Question Authority

by. Jupiter

so i fight my battles with the "man of the house" and my mom finds it bazar. becuz when my mom was growing up, if a womyn talked to a man of authority in that tone of voice, then she'd never get what she was asking for. well, what exactly was she asking for? equality! adults think they know everything. but it's the generation of today that can distinguish the truth from mere bullshit. they didn't have to learn shit like "what to do if you get mugged" or the statistics on AIDS. they say they've learned it all, but with each day that passes by, there is new knowledge to be learned. knowledge is like sand. you gather so much in your hand, until it starts falling through your fingers and into the hands of other people. you pass it on. you let other people grow with you. and soon enough, you have a whole sandbox for the next generation. so question authority. even though you might not know how many light years away pluto is, or how the television was invinted, you still have the power to help others grow. you have the meaning of life hidden in your socks.

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