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1780 England

Looking for info on WILLIAM BEAZLEY, b Warwickshire, England abt 1780. He came to Canada abt 1805 and settled in Newfoundland. He joined the Royal Newfoundland Regiment before leaving England. He later moved to Nova Scotia where he married and raised ch. There are many Beazley descendants in Nova Scotia and Newfoundland today and I would like to know how they are connected to the cousins in the US and get more info on William's family in England.
Brian W. Beazley


Searching for ancestors of my grandfather, JASPER C. BEASLEY. He died in 1965 in FL. My father, ANDERSON NEIL BEASLEY, died in Mississippi in 1939.
William Neil ("Bill") Beasley

Somersetshire, England

Searching for info on JAMES BEASLEY and HARRIET FARRENT, from Somersetshire, England. Their ch included JOHN, b abt 1842 and CHARLES b 1844 in Somersetshire and 3 others who d in infancy. The family emigrated to Australia in 1849. The brothers went their own way following the death of their mother in 1859. Charles settled in Harriettville, Victoria, Aust. and John's residence is unknown. Am seeking relatives of this family and ancestry of James. Thanks for any help. Geoff & Annette Beasley.
Geoff Beasley
Doncaster, Australia

England to South Africa

Searching for my Beazley ancestors in England. My grandfather was COLIN VIVIAN BEAZLEY, born 6 Dec 1884 at Clarendon Farm, Putney, London. He was a son of JOHN BEAZLEY and ISABEL. John was Baliff to Lord Buxton and died in the 1880's. Colin emigrated from England to South Africa in 1898-1899 and died there Aug 1962. He mar SOPHIE ANNE VIVIERS, b 27 Jul 1907 in Peddie, Eastern Cape. Colin's known brothers and sisters were JOHN Jr. (invalided from the London Metropolitan Police in 1898), I have the going-away present he gave to my grandfather; he had one son, COLIN VIVIAN BEAZLEY, b 21 Aug 1934, mar IRENE FLORENCE SLATER (b 27 Aug 1935--both d 7/8 Apr 1969). My grandfather Colin worked in the DeBeer's diamond mine in Kimberley and served in the South Africa Army. He served with Lord Baden-Powell at Mafeking. My grandfather was apparently the godson of Lord Buxton, who was later the governor general of South Africa. This is oral tradition and I have no proof yet this is correct. I emigrated to the United Kingdom (England) in 1995.
Colin Beazley
High Wycombe, England

Banbury, England

My name is Gary Beesley. I have traced my family back to 1824, when I've hit a stop. My ancestor, THOMAS BEESLEY, was the son of ANN BEESLEY, who was unmarried. She was b in Banbury, Oxon, England. How the family name was spelled back then depended upon how the local vicar (church official of the Church of England) decided to spell it. Most of the records for that period are signed with an X, indicating the relatives could not read nor write. One of the first ancestors of the family was THOMAS de BESLEG in 1246 [EDITOR'S note: "ley" and the spelling "leg"--the g was pronounced the same as a y, means a farm or small farming community]. Since then, the name has been spelled Beazleigh, Beazley, Beasley, Biesley, Bazeley, Bezley and Beesley. The only foreigners still surviving from my direct family line are now living in Vancouver, Canada.
Gary Beesley


Looking for info on PETER BEASLEY who came from England to the Colony of Virginia and landed at Elizabeth City in 1636. Would like to know where he was originally from and his ancestry.
Rob Beasley


Searching for info on JEFFERSON BEASLEY, b 17 Nov 1875 in Lawrence, KS., d 10 Aug 1942 in Nortonville, KS. Jefferson served as sheriff of Nortonville (?) around 1926. He mar ELIZABETH HARRISON; their ch were FRANKLIN DAVID, EFFIE MAY, ETHEL MARIE, ANNA VIOLA, PEARL ILENE, MILDRED, DONALD FREDRICK and HERMAN. His father's name may have been JEFFERSON too and his mother was RACHEL.
Carol McClue


