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East Side Eternity

I didn't design the poster, just the drawing.
There are many posters around the continent using my images.
In NY  C.R. used a portrait of ME?!?! I try to get C.R. To save me copies of stuff he uses.


Here's a drawing used for Paris Nights. The players were handwritten on a xerox. I don't know if I'll ever get a copy.





IKONOS 1999 never went anywhere

Umbro  1998


2001 I did a lot of work for Freedom Outfitters, some of it turned out to be volunteer work. I did not manage to save any images for myself nor did I ever hear from them again. Freedom Outfitters was a bandwagon company built on the expectation of war and Americanism. true to form they planned to manufacture clothes cheap in 3rd world countries.

True North 1998 I did alot of work on speculation for this local clothing company which I believed to be affiliated with True North Hemp in my home town. It turned out that they were rival companies.


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