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This page contains links to pages only in the Clover Patch. This is a comprehensive list that you won't find in its entirety anywhere else in the Clover Patch. Have fun exploring!!

Tip Toe through the Clover Patch
Clover Patch

My Awards

Women's Health Facts

History or Herstory
Women We Have Forgotten Index
Open letter regarding Women We Have Forgotten Page
Outspoken Women

Domestic Violence
What is Domestic Violence?
Tactics Used by Batterers
Cycle of Violence
Violence Against Women Survey
National Crime Victimization Survey
Domestic Violence in the Workplace: Facts and What to Do
General Domestic Violence Safety Plan
Your Personalized Domestic Violence Safety Plan
Leaving: What to Take with You
Domestic Violence- excerpts from a paper I wrote
Women's Shelters
Another Woman-A link to an incredible poem

Rape Myths, What to Do, Rapist Profile
The Rape of Mr. Smith

Sexual Harassment
Is it Flirting or Sexual Harassment?
What to do About Sexual Harassment

Female Body Image
Imagine A Woman
I Saw Myself on TV Today
Body Image- mannequins, ads and more!
Female Images in Commercials

Equal Rights Amendment
Women's Resources Page- links to great sites
Feminism 101
Reading List
Women's Studies Definitions

Miscellaneous Information
A Poem to Think About
Reversal Questions
Tip Toe through the Clover Patch page 2
Love Poems
Visit Milo the Mouse

Photo Album
Come Explore Eastern Washington
Wanna See Some Snow?

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