We believe our line of the Beasley family came from Sussex County, England, by way of Barbados as indentured joiners for a ship builder. They entered America in the Carolina colonies, mainly North Carolina, then moved into KY. Some stayed, some moved on to IL., OH., MO. and OR. But mainly in KY. Most were farmers or woodworkers of some kind. Most of my direct line lived mainly in Madison, Garrard, Estill and Fayette counties, KY. My direct family line is from NICHOLAS Sr. and his wife (uk) PORTWOOD; NICHOLAS ("Nick") Jr. and SARAH ("Sally") BOWMAN; JOHN and MARION DARGAVEL; OSCAR and JENNIE ELLEN BOWLIN; GILBERT and ORA LEE DALTON; to myself, GLORIA JEAN BEASLEY. My father told me that Nick Jr. was a Confederate States Army soldier who served as a wagoner for wounded soldiers, in MS. and LA. He and his family lived in Estill Co. John met his wife Marion Dargavel in Richmond, Madison Co., KY. Her parents were WILLIAM DARGAVEL and MARY LIVINGSTONE, from Applegarth, Dumfries Co., Scotland. William was a stonemason and worked on the Fayette Co. courthouse when it was built.
Gloria J. Beasley


Searching for ancestors of SUSANNAH (Susan A., Susanna, Susan Ann) BEASLEY, b abt 1810 in SC. Nothing is known by me of where in SC nor anything of her parents. We do know she had a brother, ROBERT BEASLEY. Susan and Robert both married in Pike Co., AL. Susan mar JAMES HENRY McLEOD 3 Aug 1842 and by 1850, they were living in Lowndes Co., AL. They later moved to Union Parish, LA. Their grandson, FRED McLEOD always said they settled in and are buried in the Haile-Marion area of Union Parish. Elizabeth McLeod, Fred's sister, stated there were pages from a family Bible giving info on James Henry McLeod. Fred also said the Beasley, Ballard, Harrell, McLeod and Stripling families were all kin somehow. Christine Pilgreen Beasley stated that SARAH MONTGOMERY mar a BEARDEN and after he died, mar GEORGE BEASLEY.


ROBERT BEASLEY, brother of the above Susannah, has been traced back to his mar to TABITHA SPIER (Speer) 5 Apr 1839 in Pike Co., AL. By 1840, he was living in Lowndes Co., AL. There was also a WILLIAM BEASLEY, age 40-50 and another WILLIAM BEASLEY, 30-40, listed in Lowndes Co. for that year. By 1850, Robert was living in adjoining Coffee Co., AL. with his wife and 4 ch. By 1870, Robert had moved his family to Union Parish, LA. where he apparently died before 1880.
Fay B. Kitchens


Looking for relatives and ancestors of CHARLES W. BEASLEY, b 15 Apr 1818 in NC or SC. He lived a short time in GA. and then settled in Conecuh Co., AL. where he died 22 Apr 1888. He mar THRIZA NORTHCUTT (1818-1887) on 8 Jun 1837. Their ch were: JOHN B. (1838-1864); WESLEY (1840-1863), HENRY J. (1842-1915); SARAH (1844-1952) STEPHEN MADISON (1849-1914) REDEN J. (1852-1911); MARGARET ("Maggie") (1857-1936); and ASBERRY COLONEL (1858-1898).
Malcolm Beasley Sr.
Mobile, AL.

1809 Darlington Dist., SC

I am a descendant of the Beasley family on my natural father's side. Our branch of the family came from Darlington District, SC. I am searching for info on NOEL BEASLEY, b in Darlington Dist. 13 May, 1809. He mar NANCY RHODES abt 1831 in Darlington. She was b 24 Jan 1816 in Darlington. They were both members of Philadelphia Methodist Church there. They later settled in or near Little Rock, AR. Noel died 31 Jul 1892 and Nancy in 1892. She is buried at Cato Methodist Church Cemetery in Cato, AR. I would like to learn who his parents were and his ancestry.
Shelia Pack


