15 Things to do with your Sissy

15 Things to do with Your Sissy

1 Dress your sissy up as Barbie and play like she is your doll (fix her hair, make her pose in odd positions, etc.)

2 Dress your sissy up as a French maid and her her clean your (fill in preferable object/place/bodypart here)

3 Place your sissy in front of you, on her knees, and tell her to kiss your feet and your legs. Tell your sissy to kiss your thighs, and tempt her with the smell of your pussy, that she cannot touch without your permission. Continue as Mistress knows best.

4 Dress your sissy almost but not quite as a passable woman, and bring her out in public. Let her walk behind you with her eyes down, or in front of you so you can watch your sissy walk in her high heels. Tell her that boys are looking at her. Tell her that she enjoys it, and she must enjoy it. If she does not comply with everything you may say, give her a spank on the ass, right out there in public.

5 Snap your sissy's panties/bra/garter belt
6 Have a party, inviting people with care, of course, and have your sissy dress up and serve you and your guests. This is especially wonderful if more than one sissy is involved, and more than one Mistress is present.
7 Have your sissy shave your legs
8 Lay your sissy down on a bed. Make sure your sissy is dressed appropriately for the following storytime. Sit in between your sissy's knees and keep them spread apart as you tell an erotic story, one that your sissy is the main character. Watch your sissy's arousal and delight in it. Continue as Mistress knows best.
9 Embarrass your sissy by insisting on watching her urinate while sitting down, like a little sissy should.
10 Dress your sissy up as a convincing woman, in a very slutty outfit, and go out somewhere public. Invite some male friends along who don't know of the true nature of your sissy. Make your sissy into a little slutwhore. At the end of the evening, remove your sissy's wig or lift up her skirt at the moment of arousal, to reveal your sissy's true nature to all those around.
11 Dress your sissy up as a little slavewhore and have her do 'disgusting' sexual things with another man/crossdresser while you watch and/or videotape, for later entertainment and/or embarrassment to your sissy. Works best when both your sissy and the other party are submissive to Mistress.
12 Tie up your sissy, place a large mirror in front of your sissy, then spank your sissy.
13 Dress your sissy as a sexy schoolgirl/intern and make her serve you. Threaten to fail/fire your sissy if your demands are not carried out.
14 Wave a pair of your recently used and wet sexy panties in front of your sissy's face, while she is kneeling before you. Tempt her with it and make her sniff it and lick it and rub it against her, amd make her tell you just how much she enjoys it.
15 Put your sissy into a pair of crotchless pantyhose, but do not have her wear panties. Let the part that betrays her as a woman be fully exposed. Other articles of clothing used at Mistress's discretion.

Did I forget something? Do you have anything that you like to do with your sissy, or would like to do with your sissy? Or are you a sissy with a fantasy of having something done to you? Share it with us all.