Dare To Tell the Truth

by. Virago

you're not better than me, but you can keep telling yourself that, until finally you realize it's all bullshit. i'm your equal whether you like it or not.

we may be a different colour, but we've both got the same kind of heart. we may be different ages, but we're both going to die. so you have a dick and i don't, we both sit on the same kinda toilet. so you live in a four story mansion and i live in the projects, we both live on this wretched planet called earth. so you wear nice dockers slacks and i wear ripped levis, they both cover our legs, don't they? So you talk about your high paying job, your perfect family and how you attend church twice a week. while i talk about my angst, my feelings and my oppression. so i'm telling the truth while you're living in a box.

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