I am looking for info on LEVICY or LUVICY BEASLEY [ED's note: this is a common but mistaken construction of LOUISA). She was b abt 1829 in AL., I think. She appears on the 1860 Morgan Co., AL. census and mar a man named HARBERSON or HARVESTON. They are shown with 6 ch in the census. She appears on the 1870 Montgomery Co., AR. census with 8 ch. Seeking any info on parents or siblings.
Keith Patton

SC to MS

My maternal grandmother was DOTTIE BEASLEY, dau of JOHN FLETCHER BEASLEY, b 1863 in MS. He mar CECILIA SAMUELLA HUTCHES in 1891. She was b in 1867, I believe. John Fletcher's father was JOHN M. and I believe his middle name was Mallard., b in NC or MS. He mar SARAH F. CAMMACK (Camack, Camak). John Mallard's father was, I believe, REUBEN BEASLEY, b 1774 in Darlington Dist., SC. His father was JOHN BEASLEY Sr., b ca 1755 in Craven Co., NC and John Senior's father was SOLOMON BEASLEY Sr., b ca 1707 in Craven Co. where he d in 1791. It is my understanding that John Beasley Sr. mar MARGARET ("Peggy") SMITH. Am seeking proof that John Mallard Beasley was the son of Reuben.
M. E. Howard

1811 - 187?

Looking for info on my ggg grandfather, THOMAS BEASLEY, b Oct 1811 in VA. He mar ELIZABETH abt 1839. She was b 15 May 1818 in VA. Thomas d 1870-1880. Their dau LUTICIA was b 7 May 1857 and mar JOSEPH BATEMAN 10 Dec 1882. They later moved to Ashe Co., NC, where my g grandmother, ADA BROOKSIE BATEMAN, a triplet, was b 24 Feb 1893. Does anyone have more info on Thomas and his ancestors?
Joan L. Miller
20699 North Ave.
Battle Creek, MI 49017

of Georgia

I am searching for info on my grandfather, JACK EDDIE BEASLEY and his father, WILLIAM BEASLEY. I am WILLIAM LAMAR BEASLEY, son of MACK EDDIE BEASLEY and LOVIS HANVEY, of Elberton, GA. My grandfather Jack mar NANCY ("Nan") FORTSON of the Winfield Community near Augusta, GA. I am now 55 years old. I heard my father talk of riding in a wagon to visit his grandfather William. I have also heard family stories of one of my ancestors being one of four brothers who came to America from England. Would appreciate any help to learn more about this particular William Beasley. Thanks, Lamar Beasley.
William Lamar Beasley

ca 1749 - ca 1830

Searching for ancestors of THOMAS BEASLEY, b abt 1749 and d abt 1830 in Bullock Co., GA. He mar MARY ("Polly") BRINSON. Their ch included ELIJAH (1775 in Onslow Co., NC - d 1863 Brooks Co., GA.); ISAIAH (1788); JAMES (14 Jan 1804 - 1885 Brooks Co., GA.); ANN ELIZABETH (29 Sep 1808 Bullock Co. - 26 Oct 1891, Grooverville, Brooks Co.); REBECCA (1815); and MOSES. Elijah mar REBECCA BURNETT 6 Apr 1803 in Bullock Co. Their ch included ISAIAH (b 1805); MARY (1809, mar WILLIAM DAMPIER); LORENA (1810); MELVINA (Sep 1812 - 26 Jun 1893 in Adel, Cook Co., GA.); and MARTHA (1818, mar HARDY CARLTON Jr.). Isaiah (1788) mar ELIZABETH HENDRIX 29 Jan 1815 in Bullock Co. Their ch included ELIZABETH (2 Sep 1826); SARAH ANN (2 Jun 1829, mar JOHN GREEN); and DAVID (3 Sep 1831). James (14 Jan 1804) mar SARAH ANN RAMSEY settled in what was then Lowndes Co. Their ch included WILLIAM T. (1836, mar SUSAN JULIA A. STANALAND), ELI W. (1838), MARY (1839), JAMES R. (1840), ANN ELIZABETH 1842), ELIZA (1843), REBECCA 1844), ADAM BRINSON (1846), FRANKLIN (1848), LAURA (1850), LAVINIA (1851), THOMAS J. (1853), LEONORA (1854), JUDITH JULIA (1855) and DAVID A. (1858). Any help on Thomas' ancestry will be greatly appreciated.
H. Vann Beasley
420 Dan Place
Smyrna, GA 30082


