"Viva, rida, ama! . . . . . . . Live, laugh, love!"  
This site is dedicated to the memories of my mother, Rachele, the families of her sisters and brothers, and their enduring love for each other. High in the mountains at the base of the Alps in a region known as Pertica Alta sits a small paese or village called Livemmo where they made their home. My grandfather, Battista, and my grandmother, Domenica, raised their family of four girls and three boys -- Marietta, Rachele, Marco, Sofia, Dusolina, Angelo, and Giovanni. They were a very close-knit family. They worked hard and loved the life that they lived in the mountains, singing, telling stories, and, most of all, laughing. Until the last days of their lives the four sisters remained close.

Rachele was the only one who left Livemmo to go to America. As a little boy I would listen to my mother tell me so many stories of her childhood and of the escapades of her brothers and sisters. I feel so fortunate today to be the benefactor of all their love and to share in the family that they created for all of us. I return to Italy periodically to visit with all of my cousins and their children. The family has become quite large!

I have attempted on the following pages to record some of my family's history and some family photographs so that the reader might better understand our heritage and the love we share for each other. I hope you enjoy this site, and I welcome your comments and input.