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Welcome to the Vicki and Paul Terhorst Travel, Early Retirement, and Contemplation Page

Vicki and Paul Terhorst retired young and we're now perpetual travelers. This page tells where we are, what we're up to, and how to reach us by email.

We last updated this page on May 14, 2009, from Chiang Mai, Thailand. We plan to stay here for several more months.

For access to our travel stories, pictures, articles, and more click on our Table of Contents. You can also read articles by us at the International Living postcards and at Read what Vicki wrote about our July, 2008, trip to Phayao, Thailand.

We wrote Cashing In on the American Dream, published by what is now Bantam Doubleday Dell, in 1988. The book is out of print, and unfortunately we don't have any more copies; try your library. Amazon now has a used book site where you can buy Cashing In at fairly reasonable prices. Other sites sell used copies, too.

Read Vicki's answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs) about our retirement.

Our friends Billy and Akaisha Kaderli wrote The Adventurer's Guide to Early Retirement, $14.95, available for download. We recommend it highly, a remarkable book by remarkable people. Check it out. We recently (May, 2007) ran into Billy and Akaisha on the beach in Phuket, Thailand, and they did an interview with us.

Here's a picture of a temple ceremony at Mae Chaem, in the hills south of Chiang Mai:

We have built a house in a rural development near Cardales, about an hour outside of Buenos Aires. The only things we see out there are birds and bugs, grass and trees, and windmills and cows. Read what Vicki has to say about doing something so crazy. Here, following, is a January, 2007, picture showing the main entrance and our windmill. The windmill provides water in case the electricity fails--and even if the electricity doesn't fail. Note the trees and how much grass has grown in. For January, 2007 exterior pictures click on new grass and for older pictures click November, 2006. Click Google Maps to see the neighborhood. Our house is on the lower right with the bright yellow roof.

Click to see May, 2006, final interior pictures of the house after we moved in.

Paul makes wine with friends Fernando and Alfonso in Argentina, labels designed and printed by friends Jose and Coco. On the left is a February, 2007, picture of Paul with the first year in the bottle, a 2005 malbec, with the proud new label.

Money magazine profiled us twice: a cover story in 1988 and a short follow-up in 1993. Kiplinger's put us on the cover in November, 1988, did a followup in 1992, and another followup in March, 2003. SmartMoney featured us in their October, 2007 cover story, "Cashing Out," an article about quitting the rat race.

Paul B. Farrell, from, has some thoughts about when to retire. You can also download a digital copy of his book, The Millionaire Meditation, here.

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