~*~*~Eat My Poetry~*~*~



I'm not yours to violate

I'm not your vampress or your beauty queen

My ashes burn like fire

Wildly, they sieze your fear

They taste the temptation of your flesh

You are the golden nightmare I dream of in despair

Don't talk to me of the future

I'm not going that direction

I'm saving my love for the faries


Don't hold your insecurities too high in the air

A goddess will swallow them up, and then what will you have?

Hope's no fun without some comprimise

Your smile discombobulates me and the diviness of anger feeds my mind

Please remember you're all I have

and I treasure our memories more than the stars in the sky

Our demons share the same soul, the same destiny


Don't feel like opening my eyes today.

I could sleep forever.

I could float away and never return.

I could understand the world tonight.


I hate this country for all it's worth.

For the war, and the greed, and Jhonny Appleseed,

And the statue of liberty

I don't know any liberty -

They all owned slaves.


I will not be defined by my beauty.

I will not be defined by my sex.

I will be defined by the ideas in my mind,

and the steps I take toward revolution.

I will not be defined by obediance.

I will not be defined by my race.

I will not be defined by my class or my past -

But know: I will change this place.

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