The Bob from the May-June 1987 issue Originally published out of Wilmington, Delaware this paper established a large readership in N.Y.C.'s East Village!!!

Click here for the Alex Chilton interview from Guitar Player's September 1994 - Songwriting Issue.

Here's the review of the November 8th, 1995 Big Star Reunion Show at Tramps, N.Y.C. from The Aquarian Weekly

Jeff the Joker meets Alex Chilton (Again) - The Acme Underground
May 3, 1998, 2 A.M.


Check out this extremely cool *autographed* postcard of Alex. This image was used for the sleeve of the rare "Bangkok" 7" single!

Click here for a photo of Jon Auer at Tramps, N.Y.C. with Big Star - November 8, 1995!

Click here for a photo of Ken Stringfellow and Jody Stephens taken outside of Tramp's - November 16, 1996!!!

For a shot of Alex Chilton outside of Tramps - November 16, 1996 - click here!

Alex at the Knitting Factory - February 13, 1997

Here's another of Mr. Chilton at the Knitting Factory

The Ultra-Rare Promo Poster for Big Star's November 8, 1995 gig at Tramp's, N.Y.C.!

Check out this cool flyer for the Box Tops gigs at Tramp's, N.Y.C. from June 21, 1997!

The impossible to obtain Alex Chilton - Acoustic By Candlelight CD, complete with front and back liner images, track listing and liner notes!

***New Pics!***

Check these guys out: LX & Mike Frantic !!!

What's your sign girl? LX with Vivian Darkbloom! Discussing astrology, baby!

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