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I Remember Arnold
I Remember Arnold

I remember Kakky Hargreaves
As if 'twer Yestermorn'
Kakky, Kakky Hargreaves
Son of Mr. Vaughn.

He used to be so grundie
On him little bike
Riding on a Sundie
Funny little tyke

Yes, I remember Katty Hairbeam
As if 'twer yesterday
Katthy, Kathy Hairbeam
Son of Mr. May

Arriving at the station
Always dead on time
For his destination
Now He's dead on line
(meaning he's been got by a train or something)

And so we growt and bumply
Till the end of time,
Humpty dumpty bumply
Son of Harry Lime.

Bumbleydy Hubledy Humbley
Bumdley Tum. (Thank You)

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