Looking for info on JOHN BEASLEY who was a Justice of the Peace in DeKalb Co., GA. during early 1800's. And on his father, WILLIAM. John's son was JOHN ALLEN BEASLEY, Sr. (b. 1812), came from Carroll Co., GA. to Marion Co., AL. I would like info on any of these. Can you help?
David B. Bealsey


My grandfather, JACOB ELIJAH BEASLEY, was born in the late 1800's in or near Butler Co., AL. He had one brother and one sister but I do not know names. He settled in Brewton, AL., where he died in 1955. Jacob Elijah ("Lige") married ALLIE RAY WATSON and they had 3 ch: MARY FRANCES, HENRY BERNICE and ALLIE MAE. Any information you might give on history of our family would be appreciated.
Renee Clement
3802 Jamestown Dr.
Huntsville, AL. 35810


I am trying to trace the father of JAMES T. BEASLEY and his wife MARY ("Molly") SOUTHERLAND. My g grandfather is on the 1910 census of Throckmorton Co., TX., listed as 48 yrs old, indicating birth abt 1862. He died in Throckmorton abt 1920. His wife b abt 1863, d in Throckmorton. They had at least 3 sons, all born in Navarro Co., (Corsicana) Tx.: CLIFF, WILY L. ("Lawn") (1885) and WILLIAM VICTOR (15 Jul 1888-20 Dec 1958); dau LILLIAN (1896) d in Deming, NM. Cliff mar ROSIE (?) and their ch were: IRENE (Irean) PAULINE, LORRAINE and J. C. Wiley L. ("Lawn") mar JEWEL SHARP and their ch were: OPAL, JAMES, CECIL, CHISTAIL, and J. H. ("Bill"); they lived around Olney, TX. William Victor mar SARAH VIRGINIA ("Sally") TALLEY and their ch were: JESSE EARL, NAOMI and BILLY JEAN; They moved in 1929 from Throckmorton Co. to El Paso Co., Tx. Lillian mar ROBERT ROBINS and their ch were MOLLY, FRANCES ROBINS and 1 other dau. They lived in Deming, NM and he was a railroad depot agent.
Kenneth Beasley
3003 Bandolina St.
Roswell, NM, 88201

1837 in Va.

I am looking for info on NOAH BEASLEY, born abt 1837 in VA. He married MARY E. BROWN, b 1847 in Dayton, OH. died 2 Dec 1912 in Quincy, Adams Co, IL. Ch: RUFIS, EDWARD G., NELLIE, CHARLES, LULA MAY, JESSIE JAMES, MINNIE and FRANK JAMES BEASLEY.
Roberta Miller
PO Box 174
Stryker, OH 43557


My name is Dee Anne Calloway, my mother's name is GEORGIA MARIE BEASLEY-Calloway; my maternal grandfather's was PAUL CORNELIUS BEASLEY (per him, he took this middle name during the war because after WWI, young men were required to have middle names for id reasons. He was married twice, 1st to a lady that I believe moved to Alabama? Kids from that marriage were: Paul Jr., Carol, (P. B. Jr.'s wife is also a Carol) and Bill? (d from cancer a few yrs back). Second mar was MARY ILA CRANE. Ch: GWEN, GEORGIA and EVA. His brothers were: (all dead) "BUDDY" and JOHN who was killed during WWII by a freak accident; and sister, LOU EMMA, who lived in Overton, TX. Paul has indicated to me that his cousin is Trammel Crow (big real estate guy in Tx and US). We have letters from the Civil War linking our family - the Beasleys and Crows-!! I would love to know my ancestry. Thank you!
Dee Calloway
Daughter of Georgia Marie Beasley (Texas)


