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  The Mud Bath.
Your guide to the best muddy sports and adventure action on the web.

  The Mudpit.
by Mudbear.

  GayMudFreunde e.V. (Der Gay-Mud Club von Deutschland).
a new site devoted to the German mud scene (in German) .

  The Wacky Wet Mud Pit.
a fairly active discussion forum, all about mud (text only!).

  Mud and riding-boots in Germany.
lots of muddy pics, with men and women.

  Die Schlammseite.
info for German male and female mud-lovers, incuding a mud atlas of Germany.

  Mudboy's Muddy Boots
If you're into muddy footware (DMs, Rangers, Cats, trainers, sneakers...) you'll love this site!

  Muddy Boots
lots of photos of... muddy boots!

  Camp Mud IV
was held 3 - 13 August 2000. When I last looked (31 January 2001), the site was still under construction.
mudstud's CLUB MUD
Partly a pay-site, though the free part contains some nice pictures, lots of info, a message board and even a chat room!
Mudman's homepage
Hungary's greatest mud lover, in the mud, with and without his motorbike.
Rainer of Berlin's mud page
Some links and a few pictures.
The Mud Club
Info about the Mud Club and its newsletter, and some pictures.

  The Mud Show.
All about The Mud Show by The Sturdy Beggars.

Some links to sites dealing with slosh, sludge, oil, water, cream cakes, baked beans, etc., and sometimes even mud.

lab-oratory in Berlin, Germany, (men only - dress dirty - play safe) organises MUD PARTIES twice a year, the next one being on 30 September 2000. I've had very good reports of these parties, and hope to be there this time to see for myself. Watch this space...
Het Vagevuur
Het Vagevuur in Eindhoven, The Netherlands, organises various interesting parties (principally for gay men), including some wonderful MUD PARTIES. They only happen once a year, normally in the Summer, but if you're into mud they're well worth the wait!
LATEST NEWS!!! Het Vagevuur have made a mud party video, available for only HFl.25 (twenty-five Dutch guilders, or 11.35 Euros if you're that up to date). I can recommend it!
Back by popular request!
  The home of S.L.O.S.H., a club for lovers of slapstick in all its forms...
Information about the club and magazine plus some links, but only a few mud pictures.
Information about the (non-virtual) newsletter, videos, T-shirts etcet. Worth a visit.
Messy Fun
Pictures of girls getting all messed up, often in mud...
Mud Puddle Visuals (MPV)
A very extensive pay site with tens of thousands of pictures of girls getting wet and/or messy, often in mud and quicksand. It costs $50 a year, but there are a lots of free samples here.
Woodstock '94
Photos of Woodstock '94, including some absolutely excellent mud pictures. There are lots of them and they're all full size on the page (no thumnails!), so you'll need a very fast connection or a lot of patience!

The Ultimate Messy Directory   Lots of messy links...


And last but not least, the Wet and Messy Men ring administered by mudstud:

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Even more links...

  More Woodstock '94 sites
A vast collection of links to do with Woodstock '94 (for the real enthusiasts).

Lost in the mud...

The following sites have either moved or ceased to exist. Can anyone help me find them???

Wallow World
'A website dedicated to humanity's affinity for mud.'
Hundreds of photos (some of them excellent) of people (mostly children) enjoying themselves in the mud.

The Splashdunk Collection
'Pictures of those not afraid to get a little messy, OK, a lot messy.'
Mostly heavy-metal and biker types getting totally messed up in water, mud, food, whatever.
Peter's FORMER home of Wet-and-Messy Men
Peter has removed his site, and offers us the following explanation:
'...A few things happened that made me change the way I lived and I decided to set my priorities on the things that really matter in life: love, dedication, trust and understanding... This means that there is no room anymore for wet and messy games... Believe me: walking into the future, hand-in-hand with the guy you love is far more important... '
Excuse me while I go and throw up! - Umbaba

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