Last Updated 5-5-98
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Everyone go to the PiaS Quake 2 Lithium Server, run by Bravo Alpha One: 
If you wish to find us on QW, we'll be on one of these servers: /// ///

PiaS Skins used to be personalized for everyone, but that eventually got confusing, so I stopped that and made one skin for QW and one for Q2
QuakeWorld Quake2 
About us
Although I never expected PiaS to be nearly as good as it has become, It's still not the best.
PiaS is now actually kind of a force to be reckoned with and I don't encourage getting pissed at us, because there's no reason for us to be pissed at you.  WE do what we do, and that's it, we're not a bitch clan, so don't be a bitch.  We're a nice little nice clan and we want no shit.
(5-5-98) - I've began the Constipation, the equivialnt to the constitution, for All PiaS members to Follow.
(5-5-98) - PiaS Rules have become a littel stricter, I wish PiaS to become a better clan than it is, since it getting better.
(5-5-98) - Welcome the newcomer, Dik.
(5-3-98) - Welcome new member Jr. Frie, Imodium, and Seafox
(5-3-98) - PPP has been cancelled, because Pias is finally big enough for it's own clan wars (bout time)!!!
(5-3-98) - NOFX has renamed to Hot-Dog
(4-25-98) - PiaS and PiaS2 Skins can now be found on this page along with the PiaS2 Server.
(4-23-98) - New recruits Ceylon, Phobez, Killer, Mithos
(4-23-98) - New thing for PiaS, Check out the TerDinatioN section

How to Join
  1. Get ICQ from
  2. Add me to your list.  My UIN is 996541
  3. I, Chops, Will organize the tryout and you will play me 1on1 on a map of my choice then one of your choice.  The rules are, if on ANY map we play during the tryout, if I beat you by more than double your score, you're not accpeted.
  4. We discuss and you add the other Members to your list, I will give you a text document with all the UINs to add.
  5. I introduce you to DVC and Clan Hate inc.

How PiaS Came to me, it's like no other clan.
Go ahead, read it (still under construction, I'm lazy) 
Members and Rankings 
Number of PiaS members: 20
The Rankings of the Clan:
Name of Clan Rank Rank Name of member
The Supreme Poop 1 Chops ^* 
Bigada Poopa 2 Killer
Bravo Alpha One ^*
Cheezmaster Wong Poops 3 Eradikator
Jr. Frie ^
Super Poops 4 Serial Killer
Azzmonkey ^ 
Ceylon ^
Swell Feces 5 Hot-Dog ^
Shoes without poop in them none Rocks ^* 
SpinaL ^* 
Death Bound 
Seafox ^
PiaS Legends that once were and are no more(not included in member count) infinite dedsapper  
Ghetto Cruiser (Steveman) 
Mikeyfoo (Ace) 
* members in PiaS2 (quake 2)
^ Members in PiaS (Quakeworld)

Clan Wars
 If you want a Clan War or friendly Scrimmage, Just send me an ICQ message or E-Mail Chops. I'll always hold one if I can get enough players for PiaS.
Clan Against Victor Score Screen Shot of outcome
THUG THUG 181-151 none

TDN is probably the coolest addition to PiaS ever.  This is how it works.  Chops Scheduals times where as many PiaS members as possible will go to a designated server and tear it apart.
Server Date Time Wednesday, May 6th 10:30 EST Saturday, May 9th 11:00 EST

All my Quake Friends have pages, at least most of them.  Here the links to my friends pages and some clans.
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{About us} {News} {How to Join} {History} {Members Info} {Clan Wars} {TerDinatioN} {Links} {E-Mail Webmaster}