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Updated February 22, 2000

Paratime A page on the theoretical aspects of paratime and alternative universes.
Build your own Little Fuzzy action figureYou can really do it.
Alpha Ralpha Boulevard - H. Beam PiperAnother Piper biography and a short bibliography.
The Unofficial H. Beam Piper PageFrom a guy in Idaho named Kamikaze. Very interesting overall site.
Rutgers SF Lovers H. Beam Piper PageThis takes forever to load and your server may time out before it does.
Unfavorable review of Little Fuzzy by Alex McClintockE-mail this guy and tell him he has no class
L-Soft: the Works of H. Beam PiperThe largest site devoted to Piper. Has a bulletin board.
The Gashta HomepageFeatures the cover art for the recent paperbacks.
David's H. Beam Piper PageLarge site with bibliography lists as well as encyclopedic lists of the people and worlds inhabiting Piper's universes.
General Data of the Future History UniverseFrom David's H. Beam Piper Page.
Worlds Without Number - H. Beam Piper"This has nothing but a couple of links.
Tile.Net/List-H. Beam PiperThis site seems to be down recently.
Spaceflight Library H. Beam Piper Vital StatisticsShort biography
Psycogopher's SF PageHis Piper page seems to be down recently.
Anshins Furry Genetics HomepageShort synopsis of each book. Belongs to one of those "furry" people. Check out the weird links.
Lord Kalven of Otherwhen Grups SupplementUses Lord Kalven's world for the Gurps roleplaying game.
FilksongTwo Piper filksongs.
Dead Fuzzy FilksongSung to the tune of "Dead Puppies."
Fuzzy FilksongFilksong by Harry Smothers.
Alternative History 101List of alternative history books.
Uchronia: The Alternate History BooklistInformation on all alternative history books and authors, in english or other languages. Great site for those that love alternative history fiction.
Piper's literary estate representativeA List of dead SF author's estate representatives.
Rick Collier's List of SF Feminist AuthorsClaims Piper was a feminist
The Glass OnionMichael Whelan's H.Beam Piper original cover artwork and more
Linköping H. Beam Piper PageDutch page in english
H. Beam Piper page
Author DetailsFrancais
H. Beam Piper pageDutch
Shelby's Favorite Author LinksA short review and links to other SF authors.

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