My maiden name is Beasley and my father was born and raised here at Patricia, Alberta. Canada. My grandfather, CARL JONES BEASLEY (9 Sep1889 - 30 Nov 1964), settled here in Alberta in 1921, leaving his parents and 8 siblings in the Blackfoot, Idaho area. Carl Jones' father, Isaac Lee (2 Jul 1864 - Dec. 1912) came to ID. from Boulder, CO., same scenario leaving parents and siblings in Colorado. Isaac Lee's father, James Jackson Beasley (20 Oct 1831 - D. 20 Jan 1907) came to CO. from Lancaster, MO. (I believe also leaving parents and siblings in MO.). The families in Alberta, Idaho and Colorado keep in contact and a reunion is held each summer at each of the three places. Through Idaho and Colorado I have obtained this information on their ancestors. (Those marked ** indicate my direct family ancestors). The earliest info I have is **Ephriam Beasley as father of **JOHN (3 Oct 1779) who mar HANNAH VINYARD (7 Aug 1778) and had 9 ch: ALEXANDRIA (1800) MARY (1801) JAMES (1805) JOSEPH (1806) ISAAC (1807) **WILLIAM Sr. (29 Oct 1810-7 Feb 1890) BENJAMIN (1813) ELIZABETH (1815) and ANNIE (1818). ***William married DULCINA WESTROPE (1812) and had 10 ch: **JAMES JACKSON (20 Oct 1831 - 20 Jan 1907), MARY (1834), GEORGE W. (1836), WILLIAM Jr. (1839), SARAH C. (1841), JOHN M. (1843), RICHARD (1845), GIPSON (1848), WILLIS BOON (1851) and MARTHA ANN (1852). ***James Jackson Beasley mar ELIZA JONES (20 Mar 1833 - 13 Aug 1903) and had 10 ch. James Jackson and Eliza had 10 ch and moved from Lancaster Co., MO. to Boulder Co., CO. abt 1866. I hope to obtain more info on beginnings of the family from Ephriam to James Jackson Beasley or tips on how to research this.
Frances Tobler

1800's Ga.

Looking for parents of JOHN ALLEN BEASLEY, b. 1800-1820 north Ga. Mar LUCY AMANDA HOLCOMB 1833, Carroll Co., Ga. Lucy b. 1820 and was 13 at time of marriage. The couple left Ga. and came to Glenn Allen, near Carbon Hill, AL. Ch. of John Allen include possibly I. C., JOHNATHAN, PHILLIP, THOMAS B. and JIM (my gg).
Marion T. Beasley
Red Bay, Al.

1800's Okla.

I am looking for information on my grandfather WILLIAM J. BEASLEY, who mar UNA WHITE and had 1 dau, GENOVE RUTH b 20 Aug l9l8. They were living in Tulsa, OK. at time Una died 20 May 1919. William had 2 sisters: MINNIE and I don't know the other one's name yet. Any info on him would be greatly appreciated.
Sheila Kaifer

Brooks Co., Ga.

My grandmother WILLIE OLIVE BEASLEY was orphaned at an early age and we know very little about her family. She was born in Brooks County, Ga., dau of WILLIAM W. BEASLEY and MARGIE ANNETTE TORBERT. We do not know where William was from, only that they lived in Brooks Co. for a time. Their other ch included LUELLA (m. a CHAPPELL from Douglas, Ga.) and GEORGE who I think died young. William was a son of BENJAMIN BEASLEY and MARY DOUGLAS. Willie Olive mar. HENRY GEORGE HIGHNOTE of Buena Vista and they reared their family in the Dranesville Community of Marion Co., Ga. This is all I know of the family.
John A. Battle
PO Box 183
Guyton, GA 31312


We are searching for the parents and family of CELIANN E. ("Seland") BEASLEY (18 Jan 1851 - 20 Aug 1913). She mar SILAS PETER DAVIS in the home of widow Beasley in Conecuh Co., AL. on 15 Feb 1869. She is buried at Dixsonville, Escambia Co., AL. Would appreciate any info on her and parents. I am her great grandson.
Hughie L. Gay


