All bigots will be reincarnated as gay, homeless, people of colour

"There is a misery of the body and a misery of the mind, and if the stars, whenever we looked at them, poured nectar into our mouths, and the grass became bread, we would still be sad. We live in a system that manufactures sorrow, spilling it out of it's mill, the waters of sorrow, ocean, storm, and we drown down, dead, too soon...uprising is the reversal of the system, and revolution is the turning of tides." - Julian Beck, The Life of the Theatre

"The Revolution is not an event that takes two or three days, in which there is a shooting and hanging. It is a long drawn out process in which new people are created, capable of renovating society so that the revolution does not replace one elite with another, but so that the revolution creates a new anti-authoritarian structure with anti-authoritarian people who in thier turn re-organize the society so that it becomes a non-alienated human society, free from war, hunger, and exploitation." -Rudi Dutschke, March 7, 1968

"You do not teach someone to count only up to eight. You do not say that nine and ten and beyond do not exist. You give people everything or they are not able to count at all. There is a real revolution or none at all. - Pericles Korovessis, in an interview in Liberation, June 1973

"You cannot be free if you are contained withing a ficton." - Julian Beck, The Life of the Theatre

"Among my brethren are many who dream with wet pleasure of the eight hundred pains and humiliations, but I am the other kind: I am a slave who dreams of escape after escape, I dream only of escaping, ascent, of a thousand possible ways to make a whole in the wall, of melting the bars, of burning the whole prison down if necessary. - Julian Beck, The Life of the Theatre

"Well, listen, this s one of the things a woman has to understand, and I get a bit impatient sometimes with women who can't see it. A woman, after all, in this country is a commodity. She's a status symbol, and the prettier she is the more expensive, the more difficult to attain. Anyone can have a fat old lady. But young girls with clear eyes are not for the 40-year-old man who's been working as a packer or a storeman all his life. So that when he sees her he snarls, mostly I think, because she's not available to him. She's another taunt, and yet another index of how the American Dream is not his to have. He never had a girl like that and he never will. Now, I think that the most sensible way for us to see the crime of rape is an act of aggression against this property symbol...(but I'm not sure about this at all - I mean, I think it's also aggression against the mother who fucks up so many people's lives). And I think that as a woman, who has not done a revolution, have not put myself on the barricade on this question, I owe it to my poor brothers not to get uptight. Because I am that, I am a woman they could nave hope to ball, and in the back of my mind I reject them too" - Germaine Greer

"When the sexual energy of the people is liberated they will break the chains....The struggle to break the form is paramount. Because we are otherwise contained in forms that deny us the possibility of realizing a form (a technique) to escape the fire in which we are being consumed....The journey to love is not romantic." - Julian Beck, The Life of the Theatre

"Nothing short of everything will really do." - Aldous Huxley, Island

"There are men I could spend eternity with, But not this life." - Kathleen Norris

"a little zen in our politics, a little acid in our tea, could be all we need. the poof is in the putting. - Jill Johnston

"How can I really care if we win "the revolution"? Either way, any way, there will be no place for me. - A transsexual friend, in a conversation.

"The special tie women share with children is recognized by everyone. I submit, however, that the nature of this bond is no more than shared oppression. And that moreover this oppression is intertwined and mutually reinforcing in such complex ways that we will be unable to speak of the liberation of women without also discussing the liberation of children." - Shulamith Firestone, The Dialectic of Sex

"Ultimately the law is enforced by the unfeeling guard punching his fellow man hard in the belly." - Judith Malina

"I am an anarchist. I don't sue, I don't get injunctions, I advocate revolution, and when people ask me what can we do that's practical, I say, weakly, weaken the fabric of the system wherever you can, make possible the increase of freedom, all kinds. When I write I try to extend the possibilities of expression...I had tried to speak to you honestly, in my own way, undisguised, trying to get rid, it's part of my obligation to the muse, of the acien regime of grammar...The revisions in typography and punctuation have taken from the voice the difference that distinguishes passion from affection and me speaking to you from me writing an essay." - Julian Beck, 1965, in a forward to an edition of The Big

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