Sit Back Down

by. Virago

i won't let you hold me down. i won't let you hurt me anymore. you can fght me all you want, but i won't let you win.

these pale lips speak the truth, and when these teeth bite, they bite hard. these strong arms and unshaved legs want so badly to break the mold they were born into. hitting and kicking for freedom. these clear green eyes see straight through you. they point out your weaknesses and inconsistancies. and this mouth won't close until i've told everyone what you did to me. i'll never let you hurt her like you hurt me.

you can apologize - say you are sorry, or you didn't mean it - but i know the truth and i never forgive.

so sit back down and just pretend it never happened, becuz before long they'll all know, and then our little secret will be out. and then i'm gonna kill you like you killed me.

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