Archive news- July 2000- August 2001
This period of time saw me take a break from my site for college studies. Durign this time Alexia seemed to take a break from the music world. The main news items from this period of time were:

August 2000:

Alexia leaves Robyx

Not long after the release of "The hits" Alexia announced that she was leaving her producer of five years, Robyx (aka Roberto Zanetti) so that she could pursue different styles of music and not just eurodance. This move also meant that she would no longer be part of the DWA records team. Whilst fan opinion of this news has been divided, I would like to thank DWA for all their hard work and help they have given me over the past few years.

Alexia has planned to co-produce her next album with Massimo Marcolini, the guitarist from her Italy 2000 tour. This will most likely mean that Alexia will also take a more ative part in the writing of the music for her songs, and not juts the lyrics.

November 2000:

Alexia duets with opera singer

Alexia's duet with Italian opera singer  and film star Gianni Morandi "Non ti dimentichero (I will not forget)" was released as a single in Italy in November. This song has made Alexia even more famous in her home country. The tracklisting for the CD is:

1) Non Ti Dimenticheṛ (Radio Version)
2) Canzone Libera
3) Volevo Farti Innamorare
4) Non Ti Dimenticheṛ (Album Version)

The single is available from Italian online store

May 2001

New single released

After nearly a year out from music (with the exception of her Gianni Morandi duet), Alexia returned with a brand new single entitled "Money honey" released on CD and 12". The single was released on May 16th in Italy, a European release may follow (but bluntly speaking, don't hold your breath) and remixes come courtesy of T&F who did a remix of "Goodbye". The video is available to watch on Italian TV and involves an animated Alexia on the run from the FBI. The lyrics of the song are written by Alexia whilst the writing credits for the music and production credits go to Alexia and Massimo Marcolini.

Tracklisting for the CD is:
1)  Album version
2) T&F moltosugo vocal dub mix
3) T&F moltosugo club mix
4) T&F Vs moltosugo dub mix

June 2001

Alexia releases "Mad for music"

On June 29th, Alexia released her fourth studio album "Mad for music" in Italy on CD and cassette. The ten track album contains a mixture of pop and dance songs, along with the exception of "Money honey" they are all in a different vein to the work done with Robyx. The tracklisting is as follows:

1. The Real Thing                            6. Sometimes
2. Money Honey                               7. Little Sister
3. Summerlovers                               8. Lucky In Love
4. In The Name Of Love                   9. It's Not The End
5. The One For Me                          10. Whenever You Want Me

Alexia has co-written all the tracks along with Massimo Marcolini, with A. Pavoni co-writing two of the tracks. Both this album and "Money honey" are available from