Archive news- January 1999
Work begins on this site, although it won't be open for the public to see until the end of March.
On January 11th, a new Alexia website "Alexia fanpage" was opened. The website is by Dutch fan Youri Gispen.

"Keep on movin'" will not be released in the UK, according to DWA and Alexia's UK management INCredible. The single is also not available in The Netherlands.

Work has started on a new album, due to be released in either Spring or late `99.

DWA have said once and for all that there was no Remix album `98, and that "Fan Club" Christmas version, was released in Finland instead. However, it turned out that there was a Remix album `98 (see August `99 news)

Alexia didn't start her year off very well as she went down with Flu and spent the first days of the year in bed. Anyway, Alexia said that she had a great Christmas. She said to one interviewer: "Luckily Christmas is by now long gone but I'm sure everyone feels a little bit nostalgic thinking back on everything that happened on New Years Eve. Even though I worked hard, I still had a great time and even got to meet Alex britti. I really like him. he has a great voice that he uses well and if that's not enough, he's also an excellent guitarist!"

Alexia has been seeing what her future holds, by reading her horoscope, she said: "I'm Taurus which means taht I have a strong character and I don't worry much. I'm used to trying hard to get what I want without asking too much from the stars! However, I've heard that this years going to be a difficlut one for Tauruses with problems arising due to some unkind planets... Let's keep our fingers crossed!"

Alexia Visits School

It's 8 o'clock and you're trudging to school thinking of the first lesson that you have to do: a boring music lesson!! You reach the gates just before 9 o'clock where there seems to be some kind of commotion going on and you can't seem to work out why, when as you walk through the door who should be sat there in your teacher's seat but Alexia!!!

Alexia visited a school in italy and spent the morning discussing with students the differences of 'being' and 'appearing' in the show business world. She gave advice to some of the students who are working on video clips with some of the 'tricks of the trade' and also sang her hit songs acappella, driving the students wild!

It is during these discussions that Alexia commented about the sacrifices she has to make to keep up with this intense lifestyle plus the advantages and disadvantages of fame. She remembered the first difficult steps at the beginning of her career but says how she managed to overcome these thanks to the support of her family.