I am desperately trying to find any information on my father and his family: WILLARD BYRON BEASLEY Jr., b 19 Apr 1934 in Alabama or Mississippi, died 25 Aug 1969 in Milledgeville, GA. He mar LENORA MAE SINGLETON and had four ch: BYRON EARL, MICHAEL WAYNE, BEVERLY LYNN and LENORA GRACE. His father was WILLARD BYRON BEASLEY Sr. I have no idea of the birth year or date; he died just before the birth of my father (Jan-Feb 1934?) in a mining accident in Alabama. He mar RUBY CLEO MORRISON, not sure of birth date or place. After the death of his father, his mother Ruby married D. Sims and had two more children, Sara Margaret and Harold Wayne. The only other thing I know about W. B. Senior is that his mother's name was LAURA and after the death of her husband she married a Dunlap and had more children. I have no idea how many or their names. Both men were only children until the remarriage of their mothers. If anyone has any information on these men or their families, please contact me! I have no living (known ) relatives that can give me any information. Thank you.
Lynn Allison
4006 Palisades Ct.
Beale AFB, Ca 95903


I am looking for some background on my great grandfather, ARTHUR GUY BEAZLEY of Crawfordville, Ga. He served in the Confederate States Army as a doctor. He was mar to EMMA BUNKLEY and had my grandfather, Dr. ALEXANDER HAMILTON BEAZLEY of Crawfordville, GA. I know the ancestors were from Virginia and maybe descendants of CHARLES BEAZLEY. I would like to know more about my grandfather's family - how they got to Georgia and where they came from in England.
Nancy Beazley Hutto
Roswell, GA

1815 - 1875

Trying to find ancestors of CHARLES L. BEAZLEY, b. 12 May 1815, Spotsylvania Co., VA, d. 27 Jan 1875, Copiah Co., MS. He mar (1) MARY JANE ALSOP, b. 20 Mar 1820, Spotsylvania County, VA/d. 6-22-1856, VA. and they had sons CHARLES CROMWELL BEAZLEY, (21 Apr 1854 - 2 Aug 1857) OVANDER GEORGE BEAZLEY, (20 Jul 1854) and JAMES THOMAS BEAZLEY (28 May 1856 - 31 May 1896, Copiah Co., MS). He mar (2) AMANDA ALSOP (sister of Mary Jane) 10 Nov 1832, Spotsylvania Co. - 28 Nov 1881, Copiah Co.) Their ch: CHARLES LYNFIELD BEAZLEY (6 Jun 1868, VA - 24 Nov 1937, Copiah Co.), SUSIE MAY BEAZLEY (12 Feb 1867), EOUDIA BEAZLEY (11 Apr 1870 - 6 Jun 1947, MS). The ALSOP sisters had a brother who married SUSAN JANE BEAZLEY, dau of WILLIAM C. BEAZLEY and SUSANNA GRAVES. It is probable that Susan and Charles were related but can't link them.
Nancy Beazley
101 Baker Street
Crystal Springs, MS 39059


Looking for relatives in England. My great grandfather was MICHAEL BEESLEY who mar ELIZABETH DONOGHUE. They lived at 73 Rishton St. in Everton, England on 29 Mar1880 when my grandmother, Margaret was born. She came to Canada with her two sisters MAY and LILLIAN in their early teens. Her brothers MAURICE BERNARD and ALFRED and ____? stayed behind. I have pictures of them. One of the brothers may have gone to Ireland.
Michael Busch
315 Wellington St., Apt. 3
Sudbury, Ontario, Canada P3E 3V8


I am researching the Beasley family in the United Kingdom (England, etc.). My mother ANNIE MAUD BEASLEY mar my father REGINALD CHARLES HARRISON in 1928. She was dau of JAMES BEASLEY and MARY JANE BATCHELOR; they were mar in the last quarter of 1898 in Mile End, London. U. K. James Beasley was b abt 1877 & died 1921 as a result of a traffic accident. He and Mary have about 50 descendants, most in the U. K., some in Australia and two in Canada. Any info would be most helpful.
Denis Harrison

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