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If you've accessed this page, then you are probably interested in crafts of one kind or another. I am an avid crafter, it's what helps me to keep from going stir crazy.

Doing crafts is more than just a way to keep me busy, it's a way to give a bit of myself as a gift to a loved one. When I have someone I just don't know what kind of present to get for holidays, I tend to make them something instead. It always makes me feel good to see someone enjoying a quilt I've made or searching for just the right place to put a plaque I have painted.


Plaster Crafts

My favorite type of craft is painting plaster. It's much like painting cermamics, without the hassle of firing. The main problem I have with painting plaster, is that I can't get enough of it. Craft stores carry plaster craft, but unless you are looking for christmas type items or angels and gargoyles, you are pretty much out of luck. I've gotten to the point where I pour my own plaster, when I can find molds I like. It's really fulfilling to me to be able to create something from start to finish. Here are some of the things I have painted. I'm sorry for the quality of the pictures, I will try to take new pictures soon and post them as soon as I can.

Christmas Items

Wall Plaques




On occasion, I also enjoy making quilts. I have made both hand stitched - handpainted quilts, and crocheted afghans. I tend to make more of the crocheted afghans, as they are faster to make and I get quick sense of accomplishment.

My last several afghans I have made have been of the zig-zag pattern. My most recent is a quilt for christmas. I've gotten to the point where I make my afghans large enough for a twin sized bed. I like the look that it provides, and the larger size makes for a cozier nights sleep.

I have the yarn for my next project, however I'm still trying to figure out how I am going to design this one. I like to "try" to design my own, but I've hit a "mental block" and haven't progressed any further. I know it will be a mile-a-minute quilt, but I haven't found a pattern that I am happy with yet.

The hand stitched/handpainted quilts are a combination of cutting quilt squares and painting a picture on them and stitching them together. I really enjoy the painting part, but the stitching is very time consuming. When it is done however, I am both relieved and usually quite proud.

I am currently planning to make a new handpainted quilt for my youngest daughter Rachael. It will be a Looney tunes quilt, with alternating cartoon squares and blue denim squares. She is really very anxious for me to get the quilt finished, but I have yet to get beyond buying the materials. I will keep you apprised of the progress with this quilt through pictures and details on how to make it. If this interest you, keep checking back to watch the progress.

My Afghans

Hand Painted Quilts


Fabric Painting

I truely love Fabric Painting. I use a system you may have heard of, it's called Tri-Chem. Tri-Chem is a specially designed, permanent, Fabric Paint which come in a tube with a ball point tip. The best way to describe Tri-Chem painting is "Coloring for Adults". I've made a habit of collecting the various colors, and now have approximately 95 different colors to paint with. If you're wondering what this crazy lady is talking about, I have put two pictures below to give you a better idea.

Tri-Chem Rose ToteTri-Chem Paint tube

With Tri-Chem Paints, I am able to paint t-shirts, pictures for the wall, Pillows, quilts (as mentioned above) and just about anything else you can think of. Tri-Chem is the craft that I find the most relaxing. When the day has been stressful, I find sitting down to fabric paint helps to relax me and forget the stress. It is the one I can sit in my recliner and do while enjoying a movie or listening to music.

My two daughters have recently gotten into fabric painting as well. It is a very easy to do craft, and it gives them both a wonderful sense of accomplishment. Fabric painting is also a quick craft, giving those with a need for instant gratification the immediate results. Below are links to some of the things I have painted with Tri-Chem Paints.

Painted T-Shirtswith tips and instructions

Decorative Hoops with instructions for you to make your own.

Painted Pillow Covers



More to Come

I do other various crafts, when the mood strikes me, and I will touch on them in the near future. I hope that you have enjoyed reading my craft page, and viewing the pictures. I hope to offer plans and instructions in the future.

If you would like to know more about a specific craft, or know of resource for the crafts I've outlined, PLEASE, Email me!!! I am always looking for places to purchase plaster crafts, iron on transfer books, old Tri-Chem Pictures and so on. Again, thanks for checking out these pages.


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